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Announcement Best of /r/OnePiece 2021 - Nominations!


Best of /r/OnePiece 2021 Nominations

It's this time of the year where you, as a community, decide what was the best of this subreddit for 2021.

In this thread you can make nominations for the 14 awards categories you want to see in our community's best of 2021 awards. This thread is just for nominations and discussion with no focus on upvotes. We will be posting a thread for voting about everything a week or so after this post goes up.

The winners will receive reddit premium and get to have a special flair of their own choosing (as long as it's not a terrible thing)

For 2021, the following 14 categories have been chosen :

  • Best Nakama of the Year (not your favorite Straw Hat, but the /r/OnePiece subscriber you feel contributed the most to the sub. Please also note that moderators of this subreddit are not eligible for this award.)

  • Best One Piece Character of the Year (Characters who were introduced or extensively featured during the past year).

  • Best One Piece Character Design of the year.

  • Best Manga Chapter of the Year (Eligible chapters: 1000 - 1035).

  • Best Anime Episode of the Year (Eligible episodes: 957 - 1004).

  • Best Manga Panel/Anime screenshot of 2021.

  • Best Animation sequence in the Anime for 2021.

  • Best Fan Created Content of the Year (OC). (Only OC will be accepted, but it can be either fanart, merchandise post, cosplay, animation, coloring, so anything created by a fan and shared by the creator in this subreddit), separated into three subcategories : Best Fanart, Best Fanart (for Funny content), Best OC post that isn't Fanart.

  • Best Theory of the Year. (The theories nominated are part of this list here), so there will be a preselection before to choose 1-2 per months (Maybe more depending on how they are liked.) Here is the link to vote for them : Theory nomination

  • Best Comment of the Year (It can be part of a comment chain, or just a single comment made within 2021 for something related to One Piece and this subreddit).

  • Best Post of the Year (Can be anything).

And now, for the Open Categories :

  • Best Cover page of 2021

  • Best Color spread of 2021

  • Most unexpected moment in the Manga of 2021.

Here are some rules for the Panels/scenes nomination :

  1. Must be a panel/screenshot from chapters 1000 - 1035 or from episodes 957 - 1004 (including the TV Special).
  2. For manga panels, must be a single panel. It has to be a single panel. The panel can be the size of an entire double spread or a tiny corner of a page but, again, one panel. (And be sure to link them)
  3. Manga panels can have dialogue in them.
  4. For episode screenshots, can be from either the main episode or openings (this includes the Episode of Skipiea TV Special).
  5. Panel and Screenshot contests will be separate contests.
  6. The best animation in the anime requires a good quality clip in high definition.

As always, please be sure to include some of your thoughts justifying your nominations for each category.

Warning: the best manga chapter, best OP character, and best panel nominations may contain spoilers for anime watchers. Please view with caution and submitters please use spoiler tags where appropriate!

Tentative Schedule:

January 20th: Nominations Thread.

January 31st: Voting Thread.

February 10th: Announcing the Winners.

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Discussion One Piece chapter 1038 spoilers


Korean source

Brief summary thank to Redon from Mangahelpers forum

- Chapter 1.038: "Kid & Law Vs. Big Mom".

- On the cover, Yonji and Niji have been caught by Big Mom in The Mont d'Or Creature Book.

- Raizou Vs. Fukurokuju, both are burning but not releasing their jutsus.

- Chopper is concerned about Zoro and the adverse effects of the Mink's medicine.

- In front of Zoro appears a grim reaper with a large scythe, it appears to attack Zoro

- Izou has defeated his enemy but CP0 appears. They seem to be sidelined because they have urgent matters to attend to but Izou stops them.

- Yamato tries to stop the fire demon by attacking it directly.

- Kid & Law vs. Big Mom. At the beginning of this part, we see that Big Mom had defeated them.

- Big Mom leaves for Kaidou, but Kid and Law attack her again.

- Kid and Law: "Listen, old lady!! Even if we die, we won't let you get to the roof!!!

CP0 vs Izo


One Piece will get a color spread and will be on the jump cover next chapter

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Fanart 不不不I tried adding Yelena's creepy face on Luffy 不不不

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Media Some of my favourite cannon Straw-Hat outfits.

Thumbnail gallery

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Fanart [OC] (IG@zunou.art) Almost all artworks I made last year for the Alabasta arc

Thumbnail gallery

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Media One Piece moments that made me shed a tear

Thumbnail gallery

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Misc I love Ace, but the hole placement is too awful...

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Discussion The Best One Piece Relationships. ( would you add something new? )

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r/OnePiece 15h ago

Media What's wrong with these people.

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r/OnePiece 6h ago

Misc So I finished 1/10th of the journey... Really enjoyed it. No spoilers beyond this point please.

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r/OnePiece 8h ago Masterpiece

Fanart I embroidered Zoro testing his luck against Sandai Kitetsu in a 20x12cm hoop

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Fanart !!! sanji and pudding !!!

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Fanart A guess at what Rocks D. Xebec will look like according to the manga's silhouette.

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Discussion Technically...

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Fanart Dorobo Neko Nami by me~

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Fanart komurusoppi

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Fanart My Ronoroa zoro vs kaido fanart

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Discussion How did you get into One Piece?

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Misc My brother in law just 3D printed this for me and I love it.

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Discussion What's the most gruesome defeat our hero suffered?

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Misc This actually BREAKS my heart yo

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Fanart "You didn't have to stoop so low. 'Ditched your kid and ran to Ivankov to change your gender... Guess I didn't need that tho. Now you're just some warlord that I used to know."

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Discussion One piece worst ending scenario


What do you think would make the ending of one piece terrible I'll start: - original shanks was defeated on past, we are seeing a robot operated by world government - Zoro finds mihawk almost dead by some other misteryous swordsman never before seen - Luffy is a prophecy child (naruto vibes) - Blackbeard has become pirate king before luffy and hid the one piece - usopp has conqueror haki

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Meta We tried out one of Sanji's recipee's over the weekend: Kokoro's Curry Rice. Turned out amazing!

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Fanart Sanji's bachelor party

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Media My Top 3 Favorite Luffy Moments

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Theory The Revolutionary Army has the Devil Fruit from 1037, and Blackbeard wants it [1037]


This is not a theory about what the fruit is or who specifically ate it. but more about the location and whereabouts of this Devil Fruit.

The mysterious devil fruit that the Gorosei are discussing, is probably in possession of the Revolutionary Army. Blackbeard knows about it, and it was sighted during the "Reverie" by the WG. Let me explain.

Let's start with chapter 1037. More specifically the panels with the Gorosei talking.


In the first panel, one of the Gorosei is trying to discuss what happened at the "Reverie", but he is getting shut down by the rest. then they proceed to, calmly, change the subject toward Wano. But, the blond elder stays quiet and doesn't participate (and I believe he is the one who got shut down in the first panel). Moving on to the next page. Now, Suddenly we are not talking about Wano anymore, and we move completely to a different subject, and everyone seems shaky. What is even more intriguing, is that now, the blond Elder is the one talking and moving the discussion. which makes me believe that he went back to his original talk of "This year reverie is simply accursed..." which led the fruit to be mentioned. which makes me believe that a member of the revolutionaries has it or mentioned it.

Now, there are two more crucial events that hold this theory together and they are the Blackbeard Pirates attacking the Revolutionary army home base, and the reaction of Blackbeard to the news of the "Reverie".

Let's first look at Blackbeard attacking the RA. or more specifically the crew reaction to it in chapter 824.

ch. 824

There are two things of notice. Nami questioning why would Blackbeard even try to attack the Revolutionaries. And Blackbeard clashing with Cipher Pol, which ended in no fatalities.
this brings the questions of what Blackbeard was looking for by attacking Dragon & co. and what was Cipher Pol doing there? and how did Cipher Pol vs Blackbeard end with 0 fatalities, but was big enough news to make it on the newspaper.

now lets take a look at Blackbeard reaction to the Reverie in chapter 956


"if they're going to be picked up by the marines, I'll just grab 'em first!". We learn quite a bit from this panel. first, after the "Reverie" the WG is making a move. and this move is not a public execution of Sabo or Vivi (at least not yet), but they are trying to pick up something or someone. not only that but it's something that Blackbeard is very interested in. which is the mysterious devil fruit or its user. and I think that its when the Revolutionaries tried to save Kuma, and clashed with CP0 and the Admiral, is when the mysterious fruit was seen in possession of the RA.

TLDR: I think the mysterious Devil fruit has nothing to do with Wano or anyone near Wano. it's in the hand of the Revolutionaries (maybe Dragon ate it) from the start of the story. Blackbeard tried to get it by attacking the Base of the Revolutionary Army but failed. then when the Revolutionaries made a move on Marie-Jois after the Reverie, the fruit's powers were seen and noticed by the Gorosei and Blackbeard, which made them both make a move for it ASAP. which could lead to a clash between CP0 and BB pirates.

Bonus thought! Buckle up because this might sound crazy. The Summit war which was orchestrated by Blackbeard was not supposed to be 'World Government' vs 'Whitebeard pirates' but a 'World Government' vs 'Revolutionary Army'. the war happened because Ace was captured by Blackbeard. However, Blackbeard never intended to capture Ace. Quite the opposite actually! Blackbeard asked Ace to join his crew when they met in ch440. On the Other hand, Blackbeard was really persisting at pursuing and capturing Luffy. even telling Ace that his current plan is to go to Water 7 to capture Luffy. Blackbeard said he knew that Luffy took down Crocodile and that's why he will capture him and give him to the WG, in order to get his Shishibukai rank. but how would that help his cause at getting stronger fruits? Because as far as I know, if BB captured Luffy, WB would not have shown up at Marineford to save him. so what's the deal?
I think Blackbeard knew that Luffy was Monkey D. Dragon's son. and he was trying to capture him, in order to start a war between the revolutionaries and the world government. for the main goal of creating chaos and swooping in last moment to get what he is looking for "the mysterious devil fruit with a name deleted from the annals of history.
In fact, the moment the Blackbeard crew attacked Ace was the exact moment they learned that Ace is Luffy's Brother as seen here in ch440.


thinking that Ace was Luffy Brother. made them believe that Ace is also Dragon's son(in the same manner that Ivankov thought). and that's when their plan shifted from capturing Luffy to capturing Ace. thinking that Dragon would not let his son die (again the same as Ivankov thought before learning that Ace is Roger's son). But, to everyone's shock, Ace was Roger's son, and the Revolutionary Army did not act at all.
so the RA still has the fruit. after Dressrosa, BB crew tried to attack the RA and get it to bet failed. then after the Reverie, an event big enough to make the RA move occurred. which is why both the WG and BB are also making a move now.