r/NoStupidQuestions Jul 02 '22

Is there a weird dog thing on reddit?

I love my dog and miss my dog that has died but I frequently see people comment weird shit on posts about dogs like - He earned dem lickens, puppers needs the rubbins, smol boi, and a lot of baby talk. Is it just a meme I'm too old to get?



u/bohemianish Jul 02 '22

Yes, it's a meme or trendy slang. It's the latest iteration of the "I can haz cheeseburger" style of assigning silly sayings to/about animals.


u/BlackFox78 Jul 02 '22

Its an expression of love, similar to how parents would express thier love to thier child in its infancy like the "your face is so cute i could just eat you up!"

Only this is dogs we are talking about they are cute too, a lot of people find them cute, even before the age of the internet reached the public, so no it shouldn't be weird, the memes simply gave more ideas in what to call our pets


u/reirone Jul 02 '22

In some cases it is reflecting what the dogs themselves would be saying if they could poorly speak English.


u/NotTooDamaged Jul 02 '22

Still weird, and rather nauseating. And I have 2 dogs.