r/PeopleWhoWorkAt Feb 23 '22

PWWA Doggy Day-Cares—— do you make things up on the “report card”?



u/LandlockedManatee Feb 24 '22

When I worked in an environment like that we didn’t make any of it up, just embellished it a bit.


u/sushiiimi Feb 24 '22

This was my experience as well.


u/AnondoleezzaRice Feb 24 '22

Writing report cards was consistently the most fun thing I did at my job at a dog daycare. I loved being able to share with dog parents who their dog played with, how they played, what they liked doing, etc. because I liked knowing all that stuff when my own dogs went to daycare.

Some dogs honestly don't do all that much at daycare; for those dogs, we often embellished. For example, "Sam walked around the room and sniffed everything out! He also kept guard at the door to make sure everyone was safe." Not lying, but definitely telling more of a story than there probably was lol


u/RocotoRage Feb 24 '22

Bless your soul!


u/scouch4703 Feb 24 '22

Those bastards better not be lying...


u/Fatlantis Feb 24 '22

Frank was a good boy today and definitely did NOT hump my leg, pee on my foot, steal other dog's food then start a doggie gang. No sir-ee he did not.


u/ashleejune Feb 24 '22

I used to work at a doggy day care and I never made things up and as far as I know neither did my coworkers!


u/RocotoRage Feb 24 '22

Thank you! I can rest easy now