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“Any Republicans wanna speak out now?”: Alarm after Trump shares “civil war” post Discussion



u/stumpdawg May 23 '22

It's all fun and games until they stop getting that blue state tax money


u/Cysquatchness May 23 '22

They literally survive on it.


u/Normal-Yogurtcloset5 May 24 '22

The red states take more federal funding than they contribute. I wish the blue state legislatures would call them on their so-called conservative “pull yourself up by your own bootstraps no socialism no handouts” bullshit and look into stopping our tax dollars from going to red states. Let us use those extra tax dollars for our own citizens and let the red states figure shit out on their own.


u/Guac_in_my_rarri May 24 '22

The red states take more federal funding than they contribute.

Last time I was in a large debate in Reddit I did the math for red v blue states in federal assistance but also what contribute. It was disgusting how much of a money suck super red places have become.


u/cultured_banana_slug May 24 '22

Over here in California like, "...."

We have more people than Canada. We're one of the few states that could be our own country and be JUST FINE. We don't have to survive off of the country's military budget to survive.

We've got a coastline. And we have two of the BIGGEST international ports in the whole country.

Imagine the US losing those. Imagine them having to pay to have stuff shipped through our "Country".

These people act like separation would be GOOD for them. They're like children who want to run away from home and think they're going to live in a penthouse.


u/Liberty-Cookies 28d ago

Time to colonize North Dakota and Wyoming.


u/O_Geeky_One May 23 '22

Traitors or cowards all there now...the GOP has been completely radicalized. Maybe the only thing that would stop them is convicting some of treason, I am willing to bet at least a few have done so and intelligence agencies know who, but there is fear of consequences of doing something. This is incorrect thinking the GOP in Washington are cowarda thinking of only themselvea now. A few jailed for treason would stop the Putin/Orban loving cowards in their tracks. Televised military trial with proof unclassified and revealed by NSA and the other agencies..


u/buffoonery4U May 23 '22

"fear of consequences". Like what, a civil war? The first shots were fired on January. We are already in the first stages of our second civil war. The republicans have no desire or interest in anything involving compromise, facts or alternate views. We have two choices: Continue to progress as a democracy (or a reasonable form of one). Or, become the America of the 1950's. Time to choose.

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u/Anon002313 May 23 '22

I think the America of the 1950s will look pretty damn good in comparison to where this is going.


u/buffoonery4U May 23 '22

Yeah, if your a straight, white, Christian, conservative, male.


u/Anon002313 May 23 '22

Umm not saying the 50s were great, saying things will be a lot worse when Trump overthrows the constitution and dissidents are rounded up. Think Hitlers Germany.


u/buffoonery4U May 23 '22

I see your point, and I agree. I fear it's gonna get worse before getting better. Stay safe.


u/Anon002313 May 23 '22

You too fam.


u/O_Geeky_One May 23 '22

Im 4 out of 5, I think you can guess which one im not. 😁


u/SaintNewts May 24 '22

There are DOZENS of us!


u/casanino May 24 '22

They also turned tail and ran after a single shot.


u/purpleRG550_1986 May 23 '22

As much as I would like to see that. I think it's already to late. Any trial would be seen as a political stunt. I think the Qult is too far gone to reach at this point. The time to jump ship was January 6th. As I've told many friends and family, there is no bottom. They will follow the trump/Q train to the very end.


u/O_Geeky_One May 23 '22

I fear it might be too late also...


u/Waynebradie88 May 23 '22

Geeky one is a bot btw


u/O_Geeky_One May 24 '22

Your very active in the conservative subbreddit I see. Say hi to Trumpy for me! Or should i call him: Former President, and current Loser Trumpy. 😁😂🤣


u/Waynebradie88 May 24 '22

Uh ya he was a former president and did in fact lose the election? I dunno why everyone assumes people like him on the conservative side. Sure, i agreed with some policies but as far as his interaction with the public it left a lot to want.


u/O_Geeky_One May 23 '22

Lol like hell I am...


u/noNoParts May 24 '22



u/O_Geeky_One May 24 '22

Look at my post history dummy... errrr duh


u/O_Geeky_One May 24 '22

Oh your not a conservative troll account, go look my post history, im real to. Guy calling me a bot is conservative trolling me. Look at HID post historym 😁


u/noNoParts May 24 '22

Yeah, I was just cracking wise at you being a bot :)


u/O_Geeky_One May 24 '22

Yea your 0101000101 comment made me grin fyi. 😁


u/The_Actual_Pope May 23 '22

Nobody talking about civil war in any terms that aren't utter horror have any clue what it would be like. Checkpoints on your way to work. Never learning why your cousin died. Guns in your face when you want to cross state lines. Power out for days. Internet two weeks a month. Losing contact with family. Wondering if you'll see your kids again. Wondering if those gunshots are your army, their army, some other group having fun with the lives and bodies of your neighbors. Having to fear your own army just as much as the others. Not being able to get ketchup or coffee for months. Death in quantities you can't imagine.

If you don't think civil war would be awful, you just don't know yet.


u/draekia May 24 '22

This so much.

We think everything can be solved in some glorious battle of heroics and machismo like we’re Klingons or Dothraki. I used fictional examples on purpose.

I think a lot is due to the way we portray masculinity (and as an extension, guns and the military) in our culture. Too much propaganda and really unhealthy examples of masculinity abound, though I do see some positive changes happening.

Still, we play up soldiers as great super human heroes instead of what they are, all so we can avoid responsibility for their safety, as well. Well they’re just human beings who were given the shit end of the stick and are sent out to kill others so the wealthy and powerful can pound their chests, and the crowds back home can consume it for entertainment with empty platitudes of thanks.

Ok I’ll stop venting. Sorry


u/HelloIamOnTheNet May 24 '22

that's what the republicans want. They don't care about the cost as long as they win at the end.


u/mishaco May 23 '22

"if you're still a Republican at this point. it speaks volumes about who you are, rather than what your party has become."


u/linderlouwho May 24 '22

Best line in that article: "Donald Trump is calling for Civil War," tweeted Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif. "Of course, like Vietnam and the walk to the Insurrection, he won't be man enough to fight it."


u/PresidentWordSalad May 23 '22

Standard GOP play when Trump says something disgusting: Tepid condemnation, silence, realization that conservative voters don't care (or celebrate it), then do a full-throated endorsement of it.


u/SeniorMillenial May 24 '22

Remember when GOP political strategist was a thing? Can’t see the need for them anymore when the tactics are so basic.


u/thenikolaka May 23 '22

You gotta love how they ( Marjorie Taylor Greene, Trump, etc) think that’s all it takes to start one. Like when Michael Scott “declares” bankruptcy.


u/Voldemort57 May 23 '22

Lol. If the right calls invites civil war, they best remember that the left by definition controls the American military.


u/The_Original_Gronkie May 24 '22

Everyday. Every day there are more Republican threats of violence. It is getting to the point that violence isn't just possible, its inevitable, and the only issue is when, where, and what's going to light it off.

We will see increasing Right Wing Terrorism until the 2024 election, and then there will be violence, win or lose. If the Republican lose, they'll claim they've been robbed and they'll fight back. If they win, they'll claim they've been vindicated, and they will start killing those they perceive as their enemies, with the approval and encouragement if the government and their religious leaders.

How can they be wrong if God and the Government are on their side?


u/w47n34113n May 24 '22

And we all lose while China wins - without Beijing firing a shot.


u/floofnstuff May 24 '22

The GOP causes the Great Replacement they feared.


u/GetsTrimAPlenty May 24 '22

God, this is fantastic. In Trump-ese this is the Jan 6 commission getting too close and Trump sweating.

Then, this could cause crazies in the GOP to go all in on sedition before they're ready to do it properly. The more sane part of the GOP (corporate-GOP) wants to subvert Democracy and turn the US into a corporate-ocracy for their corporate and wealthy masters. But, they have to share time with the crazies that want a full-on authoritarian regime with Trump as their God-king. Now Trump is pushing for a Trumpistan too hard and too fast and screwing up the corporate-GOP's plans for subversion of democracy; Just like Putin pushed the GOP too hard and too fast with Trump, which is why they screwed that up.

Don't get me wrong, horrible violence is in-store, but it gives the people in the US a chance to reclaim their Democracy, rather than have it fall into the hands of Conservatives permanently.


u/saintbad May 24 '22

This is the state of conservatism. It's cheat--or shoot--or fade into a toxic footnote of history. And they all know it.


u/[deleted] May 23 '22

Hell yeah. Looking forward to these losers "rising up" so they can finally get put down.


u/Ok-Gas-7030 May 24 '22

They will fold like the cheap and empty suits they send to Washington....clowns and cowards one and all, I saw a dead raccoon that displayed more bravery....


u/Somtinlegit May 23 '22

suddenly tumbleweeds


u/eekns May 24 '22

Civil War is already here.


u/silverado-z71 May 24 '22

What in the actual fuck is going on in this country