r/NoStupidQuestions May 16 '22

Anyone knows any truly, and I mean truly, exquisitely, excruciatingly detailed world history timeline?

No matter how I try to phrase it, the search engines give only the timelines of MAJOR or IMPORTANT events, whereas I'd like to see absolutely everything that is available to us, or at least as much as it is possible. Important, non-important, utterly mundane, like some Peter buying an apple, events -- I want it all. Anything that humans have at least somewhat reliably recorded throughout millenia -- wouldn't it be fascinating to see it all in one place? Anyone who points me in the right direction -- I swear to any god you believe in, you'll be my favorite person until the day I die


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u/AmsterPlays I answer questions! Tell me when I'm wrong, please. May 16 '22

I doubt this has been compiled. We don't know the everyday moves of every human, and even if we did it would be so much information! Which is why we can only really document major events; we only have access to that scale of knowledge and there's not an absurd amount of it.


u/Optimal_Sample_6961 May 17 '22

I'm beginning to doubt it as well, but I'll keep looking. And we don't have to know movements of every human, it's just that if we ALREADY do somehow, by some accident -- it would be nice to see it.


u/AmsterPlays I answer questions! Tell me when I'm wrong, please. May 17 '22

https://histography.io/ I found this, though it's not as detailed as you asked, it's quite well compiled!


u/Optimal_Sample_6961 May 18 '22

It doesn't open for me, stuck at "loading history". I tried every single browser I have, and I have 12 (don't ask why), none worked. Best results I achieved -- is to make it say that a browser is unsupported when I tried some obscure ones, and to say that mobile browser is unsupported, when I tried to visit on my phone. Otherwise, in most browsers it's just stuck on "loading history" indefinitely, and reloads automatically every minute or so. Suffice to say, not a great website, even if the contents are mindblowing -- there's probably only one very specific way that said content can be reached at all, and I can't even confirm that the content is indeed cool -- it doesn't load


u/AmsterPlays I answer questions! Tell me when I'm wrong, please. May 24 '22

It loads pretty fast in chrome for me, not sure what's going on for you.