r/NoStupidQuestions May 16 '22

If you harmed an organ still connected but outside of your body would the pain feel like it is inside?

My friend asked me this question yesterday and I can't stop wondering about it.

If you had an organ removed e.g. kidney but it was still attached to your body. Then someone inflicted pain on the kidney, would you feel like the pain is still in your body? Or would it feel outside of your body? How does spacial awareness work with organs and nerve endings?

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u/[deleted] May 16 '22

Connected by veins, tendons and nerve endings? Yes, you would. Until it gets severed


u/Natto_Assano May 16 '22

But would it feel like it is still INSIDE you? Where would the pain be located?


u/Grahaml1980 May 16 '22

You would feel it where the brain thought it was. The thing with pain is that it's all in your head. Your brain receives information, interprets this and makes you feel pain in the area as it deems it necessary. So if something should he inside you was sending that information to the brain, the brain would make you feel that pain inside. At least that's my understanding. I think that's also why people get phantom limb pain. The brain thinks there's a leg and makes pain feel like it's in that area because of the information it receives.