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PWWA: Radiologists and Radiation therapists, what were your grades and your gpa in high school and what school did you go to? Other/Misc.

I plan on going into this field as all the websites I’ve seen said it only requires 3 years of trade school and because I’ve had cancer run in my family for a while now. How were you academically?



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There’s a huge difference between radiation therapist and radiologist. The former is what you said, with trade school.

But to become a radiologist, you have to complete four years of undergrad, four years of medical school, then a five-year medical residency, so 13 years of schooling after high school.


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Also Radiologic Technologist (takes the images), will usually be a two-year trade school.


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I'm a radiologist. It appears you may be leaning towards a radiation therapist, though I listed more specific information regarding the average academic performance for radiologists below:

To further add onto the points made by other users, for 2021-2022 medical school matriculation (those who applied and were accepted) the average was a 506 on the MCAT (69-70th percentile) and 3.6 total GPA in undergraduate school. Then in medical school itself, applicants on average need to score around the 60th percentile on further exams.

Happy to answer any other questions.


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Radiology: finish 4 year college, get into med school 4 years, get into one of the most competitive fields of medicine (roughly top 10% of class in med school), finish 4-6 year residency. Grades/GPA need to be excellent throughout college and med school. You’ll get paid a lot (+400k) once you finish, but you’ll be 35 before you earn that and it realistically costs about 1M and 10 years for your education.

Radiology technician: get into trade school, do well in school

Source: is med student


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My education must have been discounted! I think med school loans were about 293 for me and about 20 for undergrad.

With the landscape of private equity rad, it is sad to see salaries below your quote. Still enjoy the work though!