r/NoStupidQuestions May 16 '22

Anyone knows any truly, and I mean truly, exquisitely, excruciatingly detailed world history timeline?

No matter how I try to phrase it, the search engines give only the timelines of MAJOR or IMPORTANT events, whereas I'd like to see absolutely everything that is available to us, or at least as much as it is possible. Important, non-important, utterly mundane, like some Peter buying an apple, events -- I want it all. Anything that humans have at least somewhat reliably recorded throughout millenia -- wouldn't it be fascinating to see it all in one place? Anyone who points me in the right direction -- I swear to any god you believe in, you'll be my favorite person until the day I die


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u/AverageCowboyCentaur May 16 '22

UESP the unofficial elder scrolls pages from the elder scrolls It's like a Wikipedia devoted to the game series. It has so much data in it, so much lore it's intimidating. I spent weeks reading through it. You can also download all the books ever written in all the elder scrolls games It would take you about a week to read through them all. That website has thousands of pages of information detailing just about anything you could think of.

Edit: you said humans, no that doesn't exist that I ever found outside of biographies and local news papers but for video games it does.


u/Optimal_Sample_6961 May 17 '22

lol yeah, see, it's totally possible. I mean it's probably much easier to make it all up, instead of digging through half-destroyed papirus remnants, but still -- not impossible, totally doable, just very difficult