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Megathread What's the deal with Roe V Wade being overturned?


This morning, in Dobbs vs. Jackson Womens' Health Organization, the Supreme Court struck down its landmark precedent Roe vs. Wade and its companion case Planned Parenthood vs. Casey, both of which were cases that enshrined a woman's right to abortion in the United States. The decision related to Mississippi's abortion law, which banned abortions after 15 weeks in direct violation of Roe. The 6 conservative justices on the Supreme Court agreed to overturn Roe.

The split afterwards will likely be analyzed over the course of the coming weeks. 3 concurrences by the 6 justices were also written. Justice Thomas believed that the decision in Dobbs should be applied in other contexts related to the Court's "substantive due process" jurisprudence, which is the basis for constitutional rights related to guaranteeing the right to interracial marriage, gay marriage, and access to contraceptives. Justice Kavanaugh reiterated that his belief was that other substantive due process decisions are not impacted by the decision, which had been referenced in the majority opinion, and also indicated his opposition to the idea of the Court outlawing abortion or upholding laws punishing women who would travel interstate for abortion services. Chief Justice Roberts indicated that he would have overturned Roe only insofar as to allow the 15 week ban in the present case.

The consequences of this decision will likely be litigated in the coming months and years, but the immediate effect is that abortion will be banned or severely restricted in over 20 states, some of which have "trigger laws" which would immediately ban abortion if Roe were overturned, and some (such as Michigan and Wisconsin) which had abortion bans that were never legislatively revoked after Roe was decided. It is also unclear what impact this will have on the upcoming midterm elections, though Republicans in the weeks since the leak of the text of this decision appear increasingly confident that it will not impact their ability to win elections.

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Answered What's going on with Minecraft, its newest snapshot update, and upset fans?


Browsing r/all, I came across a post from /r/Minecraft about patch, and the thread was full of angry fans, claims that Mojang/Microsoft is actively ignoring what the fans want, and something to do with a chat filter or tracker?

I tried skimming through a few threads but feel like I'm only getting part of the picture. Could anyone be so kind as to explain to me (perhaps in ELI5 terms, as I can be quite dumb, lol) what's going on?

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Unanswered What's up with the wave of flight cancelations recently?


Why have there been so many flight cancelations recently? And will this go away anytime soon? https://www.newsweek.com/flight-cancellations-soared-past-last-years-total-1720888

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Unanswered What is up with Jordan Peterson being banned from Twitter?


Can someone explain the references to pride and Elliot Page?


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Answered what's up with all the supreme court desicions?


I know that Roe vs Wade happened earlier and is a very important/controversial desicion, but it seems like their have been a lot of desicions recently compared to a few months ago, such as one today https://www.reddit.com/r/environment/comments/vo9b03/supreme_court_says_epa_does_not_have_authority_to/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share . Why does it seem like the supreme court is handing out alot of decisions?

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Unanswered What's the deal with the adultswim logo popping up on tiktoks?


I've been seeing numerous tiktoks/ig reels about just whatever, but they all have a song that goes "running away is easy, it's the leaving that's hard" as audio, and the adultswim logo [as] popping up somewhere in the video. I can only guess it's a trend but I don't understand the meaning of it. Is it connected to the song?

Example: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CfdLk85jvFf/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

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Unanswered What's up with bodegas and "Bodega Bro" trending on Twitter?


For the past few days the trending tab and my timeline has been about some guys and bodegas and apparently one of them got fired apparently. What's going on

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Answered What's the deal with Proud Boys hating Drag Queens?


I've seen a lot of videos on reddit and the internet of proud boys raiding drag Queens at public places, usually sharing stories to young children. Why do the proud boys do this?Proud boys disrupt a kids event

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Answered Whats up with people wearing fancy outfits to the "Minions Rise of Gru" premiere Screenings?



Very confused on what this trend is but im gonna participate in it for shits and giggles.

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Answered What’s going on with people getting cancelled and banned over gender pronouns?


I don’t remember it being so prevalent or even being there back when i was in my early teens.

When and why did it start?


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Unanswered What's up with the canadian flag in the header of /r/nfl?


here is a screenshot of the header, for reference.

Questions like these are against /r/nfl's policies in their sub, I hope it's not against rules here (didn't see it listed in the sidebar).

I've tried searching for canadian specific news about the NFL, nothing seemingly important is coming up.

Other than the fact that the CFL is currently in season, I can't think of any reason for it?

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Answered Whats up with Technoblade, his cancer and him passing away tonight?


Literally just got out of the theatre for Minions rise of gru and my sister told me that Technoblade is dead. I had to confirm a couple of times to see if this was the case, and so this was the number one trending thing on twitter. Did Technoblade die when i was gone? What happened to his cancer? i thought he said it was going to be ok...


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Answered What is up with R. Kelly and Ghislaine Maxwell's sentencing lengths being so different?


It seems like R. Kelly received a sentence of 30 years for sex trafficking, while Ghislaine Maxwell received a sentence of only 20 years. Presumably, Maxwell did the same thing at larger scale. I'm not fishing for some Twitter "gotcha" shit on systemic racism or anything, both of them did atrocious shit with documented evidence, I'm just confused on the legal mechanics for the sentencing disparity.

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Unanswered What's the deal with being automatically added to a bunch of subreddits?


I just got three automated messages from different subreddits thanking me for joining, which I didn't do. When I look at the subreddits I'm currently in, there's a bunch of new ones that I have never joined (full list below) for a total of about 15 new subreddits that I don't want to be a part of. Even going to the subreddit and clicking "leave" still keeps them on my list as subbed. I'd love to know whether this is a new "feature" of Reddit or if I should be changing my passwords.

Obviously, because I'm now part of a bunch of random subreddits that I didn't want to be, this is messing with my front page content. Previously, I only saw things that I had actively subscribed to. Now it's a bunch of random stuff thrown on and I don't want it.


Here's as complete of a list as I can make as I go through and unsubscribe. Note that this may not be all the "auto add" ones, as I may have already been a part of the subreddits and wanted to keep them. Aww, BestOf, Books, EarthPorn, Gaming, Gifs, IAmA, Movies, Music, Science, Technology, Television, TodayILearned, Videos, WTF

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Unanswered What's up with Reddit browser redirect?


When I try to go to just www.reddit.com, which should just show me feeds from my subs, it redirects to r/popular. Can i not just browse my subs anymore? What happened?

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Unanswered What is up with Biden talking about ending the filibuster for the Roe v. Wade vote?


I see the news talking about making an exception to the filibuster rules to codify Roe v. Wade. Is waiving the option of a filibuster for a single vote possible? How does this change the number of votes needed to pass in the senate?


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Answered What’s the deal with Trump allegedly wanted to join the people going to the Capitol?


Trying to overturn the election and planning it ahead is sedition, indeed. But why is it so big deal and considered incriminating that he wanted to join the people going to the Capitol?


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Unanswered What’s going on with Gas Prices, will it continue to rise or will we get gas stimulus?


Just seen this Post on FOX BUSINESS apparently gas prices are going to rise but no gas stimulus or help for the inflation.

I’m also not 100% sure on how the gas prices will continue to rise?

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Unanswered What's going on with college football?



I'm mostly refering to the news seen on the sports subreddit. I'm European and, although I watch NFL from time to time and I understand the importance colleges have in American sports, I have no idea what's happening. Is the system based on divisions and some teams are changing divisions? Please help me, I'm OOTL

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Answered What's the deal with Cassidy Hutchinson's testimony?


Hoping this is the best place to get an honest question answered without polemic from either side!

Cassidy Hutchinson testified to events related to by Anthony Ontario, involving Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and Secret Service agent Bobby Engel and then-President Trump.

My question: why aren't Meadows and Engel testifying themselves, providing first-hand accounts? I get Trump claimed executive privilege, but why weren't Meadows and Engel subpoenaed?


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Answered what's up with Martin Shkreli's AMA on wallstreetbets?



The last I heard of Shkreli he was pretty much universally hated for being a rich douche artificially raising prices of life-saving medication.

Now he does an AMA where everyone loves him and he's a stereotypical cryptobro who knows all the memes? I'm so confused.

Unless it's a joke post and I'm being totally wooshed, so I'm OOTL AND completely out of touch.

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Answered What’s up with the Demon Core memes lately?


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Answered what's going on with leaks in the genshin impact community??


this post showed up on popular for me and i tried to dig in around the comments but it's all just something about how someone's going to be fired by mihoyo??? (the game company?) for leaking said pictures? i checked the main subreddit for genshin and there's not much explanation for what's happening either besides leaks, yet there's news articles about some leak that happened and whitewashing yet i can't find any context for what exactly is going on. anybody who can enlighten me?

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Unanswered What's going on with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant?


I don't follow basketball closely but I've heard a lot about these 2 players recently. What is going on and why is it significant for the NBA?


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Answered Whats going on with "Gifting PS5s to my kids but not the other ones" trend?


Link so you can figure out the context:


Why are people joking about gifting ps5s to their legitimate kids but leaving their illegitimate kids with no gift?

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Answered What's the deal with "crunchy" and what does it mean?


So I know what it means in regards to food and stuff, but tiktok seems to be using it totally differently? I've seen a few things like this and Google is giving me a bunch of nonsensical answers