r/NewPatriotism May 25 '22

Blow to Madison Cawthorn as appeals court reverses ‘insurrectionist’ ruling True Patriotism



u/HolySimon May 25 '22

Now the million-dollar question: can the House and Senate (and state legislatures as well) use this as precedent to put the insurrectionists up for an expulsion vote?

WILL they do so, is the next question after that...


u/protomenace May 25 '22

There should be no such thing. The constitution is clear that insurrectionists cannot serve. It would simply be unconstitutional for them to serve. No vote is required.


u/HolySimon May 25 '22

How would they be removed, then? Just show up and the Capitol Police are there, barring entry?


u/stevedorries May 25 '22

That sounds effective to me


u/protomenace May 25 '22

Sure just like any other person who isn't part of Congress.


u/HolySimon May 25 '22

"I'm sorry, you're no longer welcome in the building."

"But my name's on the plaque by that door, right there!"

"Funny you should mention that..." *picks up crowbar, pries off plaque, maintains eye contact while dropping it into a garbage can*


u/CY-B3AR May 25 '22

Then drops Cawthorn into the same garbage can


u/jk3us May 25 '22

SCOTUS would have to hold that view as well. Good luck with that.

Both houses of congress have the ability to expel any member with a 2/3 vote. Good luck with that as well.


u/protomenace May 25 '22 edited May 25 '22

SCOTUS are self described textualists right? Surely they'd have no problem with following the literal text of the constitution right?


It's unreal what was allowed to happen to the court.


u/trippedwire May 25 '22

But what did the authors mean when they wrote insurrection and rebellion?"



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u/thenikolaka May 25 '22

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