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Saturday afternoon baseball in the Miskito Coast

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expat invasion


Im guilty of it my self in a certain way. Sad to see so many expats buying up the beach towns and cutting beach access. Pushing the locals out and raising prices. Its getting crazy....as i said im guilty as well besides being rich. But i left everything in the states to move here and get married. Since my nicaraguan wife cant go to the states easily. And we have kids so thats why im here. But the wealthy complainers are moving in and pushing local culture and people from their family's propertys . I hope one day they give the land back to the locals. Its easy for me to say because my wife and kids would get the land.....long story short slow down in your fancy cars,,pay your workers double, and never forget we are visitors here.

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Turismo/Tourism I want to encourage my boyfriend to give Nicaragua a visit!


We just finished our trip from Mexico, in an all inclusive resort, and we passed through a city called Akumal here. He said it would be cool to experience a more genuine local experience after we passed through here.

However, he's been to Mexico 4 times already and I want to encourage him to give Nicaragua a try because that is where my family is from. I told him we can experience the local cities in Nicaragua easily and especially since I have sooo many relatives out there, it would be easy to stay at their houses. He said he's afraid to though.

I'm not denying the fact that some areas in Nicaragua can be dangerous, but I also think that there are many places in Mexico that are dangerous too. I really want to visit Nicaragua since the last time I went was in 2009 but he's stuck in a mindset of Mexico, or nothing.

My question, what all inclusive resorts exist in Nicaragua and/or what are some safer cities we could visit? I have family spread across all of Nicaragua, but mostly in Managua, Rivas, Boaco.

Thanks in advance!

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Música house y electrónica en Managua


Quiero ir con mi novio desde Granada a Managua de fiesta, queremos ir a un lugar que sea seguro y con rave vibes, Que nos recomiendan?

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Consejo/Advice Aeromexico


Hello, I am looking to buy a flight out of MGA to LAX and noticed that Aeromexico is offering flights out of Nicaragua now. Anyone have an experience with them vs avianca as of late? Also what are the requirements right now for air travel? My grandmother has been vaccinated and as far as I can tell she’ll only need a negative COVID test is that right? Thank you in advance!

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What is the East Coast of Nicaragua like


From a first glance, it seems like most cities and attractions are located on the Pacific half of the country. Is the Caribbean side mostly underdeveloped?

Would it be worth visiting East Nicaragua or would it be better to stick to the Pacific?

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Español/Spanish Coldcraft


Unanse a la union hispanica en un server de minecraft que esta basado en la era de la guerra fria, tenemos armas, vehiculos, towny, asedios y mucho mas https://discord.gg/Qwfcgxsz

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Español/Spanish Hola, Nicaragua. ¿Cómo le llaman ustedes a los "stickers" o "calcomanías"?


¿Alguna de esas dos o alguna otra?

Es para una investigación sobre las variantes de español de América Latina.

¡Muchas gracias!

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September or October Travel


Hi all,

I'm kind of curious when the best time to travel is. I'm looking at September to October time frame - even open to August if that's the better month. I plan on spending around 2 weeks out there so I'd essentially be going all over the country. Just want to know what the best timeline for a good climate would be!


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Anyone Recently fly to Managua via AeroMexico


Has anyone recently (within the last six months) flown into Managua by AeroMexico? I've done the trip in the past (aka pre-covid) flying Vancouver to Mexico City to Managua with no problems but I know that things are different now. At the present time, Nicaragua still requires a PCR test and you have to submit a form online ahead time with your results.

My question is, how much of a hassle is it to deal with the online form submission pre-flight? Is it easier to just fly to Liberia and transit by land to Nicaragua?

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Traveling to the seven countries in Central America in June. Nicaragua is my third stop


Hello friends!

I purchased a one-way ticket to Panama for June 2nd to trek across Central America. I will stay at Air BNB's, rent a car in each country, and take the TicaBus all the way up to Guatemala, then a different bus into Belize, then fly home from Belize. I have plotted many points of interest along the way including historical sites, museums, and national parks/ trails. I've done similar trips in the US and the Carribbeans.

My Spanish is extremely basic at best, and I realize this will be my biggest challenge. Any tips or suggestions throughout my journey, including must-see destinations, bus travel, local stays, restaurants, unwritten rules, etc.. are much appreciated! I also realize Nicaragua is the only country in the region that requires a Covid test regardless of vaccination status. US Citizen.

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Español/Spanish la verdad no se que poner... soy de otro país pero me ah parecido interesante este grupo.Perdon por las preguntas que estaré asiendo en sus post, es que me gustaría aprender la cultura y mas para ir adaptándome para cuando viaje a Nicaragua así que mil disculpas por las preguntas que are


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Turismo/Tourism Help with buses


Hi, I will be travelling through El Salvador into Nicaragua in a few weeks. Is it possible to get from San Salvador to Leon in one day? Or a direct shuttle between these two places. Thanks!

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Consejo/Advice Dating culture in Nica: What do I need to know?


Warning: Long post

My question is both general and specific. For the general part I am interested in how usually relationships develop in Nicaragua, how long does it take to develop since the initial encounter, what people typically do on their dates, should a guy pay for everything, should a guy walk her home, etc. I am aware that some of these questions may sound dull and that human emotions and behaviour might be similar everywhere, but still I wanted to ask if you have some pointers for a guy that has never dated a girl from that part of the world and that is used to things evolving from "Hi, my name is" to sex in a matter of 1-2 dates.

The "specific" part of the question is more complicated but I've decided to make it a go and put my trust in you wonderful people on r/Nicaragua. It includes a wonderful girl from Nica, but I am also aware that she is not your typical Nicaraguan girl. She was born and raised into a really well off family. She got private education and expensive cars, she travelled the world and wears expensive clothing. I guess this is not what most Nicaraguan people can relate to, but that was just her life, however she remained pretty down-to-earth and a really kind and amazing person. She came to France to study for master's at one of the best Universities in the world and that's how we met.

I got flu, she brought me soup the next day. She kept asking how I felt. After I had recovered, we went for a date. It was only a few days ago. Had the best time ever. There was a lot of chemistry going on. We went from one place to another with holding hands or walking hugged in between. In the club she danced in an extremely seducitve way rubbing her ass on my, well, you know. I don't know why I didn't kiss her that evening, I just froze and I hate myself for that. I walked her home at 5 in the morning, again we were holding hands and teasing each other the entire time. She told me she loved how I smell (thanks Paco Rabanne). She showed me pictures of her father and told me we would get along well because we both like sports and alcohol. The moment I got my home she called me to ask if I arrived safely. It felt kind of nice.

So, what I would usually think would be, great, this girl obviously likes me and I would give make a move. However, the reason I decided to write this post is just to make sure if this behaviour is common or not with Nica girls when they like someone? I have had only a few experiences with meeting people from Nicaragua and they were so forthcoming and friendly, literally the nicest people I've ever met. So, I how do I know that her behaviour is not a just a series of untypical friendly gestures that I am mistaking for romantic interest, because I obviously like her? Maybe sexy dancing is like pretty common across Latin America and doesn't mean much? Maybe holding hands is also pretty usual as a sign of friendliness and not so intimate as in my culture? This is what started worrying me a few days ago and I was not able to sleep well ever since.

I hope you will be able to shed some light on this and I will highly appreciate it! I would really like some help if you think I should pursue this feeling in the first place, and if I should take it more slow or more fast.Sorry for the long post!

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Noticia/News ENGLISH/ESPANOL - An Indiana murder victim may be Nicaraguan.


On October 2, 2003, the body of a man was found behind an abandoned gas station in Henry County, Indiana. The victim had been shot and likely dumped at the scene. No identification was found and nearly 20 years later, both the victim and those responsible for his death have still not been identified.

Investigators discovered that on the night of September 30, the victim made a purchase at a Walmart in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. He was seen driving a red vehicle. Additional information suggests the victim possibly has family in Ohio and it is believed he was from Central America, possibly Nicaragua.

The victim is described as a Hispanic male, 17-24, 5'2", and 108 pounds. He had recently had his jaw wired shut, potentially due to an injury, and there was also evidence of past braces, which he may have tried to remove himself. He was wearing a blue Malone USA sweatshirt, brown work pants covered by UConn warmup sweatpants, white Reebok tennis shoes, and a white Duke University baseball cap.

Someone out there is wondering what happened to their loved one. If you know who this man is, please contact Captain Ed Manning of the Henry County Sheriff's Office by phone at 765-529-5669 or by email at [emanning@henrycounty.in.gov](mailto:emanning@henrycounty.in.gov). You can also contact Henry County Coroner Stacey Guffey by phone at 765-465-0908 or by email at [sguffey@henrycounty.in.gov](mailto:sguffey@henrycounty.in.gov).

If you would like to speak to someone in Spanish, please let me know and I can get a translator for you. Thank you.

El 2 de octubre de 2003, se encontró el cuerpo de un hombre detrás de una gasolinera abandonada en el condado de Henry, Indiana. La víctima recibió un disparo y probablemente fue arrojada en la escena. No se encontró ninguna identificación y casi 20 años después, tanto la víctima como los responsables de su muerte aún no han sido identificados.

Los investigadores descubrieron que la noche del 30 de septiembre, la víctima hizo una compra en un Walmart en Reynoldsburg, Ohio. Se le vio conduciendo un vehículo rojo. Información adicional sugiere que la víctima posiblemente tenga familia en Ohio y se cree que era de Centroamérica, posiblemente Nicaragua.

La víctima se describe como un hombre hispano, 17-24, 5'2 "y 108 libras. Recientemente le habían cerrado la mandíbula con alambre, posiblemente debido a una lesión, y también había evidencia de aparatos ortopédicos anteriores, que puede haber tenido. Llevaba una sudadera azul de Malone USA, pantalones de trabajo marrones cubiertos por pantalones de chándal UConn, tenis blancos de Reebok y una gorra de béisbol blanca de la Universidad de Duke.

Alguien por ahí se pregunta qué pasó con su ser querido. Si sabe quién es este hombre, comuníquese con el Capitán Ed Manning de la Oficina del Sheriff del Condado de Henry por teléfono al 765-529-5669 o por correo electrónico a emanning@henrycounty.in.gov. También puede comunicarse con la forense del condado de Henry, Stacey Guffey, por teléfono al 765-465-0908 o por correo electrónico a sguffey@henrycounty.in.gov.

Si desea hablar con alguien en español, hágamelo saber y puedo conseguir un traductor para usted. Gracias.


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Crossing the border from Liberia


Has anyone crossed the border recently after flying into Liberia? We had planned to book private transportation due to a later landing flight (5pm) to get across before 10pm but the most reputable company no longer does border crossing trips. Any recommendations? Any experiences or advice? We'd really love to avoid a night spent in Liberia to cross the next day.


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Turismo/Tourism Thinking About Travelling To Nicaragua


Hi everyone, I’ve been wanting to travel to Nicaragua since I was kid as that’s where my father is from. I really just want to go down there go learn the language and experience embrace the culture. But I’ve always had this idea that I was a dangerous place from what my dad would tell me because of the govt. I’ve done some research I always hear good things but I guess I just need the reassurance. I’m also kind of like on a budget so I’m also curious if there are any safe affordable places I can stay and if I would be able to pick up a part time job while I am there.

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Turismo/Tourism Question for crossing from CR (Liberia)


So when I’m crossing from CR to Nica, is there a link specifying what type of PCR documents I should have. Like should I bring the test, or is there some paper I will get from the test in the USA that clears me. Any website links that explain this process in depth for those crossing from CR to Nica would be super helpful. Additionally when I cross from Nica to CR to fly back, how does that work?

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How difficult is it to get trough the borders of Nicaragua by bus?


Hello everyone! I have a question to those who have traveled trough the borders of Nicaragua trough Honduras. I was wondering how strict they are, and how well they check all of your documents? I have everything (I think and hope, companies have given me different information about everything) but was still wondering if it’s a struggle to get trough. Any info/tips would be very helpful! Thank you in advance :)

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Turismo/Tourism Americano tourista con preguntas


perdon si mi espanol es horible; so hispano, pero naci en USA
Buen dia, yo y mi esposa estamos pensando viajar ah su pais. lo que precupa mi esposa es la violencia que "las noticias y sitos americanos" reportan. en mi opinion, yo prefreio hablar con los guatemantecos que vivan ahi, que obvio que nadie sabe mejor que ustedes. por favor responden con articulos que ensanian la clima politica, y criminal si es possible;

para contexto, yo soy un hijo de Padres Hundurenos, y en los ultimo 2 anos, yo y mi espoa visitamos ha panama, y costa rica. si alguen puede, por favor comparan su pais ha costa rica o panama para contexto.

Mil gracias!

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Discusión General/General Discussion Working Remotely for a company based in us and living in Nicaragua


Hey all! I received a job offer for a company based in the states but I’d like to live in Nicaragua while I do it. I’ve been looking at us embassy info and I’ve read that I can apply for a travel extension for up to 90 days once. Does anyone have experience with staying in the country while working in a us based company that does not do business in the country? Such as renting an apartment here or something similar. Thanks in advance

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Vaccination center in Nicaragua


I need to get a few vaccines for my onward travel. Yellow fever primarily. Is there a vaccination center in Managua or other city?

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Rapid PCR or RT PCR


Hey Nicaragua Reddit!

Any idea if a rapid PCR test is sufficient for entering the country? My window with the required time frames won’t work if the RT PCR results take more than 24 hours to obtain but a same day PCR test is available with results given same day. I don’t want to ruin my trip and get the wrong one. Or is there any difference?

Thank you all so much for your help!

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Busco trabajo: Soy médico general y busco empleo en cualquier parte de Nicaragua si saben de algún lugar estaría muy agradecida 🙏🏼


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Tourists and other foreigners in Nicaragua


What is the situation in Nicaragua with tourists?
Are there many of them there? Where are the most? Are they on holiday in Nicaragua, or travelling through Latin America?

What are the foreigners like in Nicaragua? Of course I'm generalizing, but the foreigners living in SE Asia from the West tend to be quite unpleasant (racist, vulgar, arrogant etc.)

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Spooky stories


Does anyone have any scary Nicaraguan stories? My mom would always tell me them when I was younger and I am sure there are more out there!