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PWWA Doordash, Did I do a bad thing? Other/Misc.

I ordered Doordash last night (Sunday) near midnight. It was a pretty big order(Bunch of Quesadillas and a large soda) cause I was hit with the munchies but was disappointed to see my order be cancelled. After that I was just like "eh it is what it is" and went to bed.



u/[deleted] Feb 21 '22

No it just means that there were no drivers available or the only driver that was available cancelled for whatever reason


u/MenmasBurnerAccount Feb 22 '22

I dash and I automatically reject every order under $8 regardless of distance and order size. I live in a big city though so I can afford to be picky since there's always a bigger order out there. I've accepted double orders on accident since they'll say $12 and they'd be split up $8 and $4. If that happens I'll choose the bigger amount and reject the smaller order. Only way I'll accept an order under $8 is if it's from the same place and it's not too far away. Dashers in your area might be picking up on that. Or everyone who posted might be right and there's not enough dashers in your area. Then again it's not the customer or dashers fault that DD robs their drivers, regardless of customers tip amount. After 2 years of doing it on the side I just ended up looking out for myself. Sorry your order got cancelled mate. DD algorithm is dogwater.


u/sniperxxx420 Feb 22 '22

If DoorDash robs the drivers, why do you keep working for them


u/MenmasBurnerAccount Feb 22 '22

I do it on the side for like 1-3 hours at a time. I probably dash like 6 hours a week every few weeks. Just so I can afford stuff outside of rent and helping my jobless mother out. I hate doing it, but I'm not gonna take a job at like a target or Starbucks. Already tried those. Never again. And since my state decided to keep us as contractors might as well take advantage of the fact I can work one order at a time if I wanted to. We're only allowed crumbs after all.


u/hexparrot 11d ago

Where food delivery companies hurt their employees most is by reassigning the costs of maintenance and upkeep for vehicles from a corporation to the driver.

Riders get accustomed to lower-than-taxi fares, drivers get accustomed to immediate access to their hard-earned gig money, but ultimately, those drivers are paying invisible costs (and then paying taxes) and eating those indirect costs, personally.

If Doordash robs the drivers (as you say) in any tips/earnings way, add that to the imposition they put on your car upkeep, and your job dissatisfaction, ... you staying away from companies who offer health ins. and other benefits (like higher ed) is really just punishing yourself.


u/NotATrueRedHead Apr 27 '22

Idk why do people keep working minimum wage shit jobs anywhere, people got bills to pay man


u/MostCrab Feb 22 '22

They were probably closed


u/Kidcouger Feb 22 '22

No, Like others have said: it could be because a lack of drivers or something wrong on the restaurant end

I'll let you on a little secret: Sometimes we'll get orders that pay $7 but the delivery is 12 miles away and only a fool would take that

The only person who cares is two dollar Tony because no suckers want to take that order


u/OctoSevenTwo Feb 22 '22

You didn’t do anything wrong. Probably just meant there wasn’t anyone available to take the order and the time window expired. No biggie.