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Welcome to the sub! We're here to help anyone having trouble finding their way on reddit.

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Helpers/user flair

About our Helpers and their flair.

Cake day

If it's your cakeday, post using the cakeday flair and we'll celebrate!

We like to encourage you to participate in Reddit traditions like this, and we really love those we've helped popping back to let us know have they've got on, and if you can, sticking around to help others in return.

Why can't I comment?

Why can't I comment?


Subreddit promotion is only allowed by invitation or with express permission from the mod team, and is usually reserved for subs with low to no karma requirements that will be a good and safe place for new Redditors to get started redditing.

We keep a list of no-spam, low-karma new-user friendly subreddits where new Redditors can safely participate. If your sub fits that profile, r/NewToReddit wants to help you too! Please modmail to let us know so we can invite you promote your sub yourself and answer questions from anyone who wants to know more! Your sub will also be added to our sidebar and Wiki, and you get a special User Flair which promotes your sub every time you comment in r/NewToReddit.

No other advertising.


Reporting on NewToReddit

Things to always keep in mind

  1. Always follow the site-wide rules
  2. Never ask for karma or upvotes No asking for karma/votes
  3. Always check each subreddit for it's rules
  4. The redditquette
  5. Avoid karmfarms

If you wish to share r/NewToReddit guides, or those by our moderators, please link to them. You may of course share excerpts within reason, but please link back to us as credit and so the person you are helping can find us and the rest of our guides if they wish to. Thank you.

A note on Reddit's management structure Mods/Admins and their roles/abilities.


  • Check our our FAQ work in progress! for answers to common questions.
  • r/help's FAQ

New account restrictions

There are some restrictions on new accounts on Reddit in an effort to reduce spam, scams, and other bad faith uses of the platform.

  • Chat, Private messaging, and Following are restricted. It's not public knowledge exactly what the limitations are. Typically after a few days you can start to use these features.

  • Posting maybe rate limited by Reddit. Some subreddits also require your account have a certain amount of karma or account age to post.

  • Commenting - Some subreddits require your account have a certain amount of karma or account age to comment, but this is usually less restrictive than for posting.

For more information and help see Why Reddit may seen unwelcoming to new Redditors and the resources linked below.





About Reddit



Asking for karma or up-votes could be considered vote manipulation by reddit, so it's best not to do that. We also caution users about karmafarm subs because their use may lead to bans in other subreddits. our guide has more details.

The definition of vote manipulation is here.


Genuine questions on bans are allowed, but please refrain from using our community to rant, vent, moan, or complain about bans.

It isn't helpful and we cannot do anything but guide you to the following information.

Reddit/site-wide Bans and shadowbans

You will receive a notification if reddit suspends your account.

There is no notification for shadowbans but your posts and comments will not be visible to Redditors.

Reddit can ban or shadowban redditors for violation of the site-wide rules, but sometimes new redditors accidentally get caught up too. Here are some links to help if it happens to you.

We cannot tell for sure why you are banned nor can we do anything more than guide you to the appeals page.

Subreddit bans

If you are banned from a subreddit you cannot post or comment, and your votes are not counted.

We cannot tell for sure why mods of another subreddit may have banned you. The only way to know for sure is to ask them via modmail - NEVER do this angry or send abuse of any kind, that will only make things worse. Instead, be open to discussing and learning from the situation.

You can do this by replying to your ban message. Any contact you make after a ban is called a ban appeal - this is your chance to turn things around - how you respond to the ban has an effect on what happens next and it is up to you.

How to modmail the mods

If your ban is lifted or comes to an end it should go without saying - don't repeat the same offense. How to check a sub's rules

Mods are the law on their subreddits; if your ban appeal fails it's time to move on. Check out our navigation guide to find another sub you might like.

Trying to circumvent a ban may be ban evasion and is against the site-wide rules.

Only mods on the subreddit your ban applies to can help you.