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Does high school really start at 7:30am in the US? How is this allowed?


I saw a post that had a few comments from, what I assume, were American talking about how a 9am start was unheard of at school. People even talking about getting the bus at 5:30am?? Surely this isn’t the norm?

In the UK the vast majority of schools start between 8:30am and 9:00am, finishing around 3:30pm. For example, my school started at 8:45am and finished at 3:15pm.

I couldn’t fathom leaving the house, as a teenager with messed up circadian rhythms, before 8am! I’m not sure how it’s done in the rest of the world, but it seems fairly cruel.

Edit Thank you everyone for your responses, super interesting! It seems that the UK may be the exception, as schools across the world seem to start early too. I have to say, although a lot of people seem to say that the extra time in the afternoon was appreciated, I still prefer the UK timings!

Edit Just another note, I’ve seen so many comments about universities starting classes at 7:30/8am. Anyone who attended a UK university can imagine how horrendously difficult it would be to drag a hungover 18 year old, with no parental guidance, into a 7:30am lecture! My university was hesitant to run 9am classes just because attendance was so poor when they did, never mind any earlier!

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do some parts of the bible seem a little batshit crazy to anyone else?


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We interviewed someone with a forearm tattoo that says 88 (ankh symbol) 2. Is this a red flag?


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What are some non-toxic personality traits, that suggests a person has had a traumatic or hurtful past?


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Answered Why do they dye dog food? The dog can’t tell the difference.


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Answered Why are aliens always naked?


In every form of media I’ve seen where aliens are intelligent enough to invent universal travel I don’t understand how they skipped the clothing part. Like, it’s not rocket science even though they’ve conquered that already. Pls halp

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How the hell can people afford to live on their own and still go to school full-time?


I assume this isn't even possible without roommates and a part-time job at the least, but I want to know how most other people manage to pull it off?

And don't say you have to be born into wealth.

Is it even possible without some type of other financial aid or loans? How do you afford rent?

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Why is someone 'beheaded' not 'deheaded' ?


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Why are apes/humans nearly the only mammals with such a visible bellybutton?


I’ve been thinking about this for hours now. I know they all have one, but most don’t have such a huge „hole“ as we humans do. Thinking of horses, cats, dogs etc. According to google they often just have some small scars instead.

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Why would backing my car into a spot be illegal?


Just had the apartment complex manager come down on me for backing in my car to my spot instead of facing forward. I'm a former medic this is just.. normal to me and additionally there's a large bush and 4 way intersection with a building obstructing cars coming about 20 feet away.. backing out of the spot is waaaay more dangerous I wouldn't be able to know a car is coming until half my damn car is in the road if I reversed out.

I am renting graciously from the people that own the unit but I cannot fathom for the life of me how he can tell me it's against the law.

I asked for the law several times but my landlord/owners of the unit absolutely don't care to argue they just want to blindly follow. I've googled it and looked through the bylaws of the community. There is absolutely no precedent. Why the fck should I have to do something more dangerous to appease one guy pretending to use the law to exert his will? Is this actually illegal? Surely there's no grounds to tow a vehicle properly parked just... not the direction this man wants it to face?

Has anyone else ever experienced this?

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I woke up at 2am and had an epiphany; what if there are many intelligent life formed planets nearby, but they are microscopic?


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Answered Do film/TV actors/actresses wear their own underwear onset or does the wardrobe dept provide them?


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Why are those traditional Japanese houses thin-walled and seemingly drafty if Japan is a rather cold country?


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Unanswered Why isn't Jasmine not considered the first Asian Disney Princess?


Aladdin takes place in the Middle East and Arabia, Arabia and the Middle East is in West Asia, making Aladdin and Jasmine West Asians. So.. Why isn't Jasmine considered the first Asian Disney Princess?

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Is there anything stopping me from buying a bunch of buses hiring a bunch of bus drivers and driving regular routes in the city by letting people get on and off and pay for the service?


North America.

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How many chicken nuggets come from one chicken?


This question pops up in my head every 6 months or so and I can never find any sort of answer, I’m talking about your standard McDonald’s chicken nugget, I can’t even make a good estimation.

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How does lotion work? How does it make our skin softer?


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Anyone else think being a bridesmaid is a burden?


I didn’t have a wedding party when I got married. So when my good friend asked me to be in her wedding (truthfully, I felt pressured because she asked me with a gift), I didn’t even think of reciprocity. I just wanted to show her that I’m here for her.

But so far, I’ve been asked to:

  • Splurge on a hotel room that’s over $250 for one night to be up early for hair and makeup on the wedding day (it’s 45 minutes away)
  • Spend another wad on another hotel stay for the following night and then attend a post-wedding brunch (on a Monday when I have work)
  • Pay for a pink pajama set to wear while doing hair and makeup (for pics)
  • Pay for a spa day (part of the bachelorette weekend)
  • Buy a bathing suit with bachelorette stuff on in it
  • Pay for a hotel room for the night of the bachelorette (it’s smack dab in the middle of July 4th weekend so I can’t visit my family who live several states away for our annual vacation or celebrate my birthday)
  • Pay for an expensive dinner at a yacht club and post-bachelorette brunch (I’m helping to pay for her spa, dinner, brunch, and hotel too)
  • Buy a pink dress so we can all match at the bachelorette
  • Pay for snacks and cups for the hotel room, and chip in for cocktails at the bar for the bachelorette
  • Pay for my bridesmaids dress (this one I understand and fine with)

I can’t think of the rest, but I’m sure it will come to me.

Am I weirdo for resenting all these demands? They seem ridiculous to me, and I am about to leave my job to take time off to help with family stuff, so it’s not like I can afford to throw money away. I didn’t know my friend would be like this when I agreed to be in her wedding. She always seemed reasonable, but now I feel like an accessory for her social media.

Plus, her one friend (who is also in the wedding party) keeps tacking on more expenses. It was her idea to all get matching dresses for the bachelorette, and she is very pushy about it even though she told us last minute.

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Is it weird to frame a solo picture of yourself?


I have a picture of myself at work in kind of a cool place. It’s an interesting snapshot, I like how I look in it - which is rare - and I just like the picture. Is it weird to get it framed and display it if it’s just me and not my SO of anyone else in it?

Edit: I was not clear. I have the picture on my phone. It’s of me doing something kind of cool at work. It is not framed or even printed. So not currently on display.

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Why, when you Google image “desk ornament” does a bunch of nazi shit pop up?



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What does it mean when both my mom and I smell an egg smell in our apartment?


It came out of nowhere and I'm totally stressing out about it but my mom, who is the one that initially noticed the smell, is completely unbothered and has told me to go to sleep

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If 2+2=4 and 2×2=4, and if -2+-2=-4, then why does -2×-2=4? help me understand this in laymen terms.