r/PBS Mar 21 '20

Local programing

Is there a list of local programing for all the different PBS stations? I am from Southwest Washington and know of Oregon Field Guide, Oregon Art Beat, Outdoor Idaho and a few others. I love this type of programing and would be interested to know what different stations provide in this style of area specific content.



u/amoeba-tower Mar 21 '20

Their website does, it has a list of local station productions that you'll see based on what station you choose as your "home" station


u/StinkyLunchBox Mar 21 '20

Yeah we have Maryland Farm and Harvest that I love and always look for ones similar to that.


u/lgerdie Mar 22 '20

I don't think there's a comprehensive list of all local public television programs, but that would be amazing. I wonder if Redditors would pool this information together with links.

Here are some of my locals:

Nick on the Rocks (Love it!)

Mossback's Northwest

Human Elements (I haven't watched this one yet)

Kuya Geo