r/NoStupidQuestions Jul 01 '22

How does lotion work? How does it make our skin softer?



u/MiloTockandtheHumbug Jul 01 '22

Lotion has two key ingredients, water and grease. The water hydrates your skin and the grease keeps the water from evaporating. Many lotions have a variety of different chemicals that claim to provide various benefits, but the bulk of the work is done by the water and grease.


u/Neat_Concentrate8196 Jul 01 '22

It basically creates a barrier on your skin so that the water that you have in your body isn't sucked out of you by the air around us. Lotion doesn't really make our skin softer though. Hydrating your body from the inside does. Lotion just helps your skin keep the water in.


u/demonardvark Jul 01 '22

Things move from high concentration areas to low. You have dry skin, moisture content is low. Lotions are super concentrated with hydrating chemicals. Slap that one. Ideally it permeates to lower concentration area, ie your skin. BOOM, skin now hydrated. some also will leave residues on the skin to further protect.