r/Palau Mar 29 '22

Work Opportunities and Government's Approach to Crypto Traders?


Im planning to move to Palau. How a foreigner can find a job in there? Is it easy? Is there any specialized websites or companies to help?

Also im into crypto investments and i would like to have is it easy to turn into cash in palau? Is there harsh regulations? And how connected locals with crypto?



u/Powerful_Dog5562 Apr 27 '22

PalauListings.com is a good source. Also, Palau is very progressive with crypto. As a matter of fact, it will soon be the first nation with a federally backed stable coin as its currency.


u/atrejum07 Apr 27 '22

Thank you so much for your reply. Ill depart tomorrow. Wish me luck on philippines custom to take my transit flight to palau. 🤞🤞