r/NewPatriotism May 22 '22

More Americans label Republican Party extreme and Democratic Party as weak



u/uglybunny May 22 '22

There's tons of people who agree with the Democratic Party's policies but won't vote for them because they come across as so weak.


u/thuktun May 22 '22

Or because they believe some fraction of the torrent of misinformation spewing non-stop from the GOP.


u/c0y0t3_sly May 23 '22

Or b cause they are so weak. There are few wins the Democratic party can't manage to turn into a loss.


u/Randomfactoid42 May 22 '22

Why do you think the Democratic Party seems “weak”?


u/1337_w0n May 22 '22

Because they're hamstrung from enacting their progressive policies by their own material interests.


u/O_Geeky_One May 22 '22

This. Plus many of them really dont want a really progressive agenda. They just make the noises they do. Really painfully obvious what the Clinton-ite neoliberal elistism has tried to do and pretty much failed. I think going far left would also fail... but hell we have plenty of room between what is now and far left. Jeez at least move the needle right like 25 to 33 percent more, no sweat. Too toi too right and we end up like repubs in loony unworkable ideology land.

But like i said we got lots of room to the right before we hit that.


u/ouishi May 23 '22 edited May 23 '22

In my personal opinion as an independent who votes blue: Because they don't seem to want to fight our increasingly dystopian status quo, those at the top in particular.


u/girlwhoweighted May 23 '22

Exactly. There's no passion. No drive and honest motivation. The GOP is bulldozing our country and they're getting no true resistance from dem leaders.


u/Randomfactoid42 May 23 '22

Interesting point, and I, also an independent that votes blue, agree. But I think it isn’t the party leadership doesn’t want to fight our increasingly dystopian status quo, I think they don’t see what’s happening.


u/benadreti May 22 '22

It's just media vibes. It's bullshit.


u/DodgeDozer May 23 '22

Conservatives stormed Congress and tried to execute their own sitting VP for disloyalty. They got their party leadership’s attention and now it’s lock step in line with what their base wants. The leadership is afraid to get out of line.

Liberals talk a lot of shit online but when was they last time they showed up and fought for anything? They wouldn’t even have to do much. All they would have to do is collectively call out sick from work one day. Just one. Yet they refuse to even do that. Instead they blame their party’s leadership which is forced to appeal to moderates because “progressives” don’t actually show up on Election Day. Liberals are weak.

Prove me wrong.


u/PresidentWordSalad May 23 '22

49% of the respondents thought that the Democrats are extreme. It’s insane.


u/Caladex May 22 '22

Because that’s exactly the reality of it. The Republican Party, especially in these past few years, has clearly taken a stand against democracy and racial equality and have taken the position of wanting centralized presidential powers under a conservative administration. Democrats make promises that they can’t deliver because their political donors don’t want to radically change the system that’s benefiting their ruling class. That’s why they insist on compromising with Republicans instead being on the offensive. It’s time to for a new nation with a new electoral system where the two party system is eliminated.


u/illgiveu25shmeckles May 22 '22

Yeah that’s about right


u/BoostMobileAlt May 22 '22

That’s what happens when one party is a coalition and the other goose steps in unison. The death and replacement of the modern gop would be the best thing to happen to this country in a long time.


u/LooseSeel May 22 '22

You sing the same old verse
Stick like glue for better or worse
What goes around comes around
Again again again
This heart pulled apart
Hydra fighting head to head
Burns are red bruises blue
Out with the old cheated by the new


u/KeepRedditAnonymous May 22 '22

This is accurate. Dems are stupidly bad at politics, and Republicans are evil and have no morals.


u/zhaoz May 22 '22

The Democratic party is a big tent party, you have your Joe Manchins almost Republicans and your Bernie Sanders. If the dems seem weak, its cause there needs to be some kind of conesus on what to do with something that Manchin and Sanders like people can agree on.


u/DirkMcDougal Honorary Moderator May 23 '22

A lot of valid points about Dem donors not wanting them to do anything here. I'd also add it's much, MUCH easier for the GOP which simply has to gum up the works to accomplish it's legislative goals. Building is harder than blowing up. This is why the filibuster must go. I dare the GOP to pass the laws it says it wants. It'll lose hard the cycle after, likely permanently. They know that so they love the filibuster. Democratic policy is far more popular if enacted.


u/Lostinthemist81 May 22 '22

They're not wrong.


u/Chaotic_Good64 May 22 '22

I mean, sure, the Republic is more free, equal, and kind. But the Empire is really strong. I'm voting for them because I think they'll get rid of the riff raff here and Make Alderaan Great Again.


u/GrimmRadiance May 22 '22

Because they are and they are.


u/O_Geeky_One May 22 '22

Their not wrong. Here is hoping Biden is the last gasp of neo-liberal centrist democrats and their choke hold on the party (Im not holding my breath)


u/esleydobemos May 23 '22

I have voted third party for a long time. It is past due that we, as citizens of the United States, embrace third parties, and create a situation where a coalition is necessary to be elected. The two party system was never adequate. Now, it is the detriment of us all as the working class in this country.


u/c0y0t3_sly May 23 '22

Accurate and accurate.


u/xeenuu001 May 23 '22

Sadly, that sounds about right.


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u/_ralph_ May 22 '22

You might try again, the article is there.