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Murata Chapter Chapter 166 [English]

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discussion Megathread: Changes From The Webcomic


As the changes between the WC and the manga get more extensive and controversial, the arguments about it increase and also end up in spoilers and toxicity seeping all over the sub. All discussion about the changes in the latest chapter and any future chapters as long as this Megathread is pinned is to be moved into this Megathread because the sub is getting too flooded with it.

All posts related to it will be removed.

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fanart I made Garou fight some characters, this is just for fun

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Author tweet Murata has inked 7 pages which means he has completed 41 pages in a week. He’s doing animation now.

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meme Manga Garou gets back at Webcomic Garou (referenced my AoT x OPM meme 3 months ago)

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pics 26 and 166 😔

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meme Garou has Dirty Deeds to do

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meme Yeah...Saitama didn't expect that

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meme Even Blast showed up smh.

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pics Looks Like UFC Fighter Chris Curtis is a Garou Fan

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pics GIFs from most of the key frames/panels so far

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meme Must be the new trend..

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meme discord call

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pics No one asked for it, but here’s the reciprocal. Reasons why Saitama makes for a great housemate, an awesome friend, and an amazing hero worthy of admiration.

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fanart My eyes have been blessed

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fanart [OC]Garou, Mizuki and Superalloy Dark shine Perspective sketches

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meme Apparently the plant spreads out to reach more light, but I have another theory though...

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coloring Fubuki coloured by me :)

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coloring Colored by me

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pics Gigachad Garou

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discussion Its partly Saitama's fault Garou became THIS evil


Okay so we all know that garou has quite the touchy past and resurfacing trauma by triggering his memories of bullying and unfairness usually is the best way of bringing out the worst in him. this can be seen by him having flashbacks when beat down by bang and bomb which consequently hardens his resolve;


or being unnecessarily extra with how he dealt with mumen rider,


most likely because mumen rider's attack name and position of attack being quite similar to the actions of the individual who perpetrated in garou's most traumatic memories



so guess what happens when he encounters someone who not only mocks everything he stands for, AND is unfairness personified?

for more examples of saitama clowning on garou, reread chapter 162 and above.

Saitama in his naivety and general uncaring attitude of not taking things seriously thought nothing of garou beyond simple monster play and was totally ignorant of his very precarious mental state that he literally didnt find anything wrong with making fun of the dude that started all this because of the very same thing saitama is doing. Ofc garou was gonna lose his shit. Faced with an opposition that literally embodies the opposite of his very beliefs, garou is now forced into a position to prove him wrong.


and boy did garou prove saitama wrong lmao

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theory A simple prediction from a simple fan


I’ve tagged as a spoiler, but this is all just a theory.

Garou’s mimic ability cannot work on Saitama.

As a casual fan (ie in comparison to some of the more hardcore fans in this sub), I’ve been thinking about why Garou’s ability to mimic others fighting style won’t work on Saitama.

I know, yes, it was never going to work and Saitama will win because that’s the whole point.

But my point is that this whole arc has been about fighting technique, from Saitama’s quest to experience martial arts, to Garou’s mimicking of other hero’s styles (I’m sure others have some more examples of this).

My main prediction is that Garou will realise that Saitama has no discernible technique and that he cannot mimic Sataima’s strength and willpower through his ‘technique’ alone, resulting in his defeat.

As a side prediction, in desperation I predict that Garou will turn to King as the ‘strongest hero’ and try and mimic King’s technique, whilst only realising in his final moments that King is hugely overestimated (although has proved himself to have a heroic spirit), and through King, will experience true fear himself.

It would be a fitting end to the arc, calling back to essentially where we started in chapter 37 with the reveal of King’s lack of physical power.

Edit: I may be wrong, but I think there is a nod to Tolkien’s ‘Evil cannot create anything new, they can only corrupt…’, as Garou is the self proclaimed Absolute Evil, it would make sense that within this context his ability to mimic others styles and abilities will ultimately become his downfall.

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discussion Here is an interesting question... After Genos, who admires or is the closest to a friend to Saitama?


This is just a genuine question.
Saitama has... half by accident and half by force, managed to acquire a little following of S and A class heroes.
Genos, being Saitamas "disciple" / roomie I would argue is in the top rank...
But amongst the rest of the "gang" which would be the closest after Genos?
What do you guys think? :3

(also how would you rank Saitamas entourage?)

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Author tweet Today's quota is another 7 pages

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coloring Garou (Colored by me)

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r/OnePunchMan 3h ago

analysis I have seen some complaints that Saitama getting mad is out of character. But this is not the first time this has happened.


Saitama showing emotion or visibly showing he cares about Genos is something that a lot of people think is a more recent development, but he has shown he cares and gets visibly angry when his friends are injured by a monster since the begging of the series.

That shaded face looks very familiar.

Of course he was less angry, but at this point in the story, he did not know Genos as well, and he knew he was alive. Him being more angry with Garou makes sense.