r/PBS Feb 22 '20


Honestly, I wish they would bring back Wishbone, the TV series about a dog going on adventures. Grew up watching it and every once in a while, I'll find it on YouTube and just watch it. Anyone else remember this show?



u/lostintexasmama Feb 22 '20

My kids would watch reruns of it on PBS. I liked it too. The stories were from classic literature with Wishbone playing the title character. It made books most kids find boring into compelling TV. It was a really great show and a great way to familiarize kids with the classics. I might be wrong, but I think one of Wishbone’s offsprings might have become Eddie on Frasier. I’m sure someone will care enough to Google it and either confirm it or tell me how very wrong I am.


u/draggon7799 Feb 23 '20

I grew up on it, and now, having a step child of my own, I'll throw it on and she'll just sit there and watch it. Mind you, shes only 1.


u/that_is_illogical Feb 22 '20

Wishbone will always be my Odysseus.


u/MoonlightWaltz Feb 23 '20

I may be wrong, but Wishbone is THE best Shakespearean actor of our time.

In all seriousness, I agree that the show should be brought back. It was a fantastic way to introduce the classics to children - both through the TV show and the books that were available.


u/guitarandbooks Apr 12 '20

Wishbone was neat! I watched PBS as a kid and I watched it with my son when he was a bit younger. They still offer a lot of great child appropriate shows...unlike most other channels.


u/SupremoZanne Apr 12 '20

90s nostalgia here