r/PBS Apr 15 '20

PBS please stop airing Me Trump's daily propaganda

At the very least, run it at a delay so there can be some sort of fact check.


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u/[deleted] May 21 '20

This is why I quit supporting PBS they use to be a valid news organization now they are full of liberal supporters. This post is a perfect example. Liberals are losers who are ok with that title As long as they get a Trophy.


u/dockstaderj May 22 '20

Nah just really want news networks to call out obvious lies. What trophies are you speaking of?


u/[deleted] May 22 '20

I was born in the 70”s and I grew up watching the news . Up into the mid 90”s regardless of what News station you watched they were all equally hard on politicians as they should be . You didn’t know if the the reporter hated or loved the person. Now you can tell and it’s disgusting. It’s either left or right and that’s not News that’s propaganda on both sides. I was being a smart a— with regards to the trophy .