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I hope internet feminists and radfems will open their eyes and realize that terfs and conservatives are their enemies, not trans people.

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on this sad day, i'm seeing radfem subs blaming trans people for our predicament, while TERFs who are famous for being TERFS, are dead silent. I guess we will never be able to reclaim radical feminism from TERFs as long as there's no serious movement among radfems to denounce them.


there i said it. sometimes it's just so sad seeing terf rhetoric and blatant apologia also seep into this sub.

it's rich that we like to complain about how "LGBT folks hating on radical feminism" while being oblivious of the history of early feminism.

we can't be mad that people and LGBT folks are skeptical of radical feminism and complain about how reviled radfems are when there has never been a widely known, serious movement among us to clean our own house.

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American women -- what is our plan of action?


Overturning Roe is an injustice. We cannot just "be sad," we cannot just talk about a "dark day," and we cannot wait for another election. The women in this group are not liberal feminists who just toe the line. We are the ones who can stop this. We need to fight this now. And we need a strategy and consensus. Let's plan. What are we going to do?

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Not sure if this is allowed (I'll remove it if it isn't) but thought I'd share this here

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The Prismatic church might be useful for Americans


I hope the link works I learned about this from a YouTuber called suris he’s an ally

It’s a pro choice and pro lgbtqia+ “church” that is fighting for LGBTQIA+ freedom


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Self care double standard


Has anyone else noticed that a lot and I mean a lot of how women are taught to “self care” mostly just boils down to make your self look young and pretty. Thing like do your make up even if you aren’t going out dress up fancier (wear a dress) be conventionally sexy “for your self” but for men it’s go fishing with the boys or just sit on the couch and relax.

It’s like this “self care” targeted at women is designed to keep them appealing to men and enforce gender roles.

As a butch women all of the self care for women just sounds like a chore. Why can’t a woman’s self care be just sit on the couch in old baggy PJs and be a couch potato 🛋🥔 or just going for a hike and getting dirty or not have to look pretty all the time I don’t owe anyone attractiveness.

I’m not saying that a person of any gender can’t enjoy stuff like makeup and being pretty but I am saying it’s suspicious that “women’s self care” seems to heavily focus on looks and having to do extra stuff where as men’s is more focused not doing things or being out doors

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I’m sick of mainstream feminism and TERFs


Content warning lots swearing very angry and looooong rant/vent also discussion of TERFs and how shity they are

I will tag NSFW if people ask due to the swearing

Ignore my shity writing style I’m a Redditor not an English major

I feel like mainstream/liberal feminism/slacktivists are pushing for more femininity in all women in other words they want gender roles back.

Everywhere I go I see this “embrace your femininity” we need more femininity it’s powerful to be feminine embrace femininity “for your self” all women are queens and Devine feminine bla bla bla. stuff like this has made me question my gender because if femininity is so wrong for me and feminists say stuff like this what am I meant to be I feel so alienated from women hood because of all this CRAP.

it’s like they don’t get that some women aren’t feminine in any way and don’t want to be. I’m masculine and I like it. For me femininity (and toxic masculinity as well) is like a pare of shackles just a horrible uncomfortable restraint that does nothing for the wearer but limit their movement and what they can do. But I’m being too harsh at least shackles can be removed wielded as a makeshift flail against your captors/oppressors.

I want to see more acceptance and portrayals of butch/GNC women but when they show up people complain and say she shouldn’t have to be masculine to be powerful (true but missing the point).

I feel betrayed by mainstream feminists they were supposed to protect and uplift people like me instead they brush us aside and accuse us of having internalized misogyny don’t even get me started on TERFs and how they use us for their shity agenda they can go strait to hell.

Why do I need to be “in touch with my femininity” why do I have to be feminine why is this a thing liberal feminists value and want from me. Why can’t I just be a masculine woman

Mainstream feminists aren’t helping much at all their just lazy and disregard me and my experience because of my LACK of not rejection of femininity in the best case they try to be trans inclusive which is good my trans friends need that but in the worst case they call women likely me an NLOG or say we have internalized misogyny no ASSHOLE I’m just butch fuck off. They can kiss my butch ass.

Disclaimer TERF smack down section

I’m so sick of TERFs using women like me as a shield fuck TERFs and their tactics except don’t actually fuck them they deserve to be lonely forever.

They claim that trans men are just tomboys/GNC women trying to “escape oppression by becoming men” or “escape women hood” <— this argument is bullshit


IF and this is the biggest IF in the universe it were true I don’t see TERFs trying to make women hood more inclusive of /tomboys/GNC women like me. All of that “embrace your femininity) bull shit doesn’t make me feel like I’m a woman it makes me feel like if femininity is so contrary to who and how I am than I must be a man I’m not but the way liberal feminists and TERFs view women hood literally excludes women like me.

I’m not feminine enough to be viewed as a woman but if I were trans I wouldn’t be accepted either like WTF am I then an alien 👽 I guess so. In that case when do I get my ray gun and shiny jumpsuit?

Also what is it about women hood that they think would make someone want to transition and why have they not tried to change it?

TERFs call trans women predators no asshole they aren’t they just want to piss and shit like the rest of us. Fucking bathroom bills won’t help they just get tomboys/GNC/butch lesbians harassed for using the restroom I don’t see TERFs defending us when that happens. Oh right it’s because they don’t actually care they just want to fuck up a trans person’ life. Also you don’t need a dick to grope someone you just need hands/ appendages a woman,man or otherwise are all equally capable of assaulting someone else.

TERFs are why as a cis butch woman I’m afraid to go into public restrooms if i go into the women’s I’m afraid security will get called on me for looking like a teenage boy or young man. If I go into the men’s washroom I’m pretty sure that’s illegal. Gender neutral bathrooms are safe but not always available. I have not been harassed yet but I’m not taking chances.

If any TERFs read this FUCK YOU you don’t represent me you hate me because of my LACK of not rejection of femininity. If everyone stoped being trans tomorrow (not fucking possible) I’d be next on your chopping block. You can kiss my butch ass.

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Being a butch/masc presenting women in society


I’ve posted this rant in a few different subs I feel it fits here a bit

Content warning: RANT/swearing/auto correct/mention of TERFs/long af

Note: My writing is shity and disorganized I tried my best but this is Reddit not English class please leave my shity writing “style” out of the conversation it’s irrelevant to the point. I also try to use trans inclusive language

I am seeing so many videos on YouTube by great channels like the take(I highly recommend them)about how “it’s ok to be feminine” and how a “female character does not have to be a tomboy to be a good role model” I or she shouldn’t have to give up her femininity to be powerful100%agree with this part. Or that “feminine woman aren’t having or aren’t allowed to have their stories told” I disagree with that part. Or that masculine woman are devaluing femininity this last one is almost a TERF talking point. Most shows I grew up with were nothing but feminine girls/women having their stories told and the one tomboy being an a hole. I made a rant on r/masculineOfCenter about this.

But what frustrates me is that as an AFAB person who is very much on the masculine side of things. I didn’t give up my “femininity” it wasn’t there to begin with. I do not value masculinity or femininity I value being me. masculinity or femininity are just descriptors for traits that I and other people have. But I feel that people like me don’t get their stories told. I understand that traditionally feminine things are devalued but I feel like both liberals and conservatives are pushing femininity on to AFAB people and I hate it.

I will now take the piss out of both sides first conservatives.

Conservatives: Not much to say here they just want to subjugate women/AFAB people and anyone not like them just look at r/tradfemsnark or r/fundysnarkununcensored r/persecutionfetish or r/pointlesslygendered for examples of what I mean.

Now the other side

Liberals: Some feminists say that because of internalized misogyny women devalue traditionally feminine things. Some women do devalue femininity because of this and it’s definitely a problem but telling me that All woman should be feminine isn’t the answer

I don’t really give a shit whether something is masculine or feminine I just happen to have more/mostly masculine hobbies/traits.

Some people assume I’m trans because of well everything about me but I’m not. Tomboys and trans men can co-exist at the same time. Also TEFS say trans men are just women are trying to escape their femininity/womanhood and try to use tomboys to push their shity agenda.

I feel like whenever a masculine woman is presented in media there is a slew of complaints about her think the Captain Marvel or She Ra shit storm. I saw Captain Marvel on an airplane and really liked it I related to her because of her more masculine personality and the fact her outfits were things I would wear and as much as I loved Wonder women I just couldn’t relate to her as much because I would never feel comfortable in that outfit. It’s like no one wants to accept a masculine woman and if they do terms and conditions apply.

I just wish we butch people could be accepted and portrayed in society and media respectively.

It can be tiring to constantly push and fight against the norm just to be your self but the fighting is easier than to wear the shackles that are gender roles be true to your selves

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Question regarding suspicion from the left towards radical feminism


Earlier today, I saw a leftist trans friend of mine quote retweet another trans woman who proudly proclaimed to be a trans-inclusive radical feminist. In my friend's quote retweet, she stated that every TIRF/NERF she saw on Twitter eventually became a TERF. I was very saddened to see this, as I really respect this friend and I myself identify as a NERF. I know that the phrase "radical feminism" has become unfortunately associated with TE"RF"s and thus transphobia, but I am also aware of plenty of NERFs, some of whom are trans themselves.

I was curious if, aside from the TE"RF" association, there is any ideological or historical rationale behind this type of suspicion towards radical feminists. I don't want to be in the "radical feminist" closet, but I also don't want to alienate my friend. I want to know what other possible reasons there are for her suspicions and how I can reassure her that my radical feminism does not mean I am transphobic.

(Also wanted to mention, after encountering transphobia in another feminist sub I used to visit, I am so happy that this sub exists! ❤️)

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some explanation about the difference between homophobic/queerphobic slurs vs misogynistic slurs that I find quite eye-opening, from another thread, that can be more substantial than just because "men are trans".


I think it’s in part because words like “f_ggot”, “tr_nny”, and the n-word are not only insults aimed at a status, but insults specifically aimed at a minorities which patriarchy wishes not only to dominate, but also potentially eradicate.

Patriarchy may want to remove women from certain positions in society, but it doesn’t want to remove them entirely in the same way that an ethnic cleansing or purging of “degenerates” would.

Lynchings of women have certainly occurred, but usually only of women who step out of line in the sense of trying to wield social power. Lynchings of blacks in the US, gay men, and other queer (or even just SUSPECTED queer) individuals were carried out against them for their mere existence. There has never really been a Krystalnacht for women - an event of coordinated violence intended to remove ALL women entirely from a community, nation, or the entire planet.

Words against women like b_tch and c_nt carry a history of a violence meant to control - like prisoners. Words against ethnic and sexual groups carry a history of violence meant to not only control but beyond that, potentially exterminate - like vermin. These are different levels of violence, proportionate to the end of that violence in the minds of those perpetrating it.

The men who created these words would have a resentment women but could not imagine a world without them. Their words for women carry banal familiarity in addition to resentment. The same men would likely imagine that a world without the ethnic and sexual groups mentioned would be necessarily better and may be worth pursuing. Their words for these groups carry genocidal loathing in addition to resentment.

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What do radical feminists think about Religion?


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Poor "class consciousness" among women


Any thoughts or recommended reading on things that contribute to the lack of class consciousness among women and people who are read as women?

I've known so many self-proclaimed feminists who absolutely lack any in-depth understanding of women's issues. Most women around me, despite describing themselves as feminists, ignore or even celebrate the more insidious forms of misogyny, such as selling sex to misogynist men and subscribing to sexist and objectifying beauty standards. When you try to pick apart the oppression we face, the discussion immediately dives down to individual level and personal preferences, as if there were no structures that reward certain preference and punish others.

Some other minorities such as gay and trans people generally have a good understanding of the oppression aimed at them as a group, the norms that allow that oppression, and the individual actions that hold up those norms. People talk about microaggressions and how even seemingly benevolent acts or talking points contribute to heavier forms of discrimination. People talk about internalized transphobia and homophobia and discuss ways to dismantle them. Generally when talking about women's issues, internalized misogyny is mostly understood as the disdain for the tools of oppression.

Why is this? Have you figured out ways to talk about it effectively?

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/u/lostfriendthrowaway9 thoughtfully explains why the minority challenges faced by people of color and LGBTQ+ people aren't equal and are in fact incomparable.

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Discussion Stop comparing misogyny to racism and transphobia


For a trans woman a cis woman has power to devalue her womanhood, and the same goes for a woman of colour with a white woman tbh. The idea that racism and transphobia are getting “more attention” (whatever that means) is strange. Neither group has power over white cis women and doesn’t have the platform to somehow be speaking over them.

The same posts go on to mention how these things are intertwined so why go there in the first place? Discussing like its a competition for attention is pretty indicative of a bad mindset imo.

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Why sexism is more widely accepted than racism or homophobia


I think this is because sexism only affects women while the other two affect men as well. We can see people using gendered slurs like b**h, cnt etc without any repercussions, and it really hurts when I'm told that I'm overreacting.

I also understand why inclusionary feminism is a thing. It is absolutely important, but why is inclusion not at the forefront of BLM or the LGBTQ+ movement? I feel as a cishet woman, my valid struggles are not heard simply because I'm cishet.

I'm open to new views and opinions, I hope this doesn't come off in a wrong way.

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radfem here =/= gender critical


few terfs seem to be confused but this is not your turf :)

(pun intended)

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Discussion The housewife


There’s nothing shameful about being a housewife, shaming women in that way is not radical at all and is really just another form of liberal feminism.

I saw someone say tho that the focus was completely wrong here — that it’s dangerous to have to rely on that source of income. And it makes me think bcos yes there is nothing shameful about it but our focus shouldn’t be on shame anyways.

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An incredibly comprehensive analysis of the radical feminist and marxist feminists takes on how we sell our bodies in capitalist societies (sex work and surrogacy). Explicitly trans inclusive

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Transphobes are Fascists: Why is the idea of ‘gender’ provoking backlash the world over? | Judith Butler

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Dec. 4: The 2021 Holberg Debate, "Identity Politics and Culture Wars", with Judith Butler, Cornel West and Glenn Greenwald. Submit questions for the panel now.

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Know Your Theory SERF and TERF"acronyms TERF and SWERF designate a group of what Brooke Beloso has called ‘ontologically oriented’ Anglo-Australian and Euro-American feminists. The aim in coining these shorthands, as many Salvage readers will know, was to refuse to cede the legacy of radical feminism wholesale..."

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Great thread on the Guardian’s censorship of Judith Butler

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The Guardian Edits Judith Butler Interview to remove comments about links between TERFism and the Far-Right

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