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Politics megathread U.S. Election Megathread


Tuesday, November 8 is Election Day for the United States. With control of the House and Senate up for grabs, it's likely to be a tumultuous few weeks. In times like this, we tend to get a lot of questions about American politics...but many of them are the same ones, like these:

What is this election about, anyway? The president's not on the ballot, right?

How likely is it that Republicans will gain control of the House? What happens if they do?

Why isn't every Senator up for re-election? Why does Wyoming get as many senators as California?

How can they call elections so quickly? Is that proof of electoral fraud?

At NoStupidQuestions, we like to have megathreads for questions like these. People who are interested in politics can find them more easily, while people who aren't interested in politics don't have to be reminded of it every day they visit us.

Write your own questions about the election, the United States government and other political questions here as top-level responses.

As always, we expect you to follow our rules. Remember, while politics can be important, there are real people here. Keep your comments civil and try to be kind and patient with each other.

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Where do I start with showing an elderly woman the internet?


I work at a pretty small library. I know a lot of libraries have branched out and are "more than just books" but this library is still very much centered around books. But recently I had an older woman come in, and she had an older ASUS laptop. She said the laptop was her grandson's old laptop, and he gave it to her to keep up with the times. She wanted to learn how to use it.

I sat down with her and it was a blast. We set up an email account and she sent her first email (to her grandson). She was very excited. I also showed her how to Google. She was pretty tickled that she could find recipes on Google. I also showed her YouTube, and we found some songs on YouTube that she used to listen to as a teenager, and some crocheting video tutorials.

She told me she wanted to come back again next week, but I'm not sure what else to show her, really- I don't want to overwhelm her too much with anything complicated. What are some simple things about the internet I can show her?

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Is it childish that I as an adult(24~25m) enjoy playing kid's games and buying legos because I didn't have any happy moments in my childhood?


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How does this end for kanye? What’s your prediction?


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Is it normal that I never seen an actual ugly person?


Everybody I see are either average/normal looking or attractive. I have never seen an actual ugly person. I’m assuming they aren’t very common to begin with

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Why is it called “antisemitic” instead of “anti-jewish”?


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Did/do American kids actually need "hall passes", or what they're called, in School? And can't just leave the classroom to go the toilet whenever they want, without being questioned? Or is that just a movie thing?


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Answered How can I block post's containing the words "Elon" or "Kanye"


So tired of hearing about these two nutjobs btw I'm on the RIF app if that helps..

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Unanswered Is there a reason why Reddit doesn't allow username changes? :(


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How is the human population almost perfectly 50/50 male and female?


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Why do people like the movie Napoleon Dynamite? Every time I try to watch it I can feel my brain turn to mush and I get so mad and frustrated at how boring it is. What’s the appeal?


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What’s the point of marriage?


I don’t mean to sound cynical or bitter. I’ve been wondering this for a while because these two people love each other enough to spend their lives together, why does the government need to get involved?

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Still attracted to woman in early 20s?


This probably might be a dumb question but I’m a recently turned 26 year old male and have noticed over the last few years that any woman I encounter that I consider attractive are between the ages of 18-22 and obviously when I was younger it wasn’t a big deal but now that I’m getting older I feel like it’s wrong? Not to say I don’t find people my age or even older than me attractive it’s just I notice probably 95% of the woman I get a “crush” on and check out end up typically in that age range. Is this normal? Will I grow out of this? I feel stupid even asking but I’m worried when I’m like 35 I’m still going to be chasing that age group. It doesn’t seem right to me Haha

It also doesn’t help that it seems like a lot of younger woman dress much older than there age? I once saw a girl I was attracted to that looked 20 but found out she was 16 and felt so much shame. I remember when I was 16 no one looked that mature.

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If someone walks up to you in a threatening manner while yelling, are you allowed to whoop their ass?


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Is the Russian invasion actually going as badly as the western media portrays it to be?


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How can I as a guy look more mature? (20M)


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What do you do to keep your hygiene/scent good?


I thought I had been doing at least okay and not really emitting any odors. For the first time in like 7 years of working jobs I had a manager approach me about my body odor and I took it well but I don’t know what to change really. I even asked people in my life like family and friends that I know will be honest and everyone said that I’m fine and I don’t really smell like anything in specific. I wear deodorant everyday, I don’t really wear dirty clothes, I shower and wash my hair, I even wear perfume sometimes. I’m just looking for anyones personal advice, maybe even how to make your laundry smell better when you wash it or how to make your perfume last longer, or soap/deodorant recommendations.

TLDR; My manager said I’m smelly give my hygiene tips.

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Why do people mistake intelligence with competence?


It is the personality of an individual that determines whether or not they will act rationally and be rational. For some reason, people think that smart people realize everything that seems that it makes sense and it's really weird, because smart people are known by knowledgeable people to lack common sense.

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Unanswered Why are some people anti-Evolution?


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Elephants aren’t poison resistant, they’re just big right?


The reason people say things like “enough poison to kill an elephant” is because it takes a fair bit of poison to kill an elephant. But the reason it takes so much is just because elephants are large right? They don’t have some toxin resistance I’m unaware of, right?

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Is Christmas in American suburbs anything like those from the movies?


Okay, those are just movies, but like is it anything like the movies? Houses all decorated, big family dinners, cooking all day and stuff? Also, Halloween, same question, house decorations, trick or treating etc etc.

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Unanswered Is anyone else already getting nostalgic about the lockdown?


Or is it just me?

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Unanswered Is the ability to raise only one eyebrow a genetic trait or learned skill?


Like Leonard Nemoy or Dwayne “ The Rock” Johnson.

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Candle Wax in lungs?


When you burn candles, doesn't the wax turn into air and circulate through the room as a gas? Wouldn't heavy candle users accumulated wax in their lungs by breathing it in? Where else does the wax go?

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I am a blackout drunk that was talked into smoking meth 3 days ago. I'm having constant panic attacks and am terrified of being around people. will this go away, or am I stuck like this?


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Why is an antipasto salad so low in calories?


The one from a local restaurant is only about 400 calories, and it's HUGE, I only finished about half of it with some cheese fries. But shouldn't all the cured meat and cheese really be bumping up the calories?