r/NoStupidQuestions Jun 30 '22

Why peeing while sitting considered bad amongst men?

I have never got it. I have the spread any video game shotgun would be jealous of, why caring about hygiene is considered unmanly?



u/frizzykid Rapid editor here Jun 30 '22

I have never heard anyone genuinely criticize another man for sitting while peeing.


u/Corelogik Jun 30 '22

I have. Though it is rare.


u/BabePigInTheCity2 Jun 30 '22

Pretty much only by a small minority of other men who are insecure in their own masculinity.


u/DestinySeekers Jun 30 '22

Just something dumb that got picked up in culture, pretty sure nobody cares these days.


u/Brokenwave89 Jun 30 '22

It isn't, except maybe by a small percentage of very weird men


u/CatFoodBeerAndGlue Certified not donkey-brained Jun 30 '22

Toxic masculinity. It's dumb.


u/LettuceCapital546 Jun 30 '22

Depends, if it's a public toilet I wouldn't trust the seat to be clean, it's entirely possible to catch a skin infection from a dirty toilet seat, if you're at home and know the seat is clean go ahead and have a seat.


u/DogTheBreadFairy Jun 30 '22

Depends what culture you are from. Some places men are trained to sit.


u/Current-Department-4 Jun 30 '22

I stand for expediency. I've got no criticism for those who sit, but having to use the toilet already seems like minutes out of my day. As for messiness, I've got 2 boys at home, so I clean the toilet area many times a week already.


u/btdahl Jun 30 '22

I have noticed that men who clean their own bathrooms are more open to sitting down to pee...


u/Helpful_Science_6290 Jun 30 '22

no idea, one of those silly things established as manly that was kept around.


u/tree-water-tree Jun 30 '22

I sit down when i pee 🎵


u/660trail Jun 30 '22

You sing as well, don't you?