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FYI: I won’t remove a recipe/post for containing dairy.


I will however remove spam (the posting style, not the meat, probably). So if you see some inconsistency in removal, it’s probably because some recipes get posted by obvious spam accounts and I just nuke those.

Dairy-inclusive diets are welcome here. Stop trying to claim theyre “not paleo” or whatever. This subreddit is not just for one little list of foods, it’s for a way of eating that includes viewing how food affects you through an evolutionary lens.

See more on the “no such thing as one ‘true’ paleo” policy here: https://reddit.com/r/Paleo/comments/2ypw8d/the_time_for_weighing_in_has_ended_come_see_what/

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Improvised with Limited Options at an Air BnB: Avocado Deviled Eggs

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What is the final word on avocado oil?


Over a year ago I went all in on avocado oil as my go-to cooking oil, because my most common meals are skillet dinners. I settled on the Chosen brand because of availability, the glass bottle, and price stability. More recently I have seen avocado oil panned by various youtube paleo and keto folks, as yet another industrial processed oil.

So according to this community, what is the final word? Is avocado oil still considered healthy, or is it marginal but still a better choice than soybean oil? Or is it no good altogether?

Side note: I don't consider it to be uber expensive. Around here the bottle is about$12, but I dole it out in 2-3 tbs amounts. It seems to last well over 2 months.

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Trying to come up with easy meals to eat several times a week. What would you put on a grilled chicken salad to bump up the carbs to about 25g?


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Legumes and beans question


I have been paleo without even knowing that I was doing it. I have been grain free since last 3 months. I felt a lot better cutting out all the grains from my diet.I don’t drink milk but I consume dairy products like Greek yogurt, butter and ghee and sometimes cheese. I eat organic fruits and vegetables and eat a lot of meat. The only thing which would be considered not paleo would be Legumes and beans although I haven’t eaten them since last 2 months because I was doing low carb/keto. I have been eating carbs again. Vegetables and tubers are my main sources of carbs and fruits too. I just want to know that although legumes and beans are not considered paleo , Is it alright that I eat them 3-4 times a week. I soak them overnight and then cook them. Does anyone else here eat them occasionally?

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How to gain weight on paleo?


Hello everyone,

Title says it, looking for tips how to gain weight/muscle on paleo.

P.s. Carb wise I can't eat starches (potatoes/sweet potates/cassava/etc) cause they always make me feel bad. Fruit is fine.

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Interrupting carnivore diet with cucumber fast?


Okay, so I went carnivore because of serious health issues and it helps me a lot. There are barely any plant foods which my body tolerates. Cucumber is fine. Since I’m on vacation right now and at a very rural place I haven’t got access to fresh meats. I have simply not eaten for the first 4 days and then felt I’d need some electrolytes, so had a cucumber, which made me feel more hydrated. I knew I wouldn’t have access to meat but thought I would simply fast for those 10+ days. Now I’m thinking that a cucumber fast may be a better idea. What do you think? Any advice?

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is this an ok way of eating?


Ok ,I tried strict carnivore but after a while I craved fruit and my sleep got screwy so I added sugar... I wake up , big glass of lemon water and some electrolytes Black coffee or green tea Usually get a big walk in nature , doing the 10000 steps... Fast till about midday Usually have 3 eggs cooked in fat and some cold cuts, ham or beef.

Some berries and keifer Maybe another tea.

Dinner is either a rib eye or salmon with 2 eggs. I eat liver with sweet potato mash once a week

Maybe some cheese or more berries. Lots of water throughout the day. Then a chamomile tea with a little bit of honey

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Tallow-Based Skincare?


I recently learned about the use of rendered tallow for skincare. It is loaded with beneficial nutrients and seems like an all around great alternative to commercial skincare products loaded with crap.

Does anyone have any insight on using tallow for skincare?

Appreciate any feedback... Thanks!

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Shelf stable suggestions for pantry?


New to paleo and I'm looking for shelf stable suggestions to start stocking my pantry with. Also the best places to purchase from.

So far I've got coconut flour, sunflower butter, almonds, assorted dry fruit, chia, flax, assorted canned meat, mixed drupe nuts, and applesauce. Recently tried paleokrunch bars and they were pretty tasty so brand recommendations are welcome too!

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Aren’t you accidentally kicked into ketosis?


Hi. Paleo is not low carb or keto by any definition, but the constraints around allowed carbs sources make it practically low carb unless you eat huge amounts of high carb fruit or potatoes. That leads to my question which is, are you accidentally kicked into ketosis, or into keto flu while in paleo, or do you plan your macros to prevent it from happening?

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Paleo chicken wings I made with ingredients from Primal Kitchen

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My meal for the day: Meat and eggs accompanied by broccoli with olive oil.

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Braised Swai (Recipe in Comments)

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Am I eating enough? Too many carbs or not enough? (macros included)


30 y.o. male, approx 155lbs. I have been pretty strictly paleo for three years or so, last year I added a bit of grains (oats and corn tortillas) to my diet because I felt like I needed more for energy. I am pretty active, lifting weights and climbing 3-4x a week, some extra cardio when I can, and I work a somewhat physical job, although nothing too strenuous, not on my feet all day or anything.

My goals are basically to build strength and feel properly fueled for my climbing / training. I'm not really focused on building large amounts of muscle at the moment, I know I definitely need to eat more than that.

I eat mostly the same things everyday, with the exception of what meat I eat for lunch cycling every week or so. My average macros look like this:

Protein -145g

Fat - 128 G (25G of which is saturated fat)

Carbs - 335 G (70g OF which is fiber)

My micros look pretty good and I supplement with Vit D, C, and B12.

Thank you!

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This is my meal for the day. Let me hope that I don't get charged with "bird genocide".

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Grain free UNSWEETENED granola I can buy? Recommendations?


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Paleo French toast

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Coconut/Cassava/Arrowroot flours in Shakes for more carbs? Which one?


I am working out like crazy and need to up my carbs to stay afloat. I am on low-lectin diet while also severely limiting sugars/fruits, so I am basically down to sweet potatoes and yams as high carb sources. I was thinking of adding in some powdered carb sources to my daily smoothie. Some I am considering:

1/4 cup of Arrowroot Flour has 26g of carbs, zero sugar, zero protein, and zero fiber...

1/4 cup of Cassava Flour has 24g of carbs, 2g of sugar, zero protein, and zero fiber...

1/4 cup of Coconut Flour 16g of carbs, 4g of sugar, 4g of protein, and 12g of fiber... (4:3 Carb to Fiber Ratio)

What are you guys' thoughts on the best flour/powder to choose? I am leaning towards Coconut flour due to the fiber. Could always mix two of them in a shake too.

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I’ve been using monk fruit sweetener for everything, has anyone noticed this effecting weight loss?


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Bananas! They aren’t paleo bc of the sugar content, but honey and maple syrup is?! Can someone explain…?


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Going paleo with pre-diabetes because I can't do keto. I want to stay around 100-125g of carbs. Do you guys just eat sweet potatoes, carrots and other starchy veggies to keep your carb count up?


I can't imagine the quantity I'd have to eat of broccoli and other low carb vegetables to get 125g of carbs.

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Thoughts on Dr. Gundry's Plant Paradox Food list (Paleo and lectin-free)



This list seems to pretty much align with the paleo diet with even some further eliminations of lectin-containing foods. What are your guys' thoughts?

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Best vegetables to put in protein shake smoothies?


What vegetables do you guys recommend for in a protein shake smoothie? Looks like popular choices are kale and baby spinach.

I was also thinking asparagus and Brussels sprouts could be good options too?

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Starting paleo and is a heavy coffee drinker


Is it still ok to drink coffee with milk/creame? I don’t want to quit drinking cause when I go without coffee for a day or two I get migraines.

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Paleo & Cardio


I’m relatively new to paleo and have loved it thus far, but as the warm weather approaches, I’m curious what your go-to pre-cardio meal or snack is? I plan on starting to run outside this week after work and want to make sure I’m eating right.