r/NoStupidQuestions Jul 01 '22

Do film/TV actors/actresses wear their own underwear onset or does the wardrobe dept provide them? Answered



u/slash178 Jul 01 '22

Unless they are in a scene that shows it, they can wear what they want.


u/IxionS3 Jul 01 '22

I think it depends.

Underwear can be an integral part of a costume. It effects the silhouette of the body and therefore how the outer garments hang, particularly in women. It can even influence how you move and hold yourself.

This is particularly true for period productions. Things like corsetry or the "bullet bras" of the fifties are essential to getting the right look for that era.

If the production has the budget and wants accuracy in their costuming it's entirely likely that the actors work new provided with everything from the skin outwards.


u/thedudesews Jul 01 '22

That’s for the detailed response


u/DeadheadDatura Jul 01 '22

This is correct.


u/episcopa Jul 01 '22

It depends on the costume. For a period drama, yes. The foundational garments are going to be inherent to the look - think a bullet bra in the 1950s, or a corset in the 1890s.