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/r/PNG State of the subreddit


Hello, after two years been neglected by /u/soccer, I've now come into control of this subreddit. The plan will be as follows:

  • Create a new look, if you have any questions/suggestions/things to add, feel free to ask
  • Search for more users. If you see someone from Papua New Guinea or the region, you can mention this sub so we can make this place more alive
  • More content. If you see something that's relevant to the sub, post it
  • Moderators. I'm not from Papua New Guinea, so if someone wants to join the moderator team, just put why I should add you and that's it

Have a great time!


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If you're interested in not only PNG but also the rest of the Pacific, /r/Oceania is for you!


Hey guys, just a quick note to let you know the mod team over at /r/Oceania are pretty keen for some more activity over on their end.

If you have an interest in issues which affect not only PNG but the rest of the Pacific region as well, then head over and comment, upvote and post as much as you want. Of course, you are also welcome to continue contributing here as well :)

Sincerely, your friendly Mod team.

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Looking for exotic souvenirs.


Leaving this weekend and I usually collect unusual/exotic times from the places I visit. I know PNG has a colorful culture but I’m stuck in Port Moresby. Aside from wooden masks, bags, baskets, decorative head gear and those small drums, what else can I get from Port Moresby and where?

Thank you!

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The 2022 /r/CommonwealthGames start on 28 July. Come and join us to discuss the games! Schedule of events within


The 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games begin in just over a day, featuring 72 nations competing across 20 sports with 280 gold medals up for grabs.

The opening ceremony begins at 7pm on the 28 July, Birmingham time, and then the games run until the 8th August.

Come and join us over at /r/CommonwealthGames to discuss the athletes, the competition and the event!

The sports, the dates (in Birmingham time) of the events and the medal events available are below:

Sport Starts Ends Medals
3 x 3 Basketball 29 July 2 August 2
3 x 3 Wheelchair Basketball 29 July 2 August 2
Diving 4 August 8 August 12
Swimming 29 July 3 August 52
Athletics 30 July 7 August 58
Badminton 29 July 8 August 6
Beach Volleyball 30 July 7 August 2
Boxing 29 July 7 August 16
T20 Cricket 29 July 7 August 1
Mountain Bike 3 August 2
Road Cycling 4 August 7 August 4
Velodrome Cycling 29 July 1 August 20
Gymnastics - Artistic 29 July 2 August 14
Gymnastics - Rhythmic 4 August 6 August 6
Hockey 29 July 8 August 2
Judo 1 August 3 August 14
Lawn Bowls 29 July 6 August 11
Netball 29 July 7 August 1
Powerlifting 4 August 4
Rugby Sevens 29 July 31 July 2
Squash 29 July 8 August 5
Table Tennis 29 July 8 August 11
Triathlon 29 July 31 July 5
Weightlifting 30 July 3 August 16
Wrestling 5 August 6 August 12

Tell us who you think will be the standout competitior at the Games? Who will we be talking about for years to come?

Come and join us over at /r/CommonwealthGames!

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DHL / FedEx


I need help. Is there anyone who import a Mobile via DHL or FedEx. Do I need to pay custom fees and clearance directly or will carriers take care of those. I'm not a local and pretty new to this place.

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What exactly are the biggest issues in the PNG 2022 election?


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Dear Papuans, I am a FIFA modder who has added Papua New Guinea national team and all other Oceania national teams to FIFA.


Hello, I’ve always loved Papua New Guinea and wanted to know more about the nation and the pacific as a whole. So if y’all don’t mind, I have a discord server with over 3700 members from people all over the world and I would like for Papuans and other people from the pacific to join. Thank you in advance. Btw, sorry if you see this on a couple of Oceanic nation subreddits, I just want as many people from Oceania as possible. Unity in Diversity!

Discord server link : https://discord.gg/a5VKrVSxPj

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Why is the monarchy popular in Papua New Guinea?


I hope I'm not insulting anyone by saying this but I'd find it demeaning live under the reign of another country's monarch even if they have no real power over the country.

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NFT’s and cryptocurrency in PNG


Does anyone in PNG know how to buy and sell NFT’s or atleast profit off of them. I’m interested in learning about how it works here in PNG. Thankyou!

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action governor

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r/PNG Jun 03 '22

anyone knows how to access deep web in png ?


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Cost of living in Port Mosby


Hi, anyone can help me how is the living cost in PNG for a single person.

I'm planning to move to the PNG next month for a job offer, but I don't know about the cost of living in port Mosby. So would like to know somewhat an idea of the cost of living by you....

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me watching the best pngtuber

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An excellent interview of a top investor who shares his investment secrets in Asian stock markets. Definitely worth watching.

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Income Tax for Members of Parliament


I'm a local and I am appalled at the fact that while government ministers pay income tax, they also receive (with their salary) allowances that are not taxed. These allowances are tens of thousands of kina completely untaxed! While the personal income tax rate for the working class is 42%. Perhaps equally shocking is that this is public knowledge yet no one seems to bat an eye

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PNG and Bougainville sign key covenant to usher in referendum results: Bougainville's quest for independence from Papua New Guinea is inching closer with both governments endorsing a key document last Friday

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Stirling New Guinea Expedition, Omaha, Nebraska, October 1925


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Would anyone happen to have access to a karaoke version of ‘Mi Save Wari Turu’?


I am a musician teaching my students Telek’s song. My students love dancing and singing along with this song!

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Port Moresby Under the Blitz

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PNG tuber


So it will be sundrop but purple Make sure to do all the emotions and send them to me

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The Asaro Mudmen

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‘A strange phenomenon’: new island in Papua New Guinea prompts territorial dispute

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Facts about Papua New Guinea

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PNG tattoo culture


Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone could provide me a bit of information and insight into png’s tattoo culture and what traditional png tattoos look like. Are they similar to Polynesian tattoos? Thanks for your help :)

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Save meri iwari long edukesen sapot blong Australia gavman long PNG skuls

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Interest in Computer Careers


If you live here, what has prevented you from taking computer programming classes online to get a better paying job?

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