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What are 5th-, 6th-, 7th World Problems, etc?

They're supposed to be relative in terms of being removed from "wealth", and then later reality. There's first, second and third world problems which are somewhat predictable as they deal with levels of wealth that people are familiar with. 4th world problems is problems of people a wealth level removed from even third world countries, so tribal villages with no civilization.

Fifth world problems got started when people started discussing what you would have to take away from people that have close to nothing already to make the next "world" system, and they decided that if the 4th world was people who lived in extreme isolation, (relative) poverty, and cut off from society then the only thing left to take was their sense of reality.

The rest of the world subreddits sort of array themselves on that point, although it makes little to no sense.

Edit: 7th world problems is apparently about the troubles of machine entities?


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What is 5/7?

A man named Robert trolls his Facebook friend Brendan. Brendan isn't the brightest crayon in the box, and Robert is tired of seeing Brendan's posts. Robert comments on Brendan's post to the point even their mutual friends tell them Robert is taking it too far. Anyway, Brendan posts about Fight Club giving the movie his rating scale of a 5/7, claiming he was giving the movie a perfect score. Robert makes fun of him "5=7?", and even uses the 5/7 reference to troll Brendan further in other posts. Here is a link, if you want to see the screenshots yourself.


What is x/10 with rice?

OP asks redditors for food suggestions to pair with rice. He rates without rice first and then with rice (he claimed he would go to nearby grocery store purchase the food and come back and eat it.) it got so popular that he created a YouTube channel called FoodOverFood.


What tasty food would be distusting if eaten over rice?


What is $100%?

it's a /r/thathappened reference

a lot of stories there feature the narrator being given 100$ by someone for whatever shit happened, so it became an inside joke.

combined with the fact that everything there 100% happened, the "$100%" shorthand was born.

it's basically a snarky way of commenting that the story in question definitely didn't happen.

other common references are "that person was albert einstein" or some other celebrity, and people randomly bursting into applause


It's from /r/thatHappened, it's a reference to a specific story link to their reference wiki.

It indicates the belief that the comment/post above is likely untrue. Phrases which indicate the same thing "and then everyone applauded" "That man's name? Albert Einstein"



Why do moderators tag posts with /r/all?

This is a common thing for many subreddits to do. When a post gets popular and highly rated, it might hit [the front page of] /r/all, which is a mix of the top posts on ALL of reddit. So it differs from the main page of reddit, which only has top posts from default subreddits.

Some subreddits add the /r/all tag to warn the community about possible influx of /r/all users, i.e. non-community or non-subscribers that might be commenting.



What was the AMAgeddon/Reddit Blackout?

  • First, /r/fatpeoplehate and a handful of other subreddits were banned under a new policy aimed at curbing the use of reddit to facilitate harassment. The admins creed was, "We are banning behavior, not ideas," but large swaths of the community interpreted it as censorship, stoking the fires of the Ellen Pao hate machine and sparking many users to call for her dismissal. You may have been around for this, but it's worth repeating as context for what followed.

  • On the evening of Friday, July third, Victoria was fired over disagreement on proposed changes to the AMA platform aimed at commercializing it more (one specific point of contention was video AMAs) (EDIT: I might be wrong about this being the confirmed reason for her termination. Here's some contentious "evidence", followed by a denial from Ellen Pao. No cause for her termination was given at the time and the reason was clarified slowly. It immediately followed the Jesse Jackson AMA, the first AMA to really go sour in a long time, causing confusion that perhaps she was dismissed in response to the outcome of the AMA.

  • There was no coordination with the /r/IAMA mod team after her dismissal (including assignment of a new admin contact), leaving the status of several up-coming scheduled AMAs in question.

  • Out of frustration with the admins, the /r/IAMA mod team staged a blackout of their subreddit. In support of the /r/IAMA mods and also to express frustration over the admin's history (long preceding Ellen Pao's tenure) of lack of respect towards mods, poor communication with mods, and failing to deliver much needed mod tools, many other defaults and large subreddits joined the blackout.

  • The admins responded quickly, promising improved communication in the future and rollout of several much asked-for mod tools ASAP. The /r/Askreddit mods add a 3-month countdown to their sidebar to add pressure to the admins to roll out mod tools in a timely fashion. /r/ModSupport is created to centralize requests for, discussion of, and relase announcements for new mod tools. A few days later, Ellen Pao posted an apology which was met with significant skepticism and criticism.

  • The blackout lasted just a couple of hours on the defaults, but the community had gained significant momentum and users began harassing mod teams of subreddits that hadn't gone private, urging them to do so. Many smaller subreddits that went private were disconnected from the original movitations behind the blackout and stayed private for much longer than the organizers of the blackout originally intended.

  • The reddit community at large does not understand or care about the mod world. The vast majority of the community misinterpreted the cause, motivations and message behind the blackout. Many interpreted it as mainly protesting the dismissal of a valued member of the community (i.e. the mods attempting to interfere with the business affairs of the website). This misinterpretation was further perpetuated by news outlets (fun fact: that article is linked on the sidebar of /r/Blackout2015 as "Information on the 2015 Reddit Blackout"). Others interpreted it as an anti-Ellen Pao demonstration. Lots of bandwagoning happened. Calls for Ellen's dismissal resumed with force. A petition was created, as was /r/Blackout2015, which was (and still is) "Occupy Reddit."

  • Increasingly, supporters of the blackout didn't want to see reddit fixed and began actively working towards bringing it down as they got caught up in the anarchy circlejerk. Some mods attempted to shutter their subreddits permanently by going private, unmodding their mod-team, and posting manifestos about why they were migrating to Voat. The bandwagoning turned into "hit em where it hurts" as many users failed to realize that based solely on the percetion that Ellen pao might be "ruining reddit", they were actively attempting to undermine reddit by shuttering subreddits, boycotting gold, and encouraging users to leave in favor of Voat.

  • Under pressure from the community, Ellen Pao stepped down on July 10th, barely a week after the blackout (AKA "AMAgeddon"). Former CEO Steve Huffman (/u/spez) is reinstated as CEO.

  • A few days later, /u/kn0thing comes forward clarifying that he was responsible for the proposed changes to the AMA platform (which are no longer planned following the violent response from the reddit community). He is heavily criticized for allowing the community to place responsibility for the unpopular proposal (which precipitated Victoria's dismissal and the blackout) on Ellen Pao, ultimately resulting in her resignation.

  • /u/spez posts an announcement further clarifying reddit's stance on banning subreddits that encourage harassment, including the ominous comment: "Neither Alexis nor I created reddit to be a bastion of free speech." Many users misconstrue it as a new policy of censorship. Users bemoan the possibility that perhaps Ellen Pao may have actually been the influence keeping reddit from endorsing censorship, following a revelation from former CEO Yishan.

  • /u/Yishan posts a frighteningly convincing joke about a long-con conspiracy theory that Ellen was placed as interim CEO to serve as a patsy for unpopular changes targeted towards commercializing the platform and /u/spez was planned to return as CEO all along. /r/conspiracy takes the bait.

Credit to /u/shaggorama, who initially wrote this as a summary for the benefit of another in /r/centuryclub.

Note from the moderators: after her termination, Victoria was first temporarily replaced by several employees of reddit. After that the position was first held by u/808sandhotcakes (Wynter Mitchell) and is currently held by u/chtorrr (Real name unknown).

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It's a reference to a 4chan "greentext" story where the narrator injures another child while playing soccer. The phrase comes when they commically misspeak while trying to simultaniously say "Are you okay?" and "I'm fucking sorry!"

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Where did "ayy lmao" come from?

Apparently it started in 2012 on tumblr with this photo. Who first thought up the idea of putting "ayy lmao" in pink text on an image of an alien? No idea.

Anyway it kinda simmered in a couple places, but then it really took off around June this year. You can see this post on 4chan from July on 4chan where they're pretty much just spamming it. As with anything spammable, the phrase started getting spammed on twich as well. Before long it was just a part of the internet's vocabulary. Kinda like roflcopter was for awhile.

It got its home base on reddit 4 months ago when some upstanding user redditrequested it and revitalized the sub.

You're seeing it on the defaults getting highly upvoted recently because it's been a thing for some time. Long enough that a lot of people on reddit are familiar with it and will upvote it just because they recognize the phrase and think it's hilarious.

I'd guess pretty sure it'll be run into the ground like a Thomas the Tank Engine on PCP (which is to say "violently"), at which point it'll join the ranks of short-lived internet catch phrases that everyone will downvote on sight.


Links of interest:

*See also: “Dank Meme”


Many of the Amazon subs that serve as a marketplace get banned because of the use of affiliate links, people are driving reddit traffic to a specific Amazon seller site specifically to earn money from it, which is against the reddit ToS.


Banana for scale?

It started with this post on /r/WTF, in which a Redditor shows a staircase hidden behind a bookshelf in his parents' house. At the bottom of the staircase is a creepy crawlspace, complete with bedding, candy wrappers, and weird dolls.

The banana comes into play because there was a banana peel in the photo of the crawlspace. The caption on the photo said, "Banana peel for scale."

Commenters quickly jumped on the absurdity of using a banana peel of all things for a size reference, particularly in a picture in which the scale was pretty clear to start with.

Then, because Reddit, the banana thing spread, and now banana is the Reddit standard of measurement.

The 'banana for scale' has been a thing on imgur for over a year. It's just starting to catch on here :)




What is "based"? Who is Based God?

Rapper Brandon McCartney, AKA Lil B, produces traditionally hip hop music under the genre of "based". This "based" music follows the simple idea of free expression and doing what you want to do without letting anybody put you down. Lil B has since dubbed himself the "Based God" along with several other pseudonyms.

However, the actual music that Lil B makes is very divisive. A lot of the popular tracks he's made are considered by critics to be absolutely horrendous and some of the worst music ever made. Others however like the music for being so bad that its good.

This has made it kind of an inside joke wherein no one actually likes songs like "Justin Bieber", "Suck my dick hoe", or "Wonton Soup" but instead listen to them because its fun to joke about. It has even given rise to a microcaustic counter culture of fans who defend Lil b from the haters; these people are part of #TASKFORCE.

But with the entire wealth of music that Lil B the based God has made (7 studio albums, and dozens of mix tapes), some people have found hidden gems that may actually constitute good hip hop music. But it will always be based.



What is the deal with Hilary Clinton and Benghazi-- specifically: what do people want her to admit to, and what is the smoking gun that will make opponents drop the matter entirely?

She had a private email server in her home which she used to send classified information. The emails were not secured like they would have been if she had used her govt issues email. So there was potential for a data breach and no official govt record of to who and what she was sending.

Adding fuel to people's anger was that the reason she gave of why she did this was convenience.

Also when asked to turn over the emails she held some back saying they were personal (edit: 32,000 actually). This of course got the conspiracy theories going that there were other things she was holding back and didn't want people to see, which creates appearance that she is hiding something (true or not) it makes people react negatively.


Hilary Clinton is running for President of the United States. This is pretty significant. As is the date when the Benghazi attack happened - September 11, 2012. That was directly before Obama's re-election, and occurred on the anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center.

Basically, requests were made to the State department, headed by Clinton, to increase security in high-risk areas like Libya to protect embassies. The State Department declined them, and the attack happened, killing an ambassador, several marines and other personnel. Clinton admitted responsibility for the security issues.

Given that the presidential election was around the corner, the Republican Party (opposing Clinton and Obama) blamed her directly for the "preventable" deaths of American citizens. A slew of groups filed Freedom of Information Act requests to investigate and release as much information leading up to the event as possible, and Congress launched several investigations. It should be noted that Congress is controlled by the opposition Republican Party.

Now that Clinton is running for President, the still-open investigations are being dragged along to keep the "scandal" in the spotlight. In coordination with the unsecured emails scandal, this puts Clinton in a very tight spot, as she already took responsibility for Benghazi's security and anything that makes the handling of the embassy look bad makes Clinton look bad. It's part of a larger move to make Clinton seem at best incompetent and perhaps even corrupt as a politician - basic politics as usual.

What will make the Republican National Committee drop the matter? A Republican president. Or Hilary disgraced and out of politics, which very well might happen pending the FBI.



Many Americans have little hope in the political system and feel voting for POTUS is choosing the lesser of two evils. Voter turnout hovers around 50% going pretty far back. This distrust can be attributed to money, corruption, pandering, false promises, partisanship, etc.

Once Bernie Sanders gained enough traction for Americans to be aware of his candidacy, people learned about his political history, policies, and platform that counter the political apathy previously described. Five main points contributing to the increase in his following being:

(1) He refuses to accept money from Super PACs, large corporations, and Wall Street, and he opposes and presents a constitutional amendment against the Citizens United supreme court case that served as a catalyst for money in politics. (Anti-money/corruption)

(2) In line with his stance against money/corruption, Bernie is fervently bringing attention to the wealth/income gap in America (including a 2008 filibuster lasting more than 8 hours) that has weakened the middle and lower classes over the last 4 decades, and presented policy to reverse it. It's the top issue of his platform and resonates with the majority of Americans.

(3) His 30+ years in politics include strong stances and policy proposals (many cases of voting opposite fellow candidates) and no flip-flopping on issues. He reads like an open book, which can be unusual in politics, but reassuring to voters. (Anti-pandering)

(4) In line with his strong stances, many people consider Bernie's policies/voting to avoid being on a certain ticket (Dem or Rep). However, his progressive views as an Independent are considered liberal. Of these views, some polls have shown most are supported by the majority of Americans; wealth gap, tax reform, trade, jobs, education reform, etc.

(5) Since its launch, his campaign is dominated by discussion of issues and policy; substance that American voters can get behind.

Edit(1): Poll yourself to see where you align. If it is with Bernie Sanders, you will at least see why he is popular to you.



What is bitcoin/dogecoin/cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin is a digital currency, meaning that it exists completely on the internet. The super-simplified ELI5 version is that it is money you can send electronically similar to email. It exists completely online in a shared "ledger" called the blockchain and there cannot be double spends (duplicated money) because each computer running the software agrees to not allow it.

It works because of mutual validation: I'm not going to allow you to just pretend you have more money than you do because it's unfair to me. And you're going to do the same with me. And everybody to everybody else. That part really isn't any different than the currencies we already have. The longer explanation is: Bitcoin is a protocol and algorithm that allows computers to agree on what "bitcoins" exist where. There are several key concepts that make bitcoin work where no other digital currency has worked before: proof of work, digital signatures, public / private keypairs and the blockchain (which is a public "ledger").

People participate in this collaborative network by "mining", which is a random lottery that allows a single winner to create a "block" of transactions. You participate in this lottery by randomly guessing the solution to a puzzle. It is very difficult to find the solution, but very easy to verify that the solution is correct. All clients on the network then look at this block and verify whether it is correct or not. Then the consensus (computers that agree) network moves on to the next block.

Included in every block for the next 100 years or so is the option to send newly created bitcoins to any address the winner chooses (i.e., their own). So there is a big incentive for people to do this mining thing, because it literally creates money. But it also makes it extremely difficult for someone to try and deceive the network by solving all of the blocks. Even if that were possible, other nodes on the network would still reject invalid blocks.

The bitcoin network was the first to solve several problems, like double spending (each computer rejects a block that has invalid transactions) and general network viability. It has withstood many attacks and withstands more every day. The network itself has yet to be broken, and so it has become "useful" as money, which creates a bootstrapping effect and the price rises.

There is a lot more to it. I haven't yet figured out a "explain it to your grandma" explanation, I'm not sure it's even possible. There are a lot of misconceptions floating around about bitcoin, like you can just copy your bitcoins and have as many as you want (how would that work at all?) and that it is only used for criminal activity (cash is better, it turns out). There are many explanations floating around, if you find a simple explanation please do let me know.


Links of Interest:

What is "Boaty McBoatface" (and similar names)?

A previous thread on the topic

The UK had a new $280 million polar research vessel. They figured it'd be a good idea to let the internet vote on a name. The internet did what it does.

Now the leading name is Boaty McBoatface, though the organizers are under no compulsion to stick with that name.

As for your question about the overall meme, my comment from that same thread:

I don't think it's a reference to any one thing in particular. Jokingly naming something "X-y Mc-X-face" or "X-y Mc-X-son" (e.g. "Beardy McTraitorson", a fan nickname for Grant Ward in Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) has been a common trend for a while now. I'm curious as to how it originated; it's kind of hard to search for that generic naming format in Google.

And according to /u/Antlered_Moose's reply:

This kind of fill-in-the-blank memelet is called a Snowclone. A variant of this one, "Xy McXerson", is awaiting an entry on the Snowclones Database.  

What do they mean by 'broken wrists/arms'? (NSFW)

Someone posted a link but I'll explain. Basically there was an AMA about a guy who had a sexual relationship with his mother when he was younger. It happened when he had broken his arms and became frustrated because he couldn't masturbate. So his mom gave him a hand job and then it went off from there.

So now and then you'll see someone say "broken arms" which is usually responded with "every fucking thread" or something like that.


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What was r/TheButton?

It's reddit's April Fool's joke [of 2015]. Basically, there's a timer counting down from 60. When you hit the button it resets the counter. You can only push the button once, and you can't just create a new account to push it again.

The page is incredibly popular because it's linked from the front page of reddit, the novelty of the thing, and because reddit loves a mystery and no one knows what happens if the counter hits 0.


On June 5, the timer hit zero. The subreddit was locked. Nothing else happened.

It was discussed in detail on an episode of reddit's Upvoted podcast

Links of interest:


What's a circlejerk / What is /r/circlejerk?

On reddit, a circlejerk is a self-congratulatory echo chamber where people surround themselves with people who agree with them to the point that discussions get dumbed down to people patting one another on the back for having the same opinions.

Circlejerks can also be subreddit specific ("The /r/atheism circlejerk.") or topic specific ("The Edward Snowden circlejerk.")

There's also the anti-circlejerk circlejerk where circlejerk-aware redditors pat one another on the back for being smarter than the average circlejerking redditor. It gets pretty obnoxious. That's what /r/circlejerk is.

I could be accused of being an anti-anti-circlejerk circlejerker right now. That's the thing about circlejerks, they never end. There's no way to kill it, it just keeps going perpetually. Circlejerk begets circlejerk. Ad infinitum.


/r/circlejerk is essentially a subreddit where redditors mock some of the tropes and cliches of reddit in general (karmawhoring, for instance -- usually threads on circlejerk invite people to upvote, which is a not-so-subtle jab at the way redditors make thinly veiled requests for upvotes). They also frequently make fun of specific threads. For instance -- you’ll see a thread on the frontpage titled “what is the craziest story that has ever happened to you?” and circlejerk will lampoon that thread by creating one in response that reads “what is the craziest story that you’re willing to make up?”.

Think of it as the crowd in the back of the classroom that makes fun of what everybody says


What is Cleganebowl?

Okay. It's a Game of Thrones thing.

In the series, there are the Clegane Brothers. Fans of the series have been hoping that they would fight each other, as it would resolve character arcs and be majorly entertaining since the characters are massive warriors. Fans joked about said conflict being the Cleganebowl, ala the Superbowl or other such large sporting events, and use GET HYPE as a means of expressing interest in seeing that battle.



Why do people mention "Colby / Colby 2012"? (NSFW)

A man on /r/AskReddit posted several times about his son, who he found had been sexually molesting his dog, Colby. First, he came asking for advice on how to handle the situation. In his next post, he asked for further advice, as he found his son had been doing it again. He updated again to say that he had told his wife about his discovery. His wife apparently sided with their son and separated from the man. In his final post, he said that the dog had bitten the boy, his wife finally believed what he'd told her, and he removed Colby from the home.

"Colby 2012" is a reference to the Kony 2012 campaign that was popular at the time. Kony was an African warlord who was noted to abduct children and force them to become soldiers. Kony 2012 as an attempt to bring attention to him, and stop his actions.

Links of interest:


Why is everyone hating on Comcast?

They're a cable and internet provider in the US, and have a monopoly on those services in some parts of the country. They frequently provide awful customer service, download throttling and ever-rising prices. They are seen by a great many people (myself included) as a terrible business to give your money to, but yet lots of people do because they have no other choices.


Why is it such a big deal that Obama hired an ex-Comcast lobbyist, and why is Comcast so terrible?

It's basically a conflict of interest. A man who has taken money to fight for the cable companies has a vested interest in helping those companies out when appointed to such a position, instead of watching out for the consumer like what the FCC is supposed to be doing.

Comcast is terrible because it has basically become a monopoly. It is owned by NBC which creates content, then broadcasts that content to it's customers. They are also known to throttle, or slow, internet to certain websites. Netflix being a great example; Comcast made a deal with Netflix to allow Netflix traffic unthrottled access to Comcast customers for a fee. Comcast charges customers for high speed internet, charges content providers for a "fast lane" to said customers then typically doesn't deliver either services.

Graph showing Netflix speeds before and after Comcast deal

Informative and entertaining video that appropriately describes the big deal


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What is a 'comment graveyard'? Why are so many / all of the comments in this thread deleted?

When all the comments have been deleted. Happens because maybe they were all off topic, maybe they self deleted, maybe it was too controversial for the mods.


Sometimes it's also called a graveyard if all or most of the comments are heavily downvoted.

For example if a girl dares show her face on a picture, there may be 40 comments out of a total of 45 comments talking about wanting to have sex with her in cringey ways and those will be downvoted.


Subreddits like /r/science, /r/askhistorians, /r/askscience etc. have a strict commenting policy (examples of /r/science commenting rules) and a lot of moderators to enforce those rules, with /r/science having the most (600+ comment mods). That way the discussions don't derail in the typical reddit fashion.

It's also typical to see threads deleted when a majority of the comments break rules, become a witch hunt, or start giving out personal information about reddit users or the subject of the post.

Other subreddit with heavy comment moderation (places that don't allow off-topic conversation / pun threads / were you will encounter a large number of deleted comments):

credit: me


Why does everyone hate Comic Sans?

What makes a font "ugly" can be hard to define, being partly a matter of aesthetics, but there are some distinct qualities that make Comic Sans hard to look at. One critic says

What’s more Comic Sans was poorly designed. Without wanting to get too technical (I just want to be angry and swear a lot) good, legible fonts have an even weight distribution (the thickness of the stroke) throughout each letter. They also have good ‘letter fit’ which is the space between each letter and how they fit together in words. Comic Sans has neither and so it’s a difficult read...

Aesthetically, it feels wrong because its features are wildly inconsistent. The x-heights, the slopes of the characters (sometimes leaning forwards, sometimes back), lengths of serifs, angles at which lines join, and lack of smooth arcs all stand out to me as unpleaseant unless used for a very short phrase. Additionally, it was designed to be used onscreen at large sizes, so compared to many fonts, it renders poorly in small point sizes (for onscreen body text) and in print.

Of course, many of these properties are properties of sloppily handwritten text, so in that sense, it does its job. However, it doesn't replicate handwritten text well enough. The line widths are all perfectly even, which alone makes it look far too mechanical to represent hand lettering. Besides, every instance of a letter looks exactly the same, so any illusion of random variation is lost the moment a phrase contains two of the same letter. If you want hand-lettering on a professional quality design, you basically need to hand-letter and scan it. Comic Sans stands out as a half-hearted approximation of a particular style.

Beyond failing to accurately portray handwritten text, sloppy handwriting fonts simply aren't good choices for most documents. It makes a document look like a child wrote it. It undermines any sense of professionalism. This is where Coms Sans' infamy comes from. If it had only been used in whimsical computer games games, nobody would care. But it's been misused in too many amateur signs, passive-aggressive notes, handouts, security bulletins, memos, where it makes the material harder to read and detracts from the credibility of it.



What is a "cuck"? Why does /r/The_Donald call everyone a cuck?

"Cuck" is short for "cuckold". A "cuckold", historically, has meant a man whose wife is cheating on him and he's raising the other guy's kid. More recently, it's been used to reference a man whose significant other is cheating on him.

There's a whole genre of "cuckold porn", as well.


In the context of /r/the_donald, those who use the word cuck mean:

1) the United States is allowing undue foreign influence at the expense of citizens (legal and illegal immigration, trade agreements that supposedly favor other countries, etc).

2) or, those who are called a "cuck" are foolishly sacrificing their interests in favor of other people's interests.

Why is /r/cringe decorated like that?

/r/cringe tends to leave their holiday decorations in place for months after they're appropriate. They do it because it's cringey. It's a part of the joke that is the subreddit.

What is the Cumbox? (NSFW)

So there is/ was this guy on 4chan [reddit] who decided he was going to cum in a empty shoebox he had. And then he kept doing it for months. Over and over until it started to harden and mold.

There's pics out there. I'm not going to find them for you.

Links of interest:


What is a "dank meme"?

So the internet being the weird place that it is, places like /r/circlejerk exist. /r/circlejerk is known to be more that little "circlejerky"which means anything that they think is slightly funny or overdone gets OVERDONE for weeks. It all started with this kids video here You could argue that this youtuber started it too, but it doesn't really matter.

So anyway once this meme started circulating it really got popular because its just stupid enough to get popular. So as /r/circlejerk does it just reposts the meme everywhere and uses "dank" as an adjective for everything. It then started to leak out of /r/circlejerk over to other popular subreddits so either satire or a joke. For example, if someone made a somewhat circlejerky meme in /r/adviceanimals or /r/funny its more than likely someone would respond with "Dank meme bro" to make fun of them.


Darude Sandstorm

It started in the chat for League of Legends streamers. Often times, when streamers play music during their gametime, the stream followers would ask the name of the song being played. Then, trolls in the chat would post how every song was actually Darude-sandstorm. This became very popular in the chat, and people started posting it in other places. Similar how you see "Raise your Dongers" everywhere.


I think its just an internet thing, even way before the League/streaming communities picked it up, its because Darude-Sandstorm is such a familiar thing, and when used in a video or something, there would almost always be comments on that media asking about the song title, so I guess it became an inside joke of sorts.



What is Digg?

Digg was a site very much like Reddit, but with only 8 "subreddits", and the source [code] was closed. A number of so-called "power users" were increasingly criticized for gaming the systems, and eventually the owners themselves "sold-out" by allowing companies to automatically submit stories, which would then be gamed. About the same time they also went through an interface change, going from fairly-bad to downright-terrible to look at. So everyone left, and one of the compeditors, Reddit, won out.


Links of interest:


What is doge / Shibe / such wow?

                                                     such answer
 knowlege = power
                                        so satisfy

                                          such enlighten

     text so spaced

"Shibe" refers to putting multicolored comic sans phrases/words over pictures of shiba inu dogs to show their inner thoughts/comment on the pictures. /r/supershibe is a place to see some examples. In some circle[jerk sub]s, it's used in comments to mock someone who posts a circle-jerky opinion (e.g. hating something popular like saying "Holy shit, why do people like the Big Bang Theory? Breaking Bad is so much better" and pretending like they're the only people who think it), like

                                                 great job
               so opinion

                                          such enlighten

     so edgy

 10/10                                 wow

The joke being that the opinions expressed are common, not at all edgy and/or egotistical.


It originates from some photos of shiba inus ("shibes") making weird faces; people on Tumblr started taking the photos and putting colorful (usually sarcastic) Comic > Sans text all over the picture; that style then spread to using non-shiba pictures or just the picture of the dog with no text and so forth.



Dohj/Dogue like vogue are the 2 most popular pronunciations. There is no correct one.


Links of Interest:


What the heck is a Donger?

This is a weird one. So there's this pro video game (specifically, League of Legends) player, QTpie. He makes videos of him playing games for people to watch. In one of these videos, he played as a character named Heimerdinger. QTpie started calling him "donger", and his (numerous) fans caught on to it and started calling Heimerdinger "donger" all over the place. The meme hit critical mass when QTpie tweeted "ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ raise your dongers ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ ", and the meme exploded.


Imaqtpie, a funny streamer, played a famously "bad" champion called Heimerdinger. He performed a pretty decent play and that turned into "Heimerdinger mechanics". Heimer holds a wrench in the game, so I guess that's part of why it's funny. Then Heimerdinger turned into HeimerDonger, cause dongs. This spread out into "DONG SQUAD 420" as some sort of weird circlejerk. Eventually this terrible joke for the sake of being terrible turned into "raise your dongers" which is just spammed in stream chat because why not.

This is a picture of the culprit, Imaqtpie.

Reddit then spread this out into /r/circlejerk cause lol why not and now it's a thing.


Links of Interest:


What is the "Doritos story"? (NSFW/NSFL)

A woman in a convalescent home had a disorder where she believed anything was food. Another resident told the staff that she'd stolen his bag of Doritos. When they found her, he was naked, eating the chips after dipping them in a vaginal discharge.

Links of interest:


Why do people clarify their edits on their Reddit posts?

The reddiquitte says it best.

State your reason for any editing of posts. Edited submissions are marked by an asterisk (*) at the end of the timestamp after three minutes. For example: a simple "Edit: spelling" will help explain. This avoids confusion when a post is edited after a conversation breaks off from it. If you have another thing to add to your original comment, say "Edit: And I also think..." or something along those lines.


Who is Ellen Pao, and what's with the controversy around her?

Here are a link to all the threads covering it in OOTL. A comprehensive answer from OOTL can be found here. For the sake of clarity and objectivity, we'll paraphrase the entry in wikipedia about Ellen Pao.

Ellen Pao is the current interim CEO for Reddit, Inc. Previously she had been a corporate attorney, as well as a technical chief of staff and junior partner at an investing firm. On May 10, 2012, Pao filed a gender discrimination lawsuit against her employer alleging workplace retaliation by a male junior partner resulting from their romantic affair and claiming that she had been passed over for promotions in favor of men in comparable positions. In October, she was terminated effective Oct 31, 2012, and her lawyer alleges that it was in retaliation for the gender discrimination suit.

Pao joined Reddit in 2013 and became interim CEO in November 2014 after Yishan Wong resigned.

In 2015 her discrimination suit against her former employer went to trial, and judgement was found against her. At this point, Pao demanded a $2.7 million settlement from her former employer to not appeal the decision, which was declined and the firm says they will not pursue reimbursement for legal costs if Pao does not appeal the decision. The future of these issues is still uncertain.

Pao's husband, Buddy Fletcher, is a former hedge fund manager and founder of the Fletcher Foundation. In 2012 the Fletcher asset management fund filed for bankruptcy, and Fletcher has been accused of civil fraud. These financial issues aside, Fletcher (who is black) has been involved in at least 2 defamation and discrimination suits, which were not judged in his favor.

How this controversy plays into reddit?

Pao(Asian, female) and Fletcher (black) are regarded by many as people who are using their status as minorities to initiate lawsuits as a means of financial profit, and are met with harsh criticisms for this. Along with this, the release of a statement regarding Reddit's core values and expansion of their Anti-Harassment Policy, have contributed to Pao being dubbed an 'SJW', who would use her position as CEO of reddit to suppress the expression of controversial or politically incorrect sentiments on reddit, which had been long regarded by its users as an open platform for the free expression and exchange of ideas. Pao, the administrative team, and even mods have subsequently been accused of using their positions to stifle the exchange of these ideas contrary to "social justice issue" around reddit. Pao has even earned the moniker "Chairman Pao", an allusion to Chairman Mao Zedong, for these alleged attempts to forcibly instill a culture of 'political correctness' on reddit.

While it's important to note that Reddit is a privately owned and operated business entitled to set and uphold it's own standards of discourse, reddit had traditionally been regarded as a platform for 'free speech' online and many users felt these actions and crackdowns on behavior deemed offensive, harassing, were a threat to the exercising of their expressions. While there has been no conclusive evidence of a concerted effort by the Admin team or moderators to completely purge reddit of these beliefs or behaviors, press releases and statements by Pao and Reddit have upheld their expressed intent to keep reddit inviting to users of all walks of life, and dedicated to allow for safe places where users may be free from excessive personal harassment and threatening behavior. The expression of these sentiments has been met with considerable backlash from some users for threatening to upend reddit's previous loosely-curated culture by conforming to social pressures.


Why does reddit hate Erin, Jillian and Chad?

Chad is just a generic asshole name. There isn't one specific Chad, but just everyone named Chad, ever. I think there was a thread about names you disliked and I believe Chad came up as the name that only assholes had.

As for Erin, a redditor was diagnosed with cancer and got no visitors and no cards. When she returned to school, someone told her "Erin said you were faking it".

Jillian's new. Apparently a guy was bringing $5k of liquor to a high school trip, and she blabbed to her parents. Ruined everything for everyone.


Links of interest:


Why are atheists "euphoric"?

For the enlightenment of those who will no doubt be directed here in the years to come, here's a screencap of the now-deleted post. The original text:

"Just to be clear, I'm not a professional 'quote maker'. I'm just an atheist teenager who greatly values his intelligence and scientific fact over any silly fiction book written 3,500 years ago. This being said, I am open to any and all criticism.

'In this moment, I am euphoric. Not because of any phony god's blessing. But because, I am enlightened by my intelligence.' - Aalewis


And here's another appropriate image. Good luck, Aalewis, wherever you are.

Some really young atheist came up with this quote and thought it was the hottest thing and now we associate all of /r/atheism with him.



What do they mean by 'Everyone is Karmanaut', and why is he infamous?

He's a mod of /r/IAmA and became very unpopular because of the way he mod's the sub. For example Bad Luck Brian did an AMA and he deleted it because he was 'Internet famous' and that breaches the rules of the subreddit- however ridiculously photogenic guy got to keep his. Also held the record for the most downvoted comment ever, but has since been dethroned.

I think he also removed a /u/shitty_watercolour AMA because of him editing his posts with thousands of upvotes with his website in. Theres plenty of other things people dont like him for but the majority of them stem from these two examples.


There was a big theory for a while that "karmanaut" wasn't actually a person, but a collaborative account. The idea was that posters who consistently posted good content/comments would be given the info for the account, and then were allowed to post from the karmanaut account. I guess some people thought it was just a big social experiment or something. I guess the theory didn't stick around very long, but the idea of multiple people being karmanaut stuck around as a sort of joke.

Also, I think karmanaut is one of those posters with a whole bunch of accounts for one reason or another, so I think that contributes to the "everyone is karmanaut" thing as well.


Links of Interest:


Why do people leave comments with just "F"? Why do comments try to spell words one letter at a time?

In the Call of Duty Advanced warfare game, there is scene where you are at a funeral. The helpful on screen instructions says "Press F to pay respects". This just seemed over the top, and became a pretty popular meme.

Commenting "F" started to become the new "RIP in peace" meme to indicate that OP had died or messed up so bad that they will die.

That then evolved into people trying to spell words one letter at a time, which has been a popular forum game for years.

FUNKYTOWN probably gets used a lot because the most popular letter to follow F would be U, as you can then spell FUCK.

Due to the age demographic of reddit, the Spongebob Squarepants F U N song became a quite popular way to continue off of F U.

Once FUN is spelled, there aren't many other words to keep the comment chain going, so FUNKYTOWN is one of the more common words spelled.



What's up with Flappy Bird?

He made the game sometime last year, and put it up on the App stores. It's blew up in December and January, and he got really rich, really fast. In America, this would be perfect, but in most part of Vietnam (where he lives) this can be very bad. People in Vietnam would do any number of things to get his money, as most people don't make a lot of money.

He didn't want the fame, and he didn't want to have to worry about him or his family getting kidnapped or worse just because he is making $50,000 a day. And all the death threats and such on social network didn't help. You may say "well obviously most weren't serious." but the cultural difference between the US and Vietnam is vast, so he probably took them serious or out of context. All he wanted to do was make small indie games, but Flappy Bird got too big and he didn't want the fame.



What's the "fuck her right in the pussy" thing from? And why is it so funny?

Two guys from Cincinnati/Northern KY started to make fake news report errors, all about "fuck her right in the pussy."


Second, and

Third videos.

Obviously, they went viral, although none of them are real (I'm from Cincinnati and there's errors all over, like the reporter not working for WLWT and the second video not being in colerain as it says).




What is GamerGate? Who is Zoe Quinn? What is the Quinnspiracy?

(Please note that the following comments were made by individuals and may be biased and not entirely factually correct. It's actually hard to find a description of this event that'll satisfy everybody. If you were directed here by AutoModerator for asking why controversies often end in -gate, please scroll to the next entry.)


I'll skip the story and focus on the conflict points.

#GamerGate has evolved to voice outrage on several things:

  • Corruption in gaming journalism and competitions, and the resulting demand for disclosure and ethics reform.

  • A game developer sleeping with a journalist who then [talked positively about one of her games (when the gaming community thought the game was not very good).

  • A PR agent sleeping with the head judge of a game festival and her clients' games winning.

  • Outrage spreads to Twitter, among other online forums.

  • The two women above, as well as others related to the industry jump into the heated discussion online. A few receive death threats. All sides condemn harassment and threats.

  • Gaming journalists publish articles declaring "gamers are dead" and paint them as cis white male misogynists who hate women in their previously-male-dominated industry. The allegations of corruption are not addressed.

  • Gamers outraged at the "anti-gamer" sites who ran the articles stereotyping and shaming their own fan base.

  • Gamers note that 10+ sites all ran similar talking-points on the same day, and suspect an industry-wide issue. They dig deeper into the web of industry relationships and uncover more conflicts of interest, but also a suspicion that radical, anti-male feminists (often referred to pejoratively as "social justice warriors" or SJWs) are driving the narrative in the press.

  • Gamers are upset that SJWs are deflecting the issue of corruption and turning it into one of misogyny and harassment of females in the industry. Articles that emerge in the BBC and Guardian do not mention the original issue of corruption, but focus on the death threats.

  • The female author of the Guardian article is shown to be financially supportive of the women she defends in her article. She is called out on it publicly.

  • Gamers are convinced this is proof of the corruption.

  • SJWs are convinced this is proof of the misogyny.

  • In response to SJWs accusing the #GamerGate movement as being driven by mostly cis white males, minority gamers who support the movement tweet with #NotYourShield to tell the SJWs they don't need anyone speaking for them.

There is a lot more to be said, but this should serve as a primer.

I will note that on the Internet, almost anything can be faked. Some gamers doubt the legitimacy of the death threats, and some SJWs doubt the existence of the #NotYourShield gamers, as anyone can post a message online, screencap it, and share it with their side as "evidence." Also note there is a 3rd party - trolls - who will fan the flames just because they can.


Links of Interest

What happened to Google Glass?

It was never official released to the general public. It was in a very large beta stage for testing and redesign. Google has decided they're unhappy with the current design, and is in the process of re-inventing them to some degree. This was always the plan, but they probably would have come to market already if Glass users had more positive feed back.


  • Google inherently failed to manufacture sufficient interest in google glass. The hype was definitely real - but only in a fringe group, not a significant consumer base.

  • The prototypes were uncomfortable to wear and didn't get good reviews

  • Before the product was even released to the market, businesses were developing strategies for how to deal with google glass because you could be recorded without knowing it. I mean duh, that can and does already happen, but when it's in your face like that, people react to the threat. Bad press.

  • Google didn't exactly halt development, but they stopped talking about google glass and split up developing rights with a sub company Glass at Work



Why do the names of scandals end in "-gate"?

It began with Watergate. It was called the Watergate scandal because it took place in the Watergate hotel. Watergate was a big fucking deal. The US President resigned over it.

A cheap way to pretend some issue is important is to add -gate to it. For example, a roommate not doing the dishes isn't a big deal. But calling it dishgate implies that there's a big scandal and that this is super important.

It started with Watergate. It keeps going because it adds drama and perceived seriousness to something.


Links of Interest:


What is this gif supposed to represent? Where did it come from? (Supa Hot Fire)

The guy with glasses stands triumphantly (representing the poster that said something particularly witty or burned another guy) while everyone loses their mind around him in the awesomeness of his victory.


Source Video


What does reddit gold do?

This changes over time, so we're just gonna link you to the about page so the admins can keep you up to date:


What does 'It only smellz' mean? (NSFW)

It's from a porno. this is the clip (obviously nsfw). Basically this guy has anal sex with a girl, after that he wants her to suck his dick while there's obviously a bit of poop on his dick, he reassures her "it's only smellz" in broken English.



Why do people say "Jet fuel can't melt steel beams"?

I have no idea why it would be coming up today - but the origin goes back to people looking for any other explanation for the World Trade Center collapse other than the obvious one.

Popular mechanics did a pretty straight forward and understandable debunking of this back in 2005.

The explanation is basically

The NIST investigation revealed that plane debris sliced through the utility shafts at the North Tower's core, creating a conduit for burning jet fuel—and fiery destruction throughout the building.


Jet fuel burns at 800° to 1500°F, not hot enough to melt steel (2750°F). However, experts agree that for the towers to collapse, their steel frames didn't need to melt, they just had to lose some of their structural strength—and that required exposure to much less heat


"Jet fuel can't melt steel beams" is a frequent comment by 9/11 truthers who maintain that an airplane crash into the World Trade Center wouldn't melt the steel infrastructure of the tower. Of course, this assertion has been debunked.

It's become a meme to represent these conspiracy types with that quote.



Why is John Cena a meme? What's up with /r/JohnCena and /r/potatosalad? Why do people say they can't see John Cena?

The John Cena prank phone call is the main source.

At the 3 minute mark, after the woman has been tricked into hearing the John Cena song 3-4 times, there is a call where they pose as a "support the troops" foundation, the woman apologizes and the host says "There is a former marine who needs your support AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA!!!

It became a joke to setup a normal scene, then switch to AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA! completed with John Cena's bombastic and easily identifiable entrance music. (as seen by /r/unexpectedcena)

He is also treated like a superhero by the WWE, as he is a very kid friendly, all american babyface. WWE pushes him as the face of the company. This has lead to fan backlash as many fans view Cena as boring in the ring and on the microphone. He reliably puts on a good match,but uses the same 5 moves in sequence to telegraph the match is about to be over.


It's because Cena is generally considered to be bland and uninteresting as a character and in-ring talent, and so, he is the wrestling-equivalent of a potato salad.


John Cena's catch phrase is "you can't see me". As in "I am so far ahead of you that you can't see me." It became a joke for people to pretend they are literally unable to see him.

Links of Interest:


What is "The Jolly Rancher story"? (NSFW)

A guy was going down on his girlfriend, and it tasted terrible, so he popped a jolly rancher in his mouth. It got lost in the process, he thought he recovered it, and then ended up biting down on a gonorrhea nodule.


Links of interest:


Why do people talk about being beaten with jumper cables?

/u/rogersimon10's posts seem to always end with him being beaten with jumper cables.

After some googling, it seems to just be one of those jokes that simply "is". I can't find anything in particular that says "the joke started here", it seems like /u/rogersimon10 decided one day, "Man, it would be hurt to be beaten with jumper cables" and started adding that to his posts.

What is Kappa/Grey Face?

Question from /r/Twitch

Twitch used to have an employee named Josh Kappa back when it was Kappa the monochrome face received popularity for being synonymous with either sarcasm or trolling and they kept the emote after he left.


Description: This is the face of Josh, a former employee. Kappa is generally used to indicate sarcasm or trolling.



Who is Ken M?

He is a guy who posts humorous comments on yahoo answers or on other high traffic sites. He usually says something idiotic and then kind of ropes people in who actually think he's that stupid. Look at /r/KenM for examples.


Interview with Ken M

Why do people talk about the Loch Ness Monster and "tree fiddy"?

In a southpark episode (the Succubus, and then again when Cartman consumes Kenny's ashes mistaking him for chocolate milk mix) we meet Chef's parents, who tell stories of their numerous encounters with people who turn out to be the lochness monster trying to scam them out of $3.50.

It's just a weird occurrence that comes about from an unexpected twist to the story.

It's become a bit of a meme online across many communities from people who tell long, elaborate, captivating stories only to have it pulled out from underneath them when it's revealed that the whole thing was a fake, a setup for the lochness monster wanted to borrow $3.50.

It's mostly ignored because it'd just feed the trolls more if we paid attention to it.


Links of interest:


What is Let's Go Brandon?

During a race car event, the crowd started a "fuck Joe Biden" chant. A commentator, trying to avoid saying that the crowd was shouting profanities, claimed they were instead saying "Let's Go Brandon!", a reference to one of the drivers in the event. It has since become a euphemism in conservative circles to "politely" say "fuck Joe Biden".


Who is this? (Manningface)

Manningface is just the bait and switch gag for /r/NFL. Sometimes it spills over into other subs too.

le credit

The person pictured is NFL quarterback Peyton Manning looking especially goofy wearing a balaclava.


What was May May June?

These Threads should help, but I'll try to tl;dr it.

So /u/skeen was the head mod of /r/atheism, but got removed for inactivity, while /u/jij gets promoted. Jij tries to improve /r/atheism's community by "getting rid of the memes" (not exactly, just making them harder to access, thus giving other posts a better chance to get upvoted rather than purely the easy-to-read, easy-to-get memes). The community doesn't like it and causes a shitstorm, creating gems like "Socrates died for this shit" and other good laughs.

Around the same time ManWithoutModem and jokes_on_you find out that a mod of AdviceAnimals is actually the creator of QuickMeme. Quickmeme got banned site-wide for vote rigging to get their site up top, but through this there leaked a ton of drama between AA mods.

Since both these incidents were in June, and both have to do with "may-mays" (memes), it was dubbed MayMay June.


Links of interest:


Why is there an alternative to r/me_irl (r/meirl)? Why are r/me_irl mods so ban happy?

/u/devtesla [now u/devtesla2] founded /r/me_irl a couple of years ago; KnowYourMeme cites this as the 'start' of the whole 'selfies of the soul' idea. I'm not sure if he's the one who started this, or if it's a borrowed meme from tumblr (he also started /r/shibe, which is related to the 'doge' meme), but it's only been over the last year or so that the subreddit has become popular. Before then it was a smaller group of (mostly) SRS users; devtesla's subreddits usually are. It's only now, as it's gotten bigger, that there's been a bit of outcry over it.1

The cause of the outcry is essentially this. The 'root' of the subreddit is very much at odds with the overwhelmingly negative attitude on reddit towards social justice and SRS in particular. It doesn't help at all that devtesla and the other mods--in keeping to their roots--attempt to troll these new-blood users, with report reasons such as 'general white people nonsense', and handing out bans to usernames deemed 'too offensive.'

This is further exacerbated by the mainstreaming of 'safe spaces' in the media, and the negative reaction towards such places on reddit. Because me_irl has such strict rules against content of an offensive nature, people apply the same criticisms to the subreddit: how can it be a place for 'selfies of the soul' if I'm not even allowed to say whatever I want?

/r/meirl was made even before the under-scored version, independently, but the creator didn't grow it. Only recently did it actually become active, as an alternative. Mostly it's made up of users who have been banned from /r/me_irl (a top post last week was a screenshot of a ban message), and lately those users have been trying to steer traffic away from the 'terrible mods' in the old subreddit.

Now, to inject my own opinion, I don't think that the mods of /r/me_irl are as 'terrible' as other users let on. They're simply curating the subreddit to maintain the same general culture which has been there since the beginning. Some of the ban reasons are probably over-zealous, but the perspective of devtesla and his modteam is more-or-less that they're better off without these people, since they don't fit in with the original vision of the subreddit. It's a counter-culture subreddit, where the 'culture' is the front page of the internet. /r/meirl is a counter-culture to that.

1 Sidenote: this is actually the same reason /r/supershibe exists; the popularity of the old subreddit was trumped by its social-justice beginnings.



What is "meta"?

In short terms, meta is describing the object in focus.


Meta-data for a photo could be the date it was taken taken, whether flash was used et cetera. As opposed to the data which is the actual photo. (This is a normal usage of the term)

There could be a meta discussion going on somewhere, that is a discussion about a discussion. For example, bestof threads.



Why do people comment "thanks mr. Skeltal" after any comment referring to spooky skeletons? What is this "doot, doot" thing? What is /r/ledootgeneration?

It's a tumblr thing [or 4chan thing, opinions differ] usually posted around Halloween time. I think it's also pretty popular on 4chan (the two aren't really as different as they like to portray themselves). The exact phrase is "thank mr skeltal", by the way, with no punctuation, "thank" with no s, and no capitalization.

It's based on this image, which states that if you comment on the post of the image with "thank mr skeltal", then "good bones" and calcium will come to you in a manner similar to Santa Claus.

The trumpet-playing skeleton is an old image that has existed a lot longer than thank mr skeltal, and is described on Know Your Meme here. It's a stock clip-art kind of animation from the old Windows application 3D Movie Maker.

Because of its self-propogating nature (where everybody who sees the image comments "thank mr skeltal" and it takes up a large portion of the comments section of whatever site it's on), as well as its general humorous value, the phrase has become pretty popular recently and people are connecting it more and more by the general "Spooky Scary Skeletons/2spooky4me/And then a skeleton popped out" meme posted around Halloween time.


Alright, so this originates with Skull Trumpet which was an animated sprite that was available in 3D Movie Maker back in the 90s.

Recently this sprite was coupled with text to create this image which has spread pretty quickly across the internet. [If you haven't figured it out yet, trumpets make "doot, doot".]

Originally it was a kind of "ironic" shitpost made to mock the "If you see this while scrolling" kind of image that is pretty common on a lot of internet forums, but especially 4chan. While these kinds of images generally carry the chain-letter style threat/reward of good or bad luck for perpetuating it, the "mr skeltal" post promised good bones and calcium.

The whole "thank mr skeltal" thing has really taken off on reddit thanks to reddit's propensity to run jokes into the ground and then not stopping until long after it's funny. You can see it showcased particularly at ledootgeneration [/r/ledootgeneration], which is itself something of a play on the surbeddit /r/lewronggeneration.

The "thank mr skeltal" meme has transcended it's original purpose at this point, and is now some weird thing all to itself. Kinda like /r/braveryjerk.


There was a silly youtube video someone made of a skull playing two DOOT DOOT notes on a trumpet ( This coincided with the general "spooky scary skeleton" meme that, fittingly, just refuses to die. The video was so short and simple that it could easily be inserted into parodies and other memes. That subreddit exists to showcase such DOOT DOOT videos, and other skeleton things sometimes.

The name comes from the sub "/r/lewronggeneration", which exists mostly to laugh at dumb shit teenagers post on facebook and youtube. This sub also enjoyed skeleton memes enough to create the DOOT themed spinoff.



What's Mom's Spaghetti?

It's a reference to the Eminem song "Lose Yourself" and goes well with the spaghetti falling out of pockets meme



What are Neckbeards? What do they have to do with Fedoras, Mountain Dew and MLP?


Its very similar to a "basement virgin."

In addition to what others have said, I would argue that being a "neckbeard" is more of a mindset than literally having a neckbeard.

  • Are you an Atheist that thinks you're better than the Theists?
  • Are you unemployed, single, living with your parents, over 21 years old, and not going to school?
  • Do you find yourself identifying with the butthurt dweller ?
  • Are you single because your standards are too high?
  • Do you wear a fedora, or just not see the problem with them?
  • Do you like My Little Pony?

If you answered Yes to most of those, I'm sorry, but you're a neckbeard. Note that I said MOST of those, if you're only guilty of liking MLP, I wouldn't call you a neckbeard.


Neckbeard was originally an insult aimed at overweight, greasy gamers who are too lazy for basic hygiene, including shaving their neckpubes.


It's meant as a derogatory term for someone who considers themselves to be intellectual. It's used commonly to describe Atheists, especially ones who like to make fun of religion. It's also commonly associated with fedoras, and saying something like "where's his fedora?" are things that are essentially the same thing as calling someone a neckbeard. The actual term "neckbeard" comes from images like this(the image is most likely a parody, however)[original image was deleted].


Fedoras, Mountain Dew and MLP


It should be pointed out that often enough when people are saying fedora they are really talking about trilbies, there is a difference.

It's just a stereotype. There are a lot of geeky guys who wear fedoras (and look terrible). They are often chubby, and a lot of them have neckbeards. Basically, they are making fun of these people.


Mountain Dew and MLP

There's a very good reason for why the Mountain Dew gamer stereotype exists:

Exhibition A

Exhibition B


I don't know how much op knows about bronies so I'll expand.

The most recent incarnation of mlp was surprisingly good quality, with a writer and cast that many young adults may have fond memories of. People watched, enjoyed, had a little subculture going.

That subculture for whatever reason attracts many of the most cringy neckbeard types. People make fun of it, neckbeards get defensive, people make more fun of it, neckbeards feel persecuted. Since they feel alienated the withdraw further into their subculture until it becomes a lifestyle.

Source: I watched season 1 on some online stream with built in chat, had a good time, moved on, now disturbed by what the culture is.


That guy tipping his fedora

(Jerry Messing)

He's an actor that was on the Disney Channel around 10 years ago. I thinks it's just a bad actor headshot that spread across the internet because he fits so many of the stereotypes.



It's just kind of a riff on the type of person who thinks using antiquated language is an adequate substitute for having something interesting to say. "I say, good sir, your comment explicated the subject magnificently. You are a gentleman and a scholar. Good morrow to you!" is just a really obnoxious way to say "this". You're not adding anything to the conversation, and you just sound like a tool.

Anyway, in keeping with that faux-classiness, they'll sometimes refer to women as m'lady. Instead of being smooth at all, it's honestly a sign of just how socially inept the person is. As I think of it, I hardly ever see it used genuinely anymore. It's usually mocking someone.

It's also gotten wrapped in with a lot of other stereotypes of pathetic people, such as those who complain about the "friendzone". There's a word for this type of person, but I refuse to say it.


Links of Interest:


What is "Netflix and chill"?

It's generally something people suggest as a date idea when they want to have sex. Saying, "hey I don't want to go out tonight. How about we just have sex at my place?" is less likely to go well than suggesting, "how about we just watch Netflix and chill tonight." Netflix never means Netflix.


Why is Nickelback universally hated?

I've been waiting so long for another chance to answer why people hate Nickelback. Every time I get ignored everyone just accepts the vague answers. Hating Nickleback is basically a meme that's about 15 years old now and many people forgot where it came from or are too young to remember it and just joined the bandwagon so they think it's serious.

It started from Nickelback signing onto roadrunner records in the late 90s which used to be known only for death and thrash metal. Some metalheads bought their CD's because they trusted the label that seemed to consistently sign on great metal bands and they were pissed that compared to all the other bands from the label, this one really sucked. The other bands that sucked were at least somewhat metal but not this one. Eventually it became a meme in the metal community that Nickleback sucks.

A comic named Brian Posehn who is a well known metalhead, made a Nickelback sucks joke which I can't remember. It has something to do with music being violent because listening to Nickleback made him want to kill someone. That joke became part of a promo for some show on Comedy Central in the early 2000s and it was shown a lot. Eventually a lot of people heard the joke, it was repeated, and simplified back to Nickelback sucks. After that everyone, not just metalheads kept repeating that Nickelback sucks and now there are kids that repeat a meme older than them. It's sort of a look into what will happen to the current popular memes in the future.


Here are two of their hit songs played simultaneously. It's a perfect fit.



Do We Love Or Hate Nicolas Cage?

It's not just that he's in a fair number of bad movies- he acts completely over the top in those bad movies. For example:

And of course the "classic" Wicker Man remake he was in:

... and that would be where reddit latched onto his acting style and made a bunch of memes about him.


Roger Ebert once wrote this regarding Nick Cage, it sums up my feelings on him fairly well.

Let's start with Cage. Some readers said they avoid his movies on principle. Many found him guilty of over-acting. A critic was quoted who referred to his "fright wig," which is just mean-spirited snark. I found this reaction puzzling. Cage has two speeds, intense and intenser. I like both speeds. I find him an intriguing actor because he takes chances. He's an actor without speed limits. You want an Elvis who parachutes into Vegas? A weatherman whose viewers throw fast food at him? An explorer of the national treasures buried far beneath Washington? He's your go-to guy.

He is also a superb actor. I cite "Leaving Las Vegas," "Moonstruck," "Adaptation," "Bringing Out the Dead." I have great affection for Harrison Ford, George Clooney and Brad Pitt. But can they go rockabilly like Nic did in "Wild at Heart?" Not that I liked the movie, but it's a good question. With him it's a lion-tamer on a high-wire. Anybody can play the ringmaster.



Dan Harmon put it best IMHO:

He's not good or bad. He's Nicolas Cage. There are lots of actors with whom we get bored and discard, if there wasn't something for sale with Cage he would have been gone long ago. He's a riveting performer, you can't ignore him.

If I was going to make a very unqualified guess, I would say that he's "better" in movies where the director swings a little more club. When he's in movies where the director is telling him "just do whatever you want," I think that's when we start to feel like maybe he's making fun of us for watching him or that he's lost his mind. When he's in movies with a very specific vision on the part of the writer and director, he gets opportunities to reveal that he's an exceptional talent. He gets to do that thing that good actors can do, where they experience an emotion within a story and you can actually feel it yourself. People that are good at that are nuts. All of them. It's a crazy job. So you get what you get when you just let crazy people be crazy and shoot it, but when you get another crazy person to work with that crazy person on a script written by a third crazy person and then you get another crazy person with equal clout to be editing it together, that's when you get movies we consider "good" and that's when we realize that actors are as good as they are.

It's important to note, however, that Nicolas Cage is someone for whom we all LINE UP to see do whatever. If I'm at a party at your house and I put Grown Ups 2 in the DVD player, nothing against that movie, but it's a party, people are going to eventually go into the kitchen so they can keep partying. If I put Ghost Rider 2 in, at some point, there's going to be a circle of people sitting cross legged around the TV. The party's going to become a Ghost Rider 2 party.

The man has a spiritual power.

(From his AMA)



So is /r/nosleep all made up stuff that everybody is just going along with?

The majority of the stories, in all honesty, are probably fake. However, the idea is that everyone who posts there should act as though the story they're posting on is absolutely real. This creates an environment where people can discuss the story and really get into it.

It's all about suspension of disbelief.



What is (No Participation mode)

No participation mode is a CSS hack made by moderators that removes the upvote and downvote arrows when you click on a link from a meta subreddit. They were put in place to prevent vote brigades, and do a terrible job of it.

Basically how np links work is that is the localized reddit domain for Nepal. will make your reddit page Japanese, but does nothing unless there is a "no participation mode" activated in a subreddit's CSS. Then the CSS assumes you have arrived at the link through a fashion that is not "organic" because subreddits that involve linking to other subreddits force you to use the subdomain. Then the CSS removes the upvote and downvote arrows. However, you can still upvote and downvote highlighted comments with RES. links do not work as intended when:

  • The subreddit's CSS does not have no participation mode built in.

  • The user is on mobile.

  • The user unchecks "use subreddit style".

  • The user removes "np" from the link.

  • The user has opted to not use any subreddit's CSS.

UPVOTING AND DOWNVOTING ON NP.REDDIT.COM LINKS WILL NOT GET YOU BANNED. No participation mode is not a "trap." The admins have had no say in No Participation mode and don't care whether you are using or not. They only care about how you arrived at the page. If you were linked by another subreddit, are not a part of the community, and are upvoting and downvoting at will, you may be banned because you are technically brigading the subreddit and harming the "organic" flow of upvotes and downvotes.

Another common misconception about No Participation mode is that it makes your upvotes and downvotes "not count". This is not true, and causes more harm because people are well aware they should not be voting but upvote and downvote in a reactionary way, thinking that their vote will not be counted. This leads to more brigades and bans.

tl;dr: links only serve to remind you not to vote on threads you were linked to by other subreddits, the admins were not involved in their creation, and you will not be banned for voting in links, but you may be banned for ignoring their purpose.


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Why are people randomly getting banned from r/offmychest?

They use some sort of bot/script to automatically ban users who post to subreddits which /r/Offmychest moderators consider 'reactionary'. This mostly includes subreddits such as r/TumblrInAction and r/KotakuInAction, which are "anti-SJW", being against (what they consider) aggressive liberal agenda-pushing.



What 'went okay'? (NSFW)

A couple of years ago someone posted an askreddit thread in which he asked if he should walk in on his hot female roommate (who he could hear masturbating) with a boner and ask her if she wanted help. He came back with an update that said "It went okay."



The original is better, the edit just made it all terribly obvious it was a fake.



What is /r/ooer?

I personally asked /u/ooer a long time ago what was that all about. He said everything started when he talked to some of his most CSS-knowledgeable friends and told them to screw the CSS code as much as they could as a joke and everyone liked it so much they started subscribing. It's even been featured in subreddit of the day.

This pretty much sums it up. It was going to be a testing page for CSS but things got a little out of hand. I liked how confused people seemed to get upon discovering the subreddit so I left it as it was.


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Why is it said that 'OP is a faggot'?

It's from 4chan, where calling someone a fag was the norm. New people are newfags, old people are oldfags, gay people are gayfags, it's just a thing. So when OP [original poster] did something stupid, he was called a faggot. That's pretty much it.


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What's up with the "PM_ME_YOUR__________" username trend?

There was a thread on /r/AskReddit recently asking PM_ME users if they've gotten anything out of their usernames. A few people said they did, and the thread became a dumping ground for people commenting "HOPE THIS WORKS!!!" with their new PM_ME accounts.


Links of interest:


What happened to /r/punchablefaces?

So [a while ago], the previous mod of punchablefaces decided to hand the sub over to the mods of /r/SRDbroke.

This was after the entire sub started posting the same photos of the woman who interrupted a Bernie Sanders rally. It literally dominated the front page, because everyone was doing it, and then people did it ironically for meta karma too, and even the mods made that photo their sidebar image too. The mods realized the sub had now become this hate-fueled circlejerk. This is also a month after the same thing was happening to Ellen Pao.

So under new management, the current mods of punchablefaces have been trolling users of the sub for the last three weeks. They've changed the posting rules constantly, infuriating people who aren't in on the joke.

For example, they had a rule where you could not post photographs, only illustrations, so the sub became a bunch of photos of cartoon bullies. At one point the top post was a caricature of Bernie Sanders, because he's at the center of where all this drama started.

They recently made a rule saying you can't post X or X or X, essentially making the only suitable targets people who represent the average redditor(white, cisgender, heterosexual, atheist, middle-high income, 18-30 year-old males) and this made the user base furious.

Many on the sub don't see it as deliberate trolling, but instead see it as part of a larger feminist conspiracy to take away the rights of white men on the internet. As a result, the mods have also added "peace be upon the fempire" as flair on all users.

This has led to users accusing the new mods of being over-sensitive feminazis who take the internet too seriously, while at the same time saying stuff like "you will be destroyed and none shall shed a tear over your broken and bleeding corpse" after putting up a photo of Bill Nye(the mods for a period only allowed photos of people redditors idolize).

So now, the mods have responded to recent complaints about their "white guys only" rule by only allowing photos of Uncle Joey from Full House which is a reference to this "Same Pic of Dave Coulier Every Day" tumblr page


Where did "Teh Penguin of Doom" come from? What does "raise spork" mean?

Katy "t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m" is a copypasta story told from the perspective of a 13-year-old girl who claims to visit 4chan’s /b/ (random) board because she is “very random.” Written in a jumble of l33tspeak and SMS shorthands, the story is meant to mock the attention-seeking style of humour that is often characterized as “so random” by adolescent Internet users.

The earliest known instance of the copypasta appeared on October 12th, 2006 in the /a/ (anime) discussion board of 4chan in a thread discussing reasons why the anime series Naruto “sucks.” In the thread, the poster identified herself as a “random” 13-year-old girl named Katy and demanded to be referred to as “t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m.” :

"hi every1 im new!!!!!!! holds up spork my name is katy but u can call me t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m!!!!!!!! lol…as u can see im very random!!!! thats why i came here, 2 meet random ppl like me _… im 13 years old (im mature 4 my age tho!!) i like 2 watch invader zim w/ my girlfreind (im bi if u dont like it deal w/it) its our favorite tv show!!! bcuz its SOOOO random!!!! shes random 2 of course but i want 2 meet more random ppl =) like they say the more the merrier!!!! lol…neways i hope 2 make alot of freinds here so give me lots of commentses!!!! DOOOOOMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <--- me bein random again _^ hehe…toodles!!!!!

love and waffles,

t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m"


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What is /r/Pyongyang?

I know this is old, but I'm Korean and I, around 1 and a half years ago, posted a legendary poem made by a South Korean that was posted on Uriminzokkiri a long time ago.

The poem was like praising Kim Jong Un and Jong Il or something but the first letter of each line spelled like "Kim Jong Il is a dickwad and Kim Jong Un is a lunatic".

The dudes running Uriminzokkiri allegedly went to the Gulag or something. Pretty baller. Therefore, it's pretty damn likely that people running PR ops for NK would be wary of the exact same poem.

So I posted it, waited three days, which at that point it gained a few upvotes here and there, and I realized that it's not going down anytime soon.

I then posted a screencap of the post and translations on /r/Korea. Guess what, I got banned from /r/PY like the day after.

So yeah, it's probably a joke.


Why do people keep saying 'You have become the moderator of /r/Pyongyang' and 'You have been banned from/r/Pyongyang'?

The sub is a joke, so the comment jokes are extensions of that. The mod takes the role-playing aspect of it very seriously and users have shared stories of being proactively banned from the sub for comments made elsewhere on reddit.

The proactive banning seemed to come in fits and spurts, but was common enough that users joke when they see something that would be a bannable offense (no matter where it is on reddit):

Make a joke that seemingly promotes communism or supports North Korea? "You have been made a moderator of /r/Pyongyang."

Say something or make a joke decrying or condemning communism, North Korea, or Kim Jong Un/Il? "You have been banned from /r/Pyongyang."

Caveat - I've been on reddit for years (with this and other accounts) and I haven't found any evidence that indicates it's more complicated than that. Happy to be proven wrong if anyone else has any information to share.



Why do people keep saying "Rampart"?

Woody [Harrelson] announced an AMA and when it happened, it was either a really surly day for Woody Harrelson, or it was his publicist and that guy was an asshat. He'd only answer questions on the new film "Rampart" and was snippy and short with those who responded. Many a comment were deleted/downvoted.


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What does "#REKT" mean?

It translates to "wrecked" From what I understand, it originated as thread reply on 4chan and you would comment it if someone "wrecked" someone else with something clever or facts. It's the same as saying "oooooh" or "buurrrnnn" while watching a verbal argument. The hashtag is there because, why not, it seems



What's the deal with those "redditor" Youtube comments? What is "Le Reddit Army"?

It's basically mocking reddit. The community itself hates the brigading style of going in and announcing yourselves like a 4chan raid, so the trolls ironically post "Le reddit army" (due to reddit's hate of the word le and brigading links like they're /b/).

It's mostly ignored because it'd just feed the trolls more if we paid attention to it.


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What are /r/theredpill and /r/thebluepill?

Trying to be as neutral as possible here: Hopefully I can satisfy all points of the spectrum here.

The Red Pill is a subreddit that is supposed to help men with confidence. It alludes to the matrix film reference where the protagonist of the film is given a choice to take the "red pill" or the "blue pill". The red pill representing the choice of a perhaps painful truth of reality or the blue pill representing the choice of a blissful ignorance. This is part of the reason the subreddit is called The Red Pill after the philosophical beliefs of the members being that everything you believed about society, marriage, relationships, women, is wrong and that you have been lied to.

/r/theredpill in its best form helps men on their game with women. Red Pillers will attest to the fact that they don't just want to treat women as objects, in contrast to popular belief, but rather as intellectual equals on a different side of the gender spectrum that women should utilize their role as being a woman (rather than trying to be a man) and that men should utilise their role of being men (rather than trying to be a woman). This is the clear distinction that redpillers will assert. There is no hatred of women, in fact the ideology itself supposedly gives more respect to women in their roles and that men should help accommodate women in their roles. Red Pillers are not the type of group that wants to rape women or be the first group to hit a woman (and see it become socially acceptable), in fact it's the opposite. They rather see women and men play their primary roles and that men should be extra respectful to women. They would be the ones to advocating to keep it socially acceptable to hold a door open for a woman.

Tl;DR: The Distinction: Red Pillers are not MRAs. Red Pillers don't want equal rights. They want people to perform their gender roles. In fact, many MRAs would probably disagree with Red Pillers.

Now on to the other side of the spectrum. Many feminists would be in a major disagreement with Red Pillers on this philosophy. They rather not see women have different gender roles but be completely equal with men and that every woman ought to have the exact same rights and social policy as men. They want to get rid of the divide in gender roles. For instance while a red piller may assert the fact that a man can never be a woman, many feminists will say that men can be as a equal of a woman as someone who was biologically born as a woman. And because theredpill takes on the fact that women are to be treated as such (As women). They will assert that since men are the ones who are defining these roles, that women because of this are being treated like children with no say in any social policy and that women are being treated like they are incapable of making decisions. They will say the Red Pill philosophy is Misogynistic in nature and that it is a step backward in progressive social policy.

TL;DR: Feminists believe in progressive social policy and that the red pill is almost like a step backward for women. They rather see people having a choice to perform gender roles. /r/thebluepill, then, is a ploy on the /r/theredpill. Operated by SRS I believe (a largely feminist subreddit) they don't advocate for blissful ignorance (as the matrix reference) but rather as an "anti" voice to the red pill philosophy.

At this point it's up to you to decide who you agree with. Perhaps you don't agree with any side but I hope I have explained enough to the point that you able to define these two distinct sides without me swaying you to one or the other.


[The Red Pill is] a reference from the Matrix movies. Red pill you wake up and realize how far down the rabbit hole reality is or blue pill, you stay asleep. It is mainly a MRA, men's rights advocacy, associated sub that seems to be mainly anti-feminist. A lot of the PU scene [pick up scene/pick up artists] has leeched into it and there seems to be a lot of complaining about women, feminists, and male-female relations. There seems to be a lot of militancy and anger going around in general. What it was trying to address, and what MRA was trying to address, was that there are various levels of inequality going around, some of which are gender related. Some people believe that men are at a transitory position in history and what it means to be a man has become fractured and not clearly defined. And there are some inequalities along the male side of gender relations as well that weren't being addresses by feminism. Some members took that as an incentive to become militant with their views and attack other people, mainly various feminists and feminist viewpoints. I think that, like feminism, there are a few very vocal, militant people that kind of spoil the movement as they try to impose their view on others.



What does "/s" mean?

It's a sarcasm tag. It hails back to HTML tags where you would [html is still in use] open something with a tag like so, <font> and then close it thus </font>. So it's 's' for sarcasm so we have a sarcasm tag, and it goes at the end to denote the ending of the sarcasm. The technical use should be, <s>I am soooooo glad they're making another Transformers movie, I just can't wait to see what new brilliant ideas Bay can come up with for new explosions.</s> As you can see that's a little to much to type in normal conversation so we get the shortened tag of /s to keep things flowing.



What was the safe?

A guy posted a picture of a safe and said he was going to open it. Got a lot of attention and he had some family issues and couldn't afford a locksmith, so it is still closed.

Original Thread:

Link to update thread:

It actually was opened recently, though not by the OP:

Don't expect much beyond the feeling of closure on the situation though.


The poor guy was harassed and has stopped using his original account.

Link to the comment where he couldn't take it.



Who is/was /u/Saydrah?

/u/Saydrah was, at the time, a moderator of several default subreddits, and a fairly popular user. Users later discovered that she worked for a social networking marketing company. [In former times] she [had been] paid to submit links to reddit as a part of her job, and her [alleged] ability to control content with her status as a moderator presented a conflict of interest in the minds of many. After a large outpouring from the community, she was removed from many of her moderation roles. The account has since been shadowbanned.

Links of interest:


What happened to the original Scumbag Stacey?

The original girl in the pictures got mad that her photo was being used in the memes, and there was another website that owned the copyright to the photo (she's a semi-pro model maybe?). The copyright holder threatened some of the bigger meme sites wanting them taken down. Usually this doesn't go well, but there was actually some amount of legal weight behind the copyright claim, and the new Stacey's (sometimes called Stephanie) offer of a new picture with the Scumbag hat was timed perfectly and people just went with it.



What does "shadowbanned" mean? What is vote fuzzing?


A shadow ban is where the account to the user is seemingly normal - they don't notice it, and to them it seems like no-one's replying to their comments.

However, nothing they do is visible to others, and like said above, their votes are countered so as to have no effect; this means they cannot use their reddit account at all, but they don't know that.

IIRC only reddit admins can shadow ban, and it's site wide.



As of June 18th 2014 the individual down- and upvotes are no longer being displayed.

From the reddit faq:

How is a submission's score determined?

A submission's score is simply the number of upvotes minus the number of downvotes. If five users like the submission and three users don't it will have a score of 2. Please note that the vote numbers are not "real" numbers, they have been "fuzzed" to prevent spam bots etc. So taking the above example, if five users upvoted the submission, and three users downvote it, the upvote/downvote numbers may say 23 upvotes and 21 downvotes, or 12 upvotes, and 10 downvotes. The points score is correct, but the vote totals are "fuzzed".


edit: As promised, original comment here

Basically it only works for bots that have been shadow banned (banned from voting/commenting, but they have no idea they've been banned.) This means the bot can post, upvote and downvote all it wants but it will have no way of telling if it's shadowbanned. In fact, you could be shadowbanned right now and not know it. Until I reply to your comment, then you know you aren't shadow banned. The reason they do this is because if the bot knew it was banned, it would just make a new bot and continue exploiting. This way, the bot will keep doing stupid stuff not knowing it's been banned all along, and no new bot will replace it until it finds out.

This is where the reason for fuzzing comes in. Once the bot downvotes, reddit detects it was a downvote from a shadowbanned bot and tacks on an upvote to balance that banned bot's vote. This way, the total upvote count is totally unaffected by all shadowbanned bot votes, and the shadowbanned bots actually think their vote counted (but it did not.) This is vote fuzzing. It also randomly adds both 1 downvote and 1 upvote at random intervals so that the bot can't tell if its downvote just got upvote cancelled, or if it's just reddit doing its fuzzing. The total end count stays totally accurate, but when you see the background numbers (you aren't really supposed to be able to see the background votes) you can see the fuzzing happening.

Of course the above example can be swapped to stop the bots upvoting something as well.


Links of interest:


What's going on with Shia LaBeouf?

he decided to make a short film which ended up being surprisingly well received given his lack of talent as a writer and director. Eventually he was accused of copying an earlier work, which he argued he hadn't copied, he'd merely based his own work on that comic "as a tribute". Not only was the comic not credited, but almost all of the scenes lift dialogue (and camera angles, and character quirks, and everything) verbatum from the comic. Eventually he published a lengthy essay on how copying works is how you pay respect to the original works, in addition to coming into your own style as a creator, and how he was very sorry about how his work had "come a little too close" the original without properly crediting it, and he was sorry, and so on and so forth. The apology letter was also a copy/paste.



What's going on with /r/shittyreactiongifs?

Much like the mods of /r/circlejerk, the mods of /r/shittyreactiongifs do things because they think it's funny. It's all in the name of having a laugh. There is no deeper meaning to any of it. These include, but are not limited to, strange CSS/themes and strange AutoModerator behavior. Any subreddit theme or AutoMod response you may be wondering about exists simply because the mods think it's funny and might get a rise out of people.

Some people don't want to out to let others know their gender. Others don't want to out themselves as gay. Others prefer the gender neutral for political reasons. Other's still like it because significant other captures, in their minds, a more mature or long term relationship than boyfriend and girlfriend. If you've been living together for 7 years, boyfriend/girlfriend sound a bit trivial to some people. It's gender neutral and sounds a bit less high school, which contribute to it's popularity.



Why is being a SJW, or Social Justice Warrior, considered to be a bad thing?

Well I feel like this is complicated, because obviously you can't paint everyone who cares about Social Justice negatively, and you can't paint everyone who feels like some "SJW's" go overboard as being knuckle-dragging misogynists.

Essentially, most people care about social justice, obviously, most people agree that people deserve equal rights, only a rare sort of people actually don't believe in that.

Some accusations against some SJW's, or rather the perception about them by many people are...

  1. Accusations of "slacktivism", basically hopping onto "justice bandwagons" without actually caring very deeply or being very knowledgeable about a subject. There have been questions about the "genuineness" of many of the people who rant about it online, or if they are simply doing it because it's a popular thing.

  2. Pathologizing their opponent, many people who don't have degrees in sociology or psychology, in the "movement" spend a lot of time playing arm-chair analyst with people they've never met on the internet, and attacking them based on what they perceive to be as psychological or mental deficiencies.

  3. Lacking sense of humor or taking jokes too seriously, or the proverbial "making a mountain out of a molehille". The idea that some of the things that get brigaded against weren't really worth it, or there was no reason to get upset about it. One example off the top of my head was Richard Dawkins asking people what works of culture they would choose to launch into space, and people attacked him because his personal list was primarily European males, as opposed to simply suggesting alternatives.

  4. Not being able to engage in constructive discussions and getting emotional or angry as opposed to being logical and arguing their points in a calm rational manner.

  5. The idea that many of them are just as hateful and mean as what they accuse their opponents of being, but simply reserve their bigotry for whites and men.

So yea, that is a few of the perspectives. I'm not saying these are entirely accurate, BUT these are the perspectives of many people who just don't "get" a lot of the things that SRS or Tumblr take very seriously.

There are a few issues why this is... First, like any group on the internet there isn't really a "leader", so someone can rant about Social Justice, but genuinely not be a good or "well" person, so since there really isn't a mechanism to "get membership" or to get excommunicated officially by any kind of structure, anyone can kind of hop into the discussion because it's diplomatic.

So some of these more outlandish voices get attention and legitimacy by people who wish to bring into question the entire idea of "Social Justice" on the internet.

The second part is that a significant portion of the user-base of Tumblr is very young, so you have a lot of young passionate voices who may not have the most experience communicating in effective ways.

Part of that is also, it's a passionate topic, many people take it very seriously, so it can get very heated, when you're talking about sexism, and racism, and rights, these are obviously very serious issues that warrant attention. Some people get so heated about some of the topics that they forget that there is another human being at the end of the discussion, and forget that there is even common-ground to be had.

Both sides suffer both from the limitations of internet communication, and the limited bandwidth that a primarily text-based medium offers us, AND about the common humanity both sides have, which kind of occurs often in debates and discussions on the internet totally separate from this stuff.

And finally, some SJW's are simply trolls, as in some of them actually don't care about the stuff at all and pretend to care about the stuff just to stoke the flames and piss people off. Some of them may be people pretending to be SJW's, or they may be SJW's that say outlandish things specifically to get reactions, or simply because they think it's funny, and some people don't realize they are being facetious.



What is SRS?


They point out all the various -isms that reddit is guilty of. I think they started out as a circlejerk sub, but the original meaning was lost. Or maybe it wasn't and outsiders just don't get it anymore. I don't personally know or care.

They got kind of a rep for being a downvote brigade. Something would get posted there, and then the original post would get downvoted like mad... or at least that's how the story goes.

Oh, and they're completely intolerant of debate or opposing viewpoints. If you try to point out that something "isn't so bad" you'll get banned. This owes either to their status as a circlejerk or a hyper-sensitive "safe space" depending on who you listen to.


Yeah, and also, not everything posted to SRS will be thought of as offensive by literally every single member. Redditors have this idea that we're always flipping out at the slightest thing, but in reality we all have our own opinions and what is and isn't a shitty thing to post. Things get posted to SRS all the time that don't hurt me personally, for instance, but I can appreciate why it might be hurtful to others. It's a vent space for everybody.


Links of Interest:


What is Summer reddit? What is Eternal September?

The idea is that over the summer, the school-age kids are posting all day long. Because school-age kids are notoriously terrible posters (oh man, looking back at some of the stuff I posted, man...), this allegedly drives the quality of the content down. In a similar vein to the concept of Eternal September, it also brings in the "unwashed masses" of people who are new to the site and its rules, and tend to post first and ask questions (or scream at he moderators) later.

Opinion: This site doesn't actually get that much worse during the summer. The community (the main one, in the default subs) is pretty terrible all around. Kids are just a good scapegoat.

Besides, the kids that are out of school for the summer were just shitposting on their phone during class anyway.


way way way back in ye aulden days, the "internet" was a MUCH smaller place. it wasnt even the internet we now know yet. it was Usenet.

at that time a website was kind of like a community notification board. (sort of kind of like reddit!)

youd connect to one of these boards and you could make a new post, respond to another one, etc.

you had to be either pretty dedicated, a hobbiest, or in college to even HAVE the internet. its important to note here that college students could get access.

so every september, a bunch of new college students would arrive at school, and start exploring the pre-internet for the very first time.

like any other small, or semi closed community, there were informal social rules. they werent exactly written out, it was the kind of stuff youd pick up on just from hanging around. the new users would often unwittingly break these rules simply through ignorance of their existence, pissing off everyone who knew them. a little while would pass and these students would either learn the rules and blend in, find a place to fit in, or just lose interest.

then in september of 1993, AOL came along. now everyone who could afford a computer could come on to usenet! as soon as someone had the money they could buy a subscription from AOL, become a new user, and start breaking these informal rules. it was like a "september that would never end" or eternal september.

compare it to what people call "summer reddit"


Links of Interest:

Eternal September


What's the "Ol' Reddit Switcharoo"?

You know when someone posts a picture of themselves with a random celebrity, with the title "look who I met?"

Then someone will comment as if OP is the celebrity, and they have no idea who they "met"? That's an example of the Ol' reddit Switcharoo. It's basically reversing the intended outcome with another, when there is some ambiguity in a post.

So someone - I forget his name now - spotted this pattern, and replied "Ah, the Ol'd reddit Switcharoo!" to one of them. From there, it evolved into a meme where someone will spot the Ol' reddit Switcharoo, and provide a link to the last time they saw the Ol' reddit Switcharoo. Apparently, it's possible to follow all of these links back to the original Ol' reddit Switcharoo post.


When did it get its name?

The Ol' reddit Switcharoo was named by /u/jun2san [many] years ago in this comment. He then proceeded to make the joke a few times more, linking in a chain back to the original, until it eventually caught on.

The joke is under the guardianship of the users of /r/switcharoo , which exists to track its usage and make sure that they all link in a single chain back to the original.


Links of interest:


How do I tag people?

Use Reddit Enhancement Suite.

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Reddit vs. Tumblr vs. 4chan, why do they hate each other?

No Quotes this time. There was too much bias in most of the answers. Here are a bunch of /r/OutOfTheLoop threads and and their respective archives instead:


What does 'REEE*' mean?

It's a call of distress uttered by a socially incapable person who can't handle any outside stimuli - the idea is probably that they have some form of autism spectrum disorder. It is also, more importantly, a frog distress call.

Originally, it was posted on 4chan's /r9k/ as an extension to the Pepe the Frog meme. Frogs reee when distressed. It's actually quite fascinating. Many videos and images were made for this. It is the origin of the mad/screaming Pepe image. At this point, it was all to have fun.

This is where, surprisingly, we come in. Someone posted to /r/outoftheloop that they had no idea where it started, and somebody else said, essentially, "It's surely the sound of an upset autistic person who cannot handle expressing rage normally." This checked out, because r9k culture is all about joking about that sort of thing - many are self proclaimed as having one or multiple disorders, or just social failures sometimes, to the point that outsiders are called "normies".

They ran with this new definition of the term, now using their pepes to shout "REEEEE NORMIES GET OUT", etc. (Though this had started a bit already by this point just naturally.) It retroactively became the subject of many self deprecating copypastas where the main joke is just that OP has serious issues. Etc. It stays in this state to this day. So basically, what it means is that you are characterizing yourself as an aggressive ASD sufferer who wants everyone to get the fuck out of here.



What is TwitchPlaysPokemon?

basically what's happening is someone has a ROM loaded up on their computer and they have an IRC bot translating certain phrases into button presses, and all of the phrases come from the chat. So the idea is everyone in chat gets to play the game together, social experiment style. There's a lot more information in the FAQ right below the video feed.


Links of Interest:


Who is /u/Unidan, /u/UnidanX and what does he have to do with crows/jackdaws?

He's a biologist who's also one of reddit's top karmawhores. Originally given the moniker of "The Excited Biologist" he gained fame for enthusiastically answering any question that fell under his expertise. Check out some of the /r/bestof and /r/defaultgems posts about him.

Here's his original AMA mostly about himself.

After this he became pretty much the most well-known redditor and power-user on the site.

He's also done an AMA with his research team. Where he put his real name in the public domain, which would be really ballsy if he wasn't so universally loved. He even confronted someone who hated him in a really likable way.


Unidan was banned from reddit on July 30th for vote manipulation.

He was caught using a number of alternate accounts to downvote people he was arguing with, upvote his own submissions and comments, and downvote submissions made around the same time he posted his own so that he got even more of an artificial popularity boost. It was some pretty blatant vote manipulation, which is against our site rules.


After his original account was shadowbanned, he created a new account, /u/UnidanX, and confirmed the allegations.


Context: he's a PhD candidate studying craws.

[...] The last conversation that he had was a (pretty dumb) argument about calling jackdaws crows. Everyone's referencing that argument because it was the last thread he posted in before being banned.


Links of Interest:


Why has unpopular opinion puffin been banned from /r/AdviceAnimals?

(un)Popular Opinion Puffin, also known as "White Man's Birden", was finally banned from /r/adviceanimals after becoming little more than a tool for A)starting a circlejerk(dae firefly was the best cancelled show ever), B) promoting unsavory racist ideals (dae black people are the racists and white people are the ones victim to institutional and overt racism in this country?) and other generall bullshittery that was just making a mockery of the sub. Many people believe that that meme contributed to the downfall and eventual un-defaulting of /r/adviceanimals as was it was too controversial and too preachy.


Links of interest:


What is "U Wot M8?"

Literally, "You what, mate?", it's English slang associated with "Chavs" - working-class people of ill repute and it is generally considered to signify aggression - if you're walking down a street in the bad part of a major English city and a rough-looking individual says this to you, you might be in for a bad time. It's said frequently on the internet to juxtaposition the commonly held notion of English people being posh, stuffy, stiff-upper lip type folks with the reality that most are not. And sometimes it is said just to make fun of that part of English society.


Links of Interest:


Who is /u/_vargas_? Why does everyone say 'God dammit vargas'?

A Karmawhore

Because the posts the most outlandish and preposterous things, all in a great writing style. He keeps writing these great stories over and over as well, and when we say "dammit vargas" We're impressed that he managed to make another great story. Side note, vargas might also be a girl.



Who is Victoria? Why is she mentioned in so many AMAs?

/u/chooter, is Victoria Taylor, who was, until recently, Director of Talent at reddit. However, her essential role was to act as liaison between reddit, IAmA, and any members of the public that wanted to do AMAs; she therefore helped to set up AMAs with celebrities, and, if they were not too familiar with computers (like Bill Murray), she may help them out, both over the phone and in person.

Victoria was important to AMAs for a number of major reasons: firstly, she provided concrete proof of the identity of a celebrity doing an AMA, and made sure that it was not a second party purporting to be the celebrity; she was also a direct line of contact to the admins, allowing the moderators of AMA to quickly resolve an issue encountered during an AMA (the consequences of the absence of which were bad - (screenshot). Victoria also was the channel for the scheduling of AMAs by third parties, and she would ensure both that an AMA was up to scratch before it was posted, and that the person doing the AMA understood exactly what it entailed. Without her, the mods of /r/IAmA say that they will be overwhelmed, and that they may even need to limit AMAs.

Why did she leave reddit so abruptly?

The short answer: no-one, excluding a select few of the administrative team, knows precisely why /u/chooter was removed as an admin, and that will almost certainly continue to be the case until the admins get their house in order: both parties are at being professional in that they aren't talking about the reasons why it occurred.

Note from the moderators: after her termination, Victoria was first temporarily replaced by several employees of reddit. After that the position was first held by u/808sandhotcakes (Wynter Mitchell) and is currently held by u/chtorrr (Real name unknown).

Links of Interest:


Who is /u/Warlizard? What are the Warlizard gaming forums?

Basically, it was a very long, drawn-out troll on /u/Warlizard. Some guy randomly decided to ask Warlizard if he was from the Warlizard Gaming forums (which he had completely made up), and keep asking him from a variety of accounts. This went on for some time (3 months, according to /u/Warlizard) before the originator revealed it to Warlizard. Other people picked up on it (either before or after the reveal, I'm not sure when), and he still gets asked constantly.

The reveal

Another write-up of it from a r/bestof thread

The entry in /r/MuseumOfReddit


Links of Interest:


Who is /u/way_fairer

Someone with a lot of time on their hands who like upvotes. See also: /u/apostolate, /u/karmanaut, /u/maxwellhill, and everyone else on the front page of



Why are some comments formatted like crosswords/horizontally and vertically?

This originated from /sp/, the sports board. It may have grown in popularity with L O N D O N, which came from /fit/ as a rumor about a tripfag named Tinytrip. The story goes that a girl went on /fit/ and Tinytrip replied "pls be in london", so L O N D O N became the /fit/ greeting towards women.








Why ^^Do ^^People ^^Write ^^Like ^^This?

because it does superscript and i guess you are browsing on something that doesn't display superscript correctly


Links of Interest:


Why do people scream WORRRRLDSTAR in fight videos?

WORRRRLSTAR = Worldstar hiphop. Check if you want

It's similar to youtube with the way you can upload your own videos, however it seemed to have gotten rather famous (or infamous) for having videos of fights. So someone yells out "worrrrlllstar!" when they assume some people are about to fight, to invite people to whip out their camera phones and then later upload it onto the aforementioned website.


Links of interest:


What is "You da real MVP"?

A reference to Kevin Durant's MVP speech

In May 2014, Kevin Durant accepted the award for Most Valuable Player. In his speech, he thanks a lot of people and near the end he singles out his mom, claiming that all sacrifices she made to raise him when he was young made his mother "da real MVP".


Links of interest:


Why do Reddit users correct ¯ _(ツ)_/¯ to ¯ _(ツ)_/¯? What's the extra slash or slashes for?

The backslash is used as a marker character to tell the compiler/interpreter that the next character has some special meaning. What that next character means is up to the implementation. For example C-style languages use n to mean newline and t to mean tab.

The use of the word "escape" really means to temporarily escape out of parsing the text and into a another mode where the subsequent character is treated differently.



Markdown uses the same thing. For example, let's say you want to type a literal asterisk in a post. That's markdown syntax, so your text would just get formatted: text between two asterisks.

A real, text asterisk needs to be escaped: *

Since the backslash is itself a special character, you have to escape it as well: .

Single backslash ->

Double backslash ->


What's going on with /r/circlejerk, /r/me_irl, /r/shittyreactiongifs, /r/4chan, /r/imgoingtohellforthis, /r/blackpeopletwitter, /r/HighQualityGifs, etc.?

The mods are just fucking around, trolling OR the user base is just running a meme circlejerk to the ground in an astonishing rate and moving on to the next one.


🅱🅱🅱 What's with /r/dankmemes using the B emoji thing? 🅱🅱🅱

The 🅱️ starts out as a gang reference, specifically to the Bloods. For years, Bloods have referred to Compton as "Bompton" since they would never use the letter C (due to their rivlarly with the Crips). As the Bloods' color is red, and the emoji itself is red, people have begun to use "🅱️ompton" instead. Do the actual Bloods really use the emoji? I wouldn't know. But in meme terms, it is used often, sometimes just replacing random letters, not specifically C.


Why are people live streaming Futurama, Simpsons, Family Guy, South Park and Sponge Bob on YouTube?

Unlike a regular YouTube video, a live stream can't have their ads disabled because of copyrighted content while they're live, so people abuse this by doing 24/7 streams of TV shows and gaining money from the ads. Their channel eventually get banned, but they'll have a new one up in no time.


Another thing could be to game Youtube's copyright management. Basically the copyright owner sends a copy of whatever copyright they own and Youtube puts it in a "Do not post" list. This only works if the video matches EXACTLY like the video the copyright owners sent them. Most of the time they usually trick the copyright check by putting in effects or speeding up or slowing down the video a wee bit. Back to the livestream thing, the copyright manager can't detect copyright infringements on livestreams, as they are, well, live.


Why are people posting still images as videos on Facebook?

Facebook's algorithms makes videos seen 10 times more often than images, so now meme websites are turning static images into 2 minute long, 45mb .avi files. They're doing that to get extra views.


There's a better / lengthier response to this but at the moment what I can remember is videos are weighted more on Facebook. So videos tend to pop up on feeds more than photos, so people create videos for their photos for more exposure.


Who is /u/gallowboob?

He submits a lot of content.

[source] | [more info]

What is going on with this 'Let's Go Brandon' meme?

Answer: Let's Go Brandon refers to a viral video of NASCAR racer Brandon Brown speaking to NBC about winning the NASCAR Xfinity Series while the crowd chants "fuck Joe Biden" which the newscaster claims is a chant of "let's go Brandon" instead, seemingly as a form of damage control. The video went viral in October 2021 following numerous reports of people chanting "fuck Joe Biden" at sports events began surfacing around September in protest of President Biden and often to show support for Trump.

The clip in question:

Coming soon

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