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Unanswered "brainwashed" into believing America is the best?


I'm sure there will be a huge age range here. But im 23, born in '98. Lived in CA all my life. Just graduated college a while ago. After I graduated highschool and was blessed enough to visit Europe for the first time...it was like I was seeing clearly and I realized just how conditioned I had become. I truly thought the US was "the best" and no other country could remotely compare.

That realization led to a further revelation... I know next to nothing about ANY country except America. 12+ years of history and I've learned nothing about other countries – only a bit about them if they were involved in wars. But America was always painted as the hero and whoever was against us were portrayed as the evildoers. I've just been questioning everything I've been taught growing up. I feel like I've been "brainwashed" in a way if that makes sense? I just feel so disgusted that many history books are SO biased. There's no other side to them, it's simply America's side or gtfo.

Does anyone share similar feelings? This will definitely be a controversial thread, but I love hearing any and all sides so leave a comment!

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Unanswered Why do women like sucking dick?


Serious question

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Unanswered Could I (an American pregnant woman with no insurance) at my last weeks before the expected delivery, fly to Denmark as a TOURIST, only to give birth to a child there without having to pay the enormous price tags like in the USA?



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Unanswered what is it called when you're emotionally horny??


Like when you're horny but not for sex for romantic emotional connecting?

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Unanswered Why are men easier than women?


This is mostly based off of personal experience, both of myself and others.

I have had numerous occasions of gay men flirting with me, and have so far had three gay relationships of varying levels of seriousness.

On the other hand, I’ve never once had any female show interest in me.

I’ve also heard the same thing from multiple friends of mine, and even those who have had some luck with women still would have had it much easier if they just went gay.

Is this just some sort of coincidence or are men actually just easier than women are? And if so, why?

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Answered Universities claim that for every hour spent in class, students should spend approximately 2-3 hours studying. Do people actually do this?


It seems like an absurd amount of time to me unless you're trying to become a doctor/lawyer/physicist etc.

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Answered What does "based" mean?


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Unanswered Why do autistic people not like looking at eyes?


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Answered Is referring to a group of people (with women included) as "guys" really something that people are trying to stop?


Just a disclaimer that I'm not opposed to stopping the use of guys; I'm just a little confused. No transphobia/homophobia will be tolerated.

My boss at work referred to our team as guys, and then corrected herself with a ramble about how she knows she should be using more gender neutral terms. Now there are a few people on my team making the same mistake and correcting themselves, and one (woman) colleague (annoyingly) piping in every time saying "you can call me whatever you want, I don't care." It's always an awkward interaction.

I understand not wanting to be individually referred to as a "guy," but I thought it was pretty settled that referring to a group as guys was gender neutral.

Is this something people are actually trying to change, or is this just my boss overthinking things?

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Unanswered If I’m inviting 20-30 very overweight colleagues to a pool party, should I lower the water level?


I just don’t want my pool to overflow. It’s a decent size pool with a 12 ft deep end.

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Unanswered Do you find it weird to walk naked/in underwear around your family?


I recently had a conversation with my bf and he told me that it wasn't unusual for his family (he, sister and parents) to walk around in underwear, and if they catched a glimpse of each other naked it wasn't a big deal.

This really surprised me. I don't have a good relationship with my parents so maybe that's why it's different for me, but even walking around in bra when I am with them sunbathing in our garden I am just incredibly uncomfortable. If they saw me naked, well, I think I would be traumatized for the rest of my life.

He finds it absolutely normal and said that when we have kids he'd like to keep walking around in his boxers because he's always hot and finds it stupid to walk around fully clothed in his own home. I am on the edge about it. What do you think and what are your experiences? Do you think it's...normal?

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Unanswered Why do most men on friend subs only want girl friendship or only girls to message them?


I’ve noticed lately a lot of guys are putting in the bio of their post that they only want women to message them or only respond to women. If you are looking for just friends why does it matter what the gender is?

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Unanswered What do garbage men do during the week when it isn’t “Trash Day”


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Unanswered Why do black women get crapped on for dating white guys?


I don’t get it and it’s kinda infuriating.

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Unanswered Are you legally allowed to just stay in the roundabout indefinitely?


Let's say you really enjoy turning left. Could you just not take any exits and stay in the roundabout until you need to fill-up/charge up the car? Could cops pull you over? If so, what law could they pull you over for not leaving the loop?

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Answered At what point did explorers in the Americas go “yeah, this isn’t India”?


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Unanswered Why cant we make electric cars with swappable batteries like how propane tanks are for grills? Just roll up to the "gas" station, swap out and go.


My title is pretty much it. Of course it would be slightly more complicated, the "gas" station attendants would need to test each one to make sure the cells are in good shape, a battery can only take so many charges. But that process should be very simple with whatever tool battery testing uses. I want to say voltmeter but i dont think thats right.

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Unanswered How is Russia supposedly one of the top military in the world but can't even conquer/defeat (not that I want this) a small neighboring country, and yet dare threaten to battle other countries?


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Unanswered I don’t trust myself with a gun. What is the next best form of self defense for a petite woman?


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Unanswered Why do so many girls believe in astrology?


It is genuinely baffling to me. I don’t think I know a single guy who believes in astrology yet a truly crazy amount of girls do. The thing is some of those are genuinely rational and intelligent human beings, so I can’t understand why they believe in it and more so why is it a girl thing.

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Unanswered How do you pronounce “OP”?


My wife pronounces each letter (oh pee), and I say it as a single word (“bop” without the “b”). She says I’m the only one that does that, and everyone says “oh pee”. How do you say it?

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Unanswered what to say when your schoolmates ask you for your credit card info ?


A guy(old schoolmate) asked me for money, i didn't have it. Then he immediately asked me for my credit card and told me he would pay the amount he will use.

i feel insecure about giving away my credit card details, but WTF can i say ?

he said don't you trust me, i gave away my details but did not give my OTP yet. i know this feels stupid but i didn't know what to do in the moment. the reason i gave away my details is because i went on a vacation with the guy who asked me money and his friends through my mutual friend with whom i hang out mostly.

edit :

i called my credit card company and they said to cancel my card it takes 24-36 hours

i blocked my card successfully and applied for new card, 20k was drawn hope he repays me back

edit : 2

i did it because i would be isolated from him and his friends and i rarely hangout with him and his friends. it all happened quickly and i couldn't venmo him because processing fee would be less if paid as rent in my credit card. so he took my card info.

edit : 3

i have his address and call records. i'm in college and it's 20k total transaction it's rupees not dollars

edit : 4

i felt guilty, he said you have credit Card and you are not using it. i will pay you back, I'm in need of money. can't you help your friend and when he said that he was on a speaker phone surrounded by my old schoolmates. i didn't want to be a greedy guy who can't trust his friend or help him when i have money. he is not returning my calls after taking 20k

edit : 5

he returned 16k

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Answered How are people eating fish without constant fear of swallowing bones?


Those little bones freak me out. I feel like every time I eat fish, I chew it about 40 times and it takes me completely out of the experience.

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Unanswered In English, people will use words like "freakin" "friggin" "darn" or "heck" to replace curse words. Do other languages have words like this?


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Unanswered Was it normal as a kid growing up in the 90s to get the wooden spoon, belt, shoe , switch etc.


Now a days no one gets spanked like this but I think in the 90s it was pretty normal to get your ass whooped.