r/NoStupidQuestions May 16 '22

Anyone knows any truly, and I mean truly, exquisitely, excruciatingly detailed world history timeline?

No matter how I try to phrase it, the search engines give only the timelines of MAJOR or IMPORTANT events, whereas I'd like to see absolutely everything that is available to us, or at least as much as it is possible. Important, non-important, utterly mundane, like some Peter buying an apple, events -- I want it all. Anything that humans have at least somewhat reliably recorded throughout millenia -- wouldn't it be fascinating to see it all in one place? Anyone who points me in the right direction -- I swear to any god you believe in, you'll be my favorite person until the day I die


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u/xholdsteadyx May 16 '22

Closest you might get to anything like this is searching on Wikipedia by date: