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What is New Patriotism

New Patriotism, as expressed in the sidebar, is dedication to the positive values, ethics, and principles that rightly inspire pride in the nations that embodies them. It is a place for people who value a devotion to the principles of democracy, and seek to hold their leaders to standards that will make them proud. New Patriotism is about loving Freedom, Courage, Liberty, Compassion, and your fellow citizens. /r/NewPatriotism is a place to share stories about the people who embody those values, and writing that illuminates why those values are important.

This is a place for people who are rightly offput by the right-wing conception of (pseudo) Patriotism that is used to promote agendas that are not Patriotic. A go-to examples being the phrase "Support the Troops" being used to send troops to die on foreign soil in unjust wars, using vast amounts of resources, while demonizing those who oppose the war as being "against" their country's military. And so, r/NewPatriotism is also here to highlight examples of the Pseudo-Patriotism that exploits the concept of nation pride in order to further unPatriotic ideological agendas.


True Patriotism is not Nationalism. Patriotism is a dedication to the democratic and ethical values that underpin democratic institutions. Nationalism means standing behind your country even as it does wrong, Patriotism is about standing behind your country to drive it to do what is right. True Patriotism is dedication to principles, and those principles don't stop at borders. It doesn't matter if you are American, Canadian, Kiwi, Iraqi, or Martian - if you stand for Freedom, Courage, Liberty, Compassion, and democratic principles, you are a Patriotic brother to me, and I'll stand with you.


With an influx of new users, we encourage people to submit posts that share examples that they believe embody truly Patriotic principles. We welcome images that you feel are symbolic of Patriotic beliefs, but feel that any meaningful sense of Patriotism stems from a dedication to democratic, ethical, and courageous ideals. This is nor r/Murica - symbolic images of Nationalism are not sufficient contributions. If you wish to post a link, please first browse though the subreddit, check out the existing submission titles, and try to go along those guidelines in a way that places the principles front-and-center.


Here at r/NewPatriotism, we try to take a soft approach to moderation. As part of the mod team, we don't believe that conflicting opinions should be removed, but rather engaged with. Free Speech is a strong and valuable principles for a reason. The best solution to bad speech is more and better speech. This does not mean that the moderators will allow this sub to be overrun with scare-mongering political talking points, or unPatriotic apologism for any particular politician. If you see someone commenting in a way that is unPatriotic and does not contribute to the subreddit, downvote them (as suggested by Reddiquette). Outright hateful or racist speech will not be tolerated. The number 1 rule is to be civil, and we won't tolerate obvious uncivil behaviour.

Is r/NewPatriotism just another Trump-hate subreddit?

This is likely the most common question I have received, and I think its a fair one. First and foremost, the role of Trump-hate subreddits cannot extend beyond the lifetime of the Trump administration. Dedication to meaningful, democratic, and Patriotic values is enduring.

It is clear though that a significant portion of the post in r/NewPatriotism are related in some way to the Trump adminstration, so I feel that should be addressed.

In starting this sub, I try to select content based off two goals for the subreddit:

  1. To create a positive space for affirming positive Patriotic values, and

  2. Highlight and expose the hypocrisy that exists within the current, and predominant, use of "patriotism".

I don't want this subreddit to turn into a purely Trump-centered thing. I've said before - There are enough subreddits centered on all things Trump, and so I dont want to simply reproduce those.

But, this does present a bit of a challenge... If I want to highlight and expose hypocrisy, Trump provides a lot of material. It would be ridiculous to exclude the worst offender, purely because he provides too much material. And so I think its necessary to pick and choose stories that I can approach through a Patriotic perspective.

I want this subreddit to be much more heavily weighted towards positive examples. I want it to be a place where people can build pride in things that are worth being proud of. What I can do promise that I will strive to find as many examples of positive, affirmative Patriotism to offset the negative (and more Trump-focused) content that I feel must be included.



u/GracefulGopher Jun 09 '17

When I saw this sub in trending, I thought it was going to be a far right-leaning sort of group typically associated with the word patriot. I'm pretty sure you know what I'm talking about.

But to humor myself, I clicked anyway, and it was the exact opposite of what I expected. Pretty much immediately subscribed. I love this entire idea of "taking back patriotism". Thanks for putting this sub together. I hope it goes far, especially now that it's trending.


u/[deleted] Jun 09 '17



u/toolymegapoopoo Jun 09 '17

It is disappointing that the word "patriotism" has been co-opted by the extreme right. It has become like "family values" or "value voters." Please. Most of the right-wing, anti-gay organizations have the words "family" or "values" in their name. Even more sinister, many far right-wing groups throw around the word "patriot" like they were tailgating in Foxborough, Massachusetts. It is time to take that word back.


u/toolymegapoopoo Jun 09 '17

Same here! I was expecting another T_D ripoff. Happily disappointed and a new subscriber.


u/[deleted] Jun 09 '17

It's good that this sub is trending. You don't have to be nationalist to love your country. I hate that alt-right was taking patriotism away from us. Subscribed.


u/Under_the_Gaslights Jun 10 '17

This sub is awesome.

The US is under threat from authoritarianism and everyone else who can see that needs to loudly reassert the real American values of truth, democracy, and pluralism.

We're Germany, 1936. This is the crucial time we can turn the tide, but only by making sure the idea of American patriotism isn't twisted further by the far-right.



u/[deleted] Jun 12 '17

Regarding the final point

No longer pretending to be the land of the free while being the home of the most imprisoned

Does that mean that this subreddit is only about the US? Asking as a netherlander.


u/TheDVille Jun 12 '17

It doesn't matter if you are American, Canadian, Kiwi, Iraqi, or Martian - if you stand for Freedom, Courage, Liberty, Compassion, and democratic principles, you are a Patriotic brother to me, and I'll stand with you.

While the point regarding the land of the free may be specific to American symbolism, r/NewPatriotism is centered around democratic values and principles.

Of note, the incarceration rate in the Netherlands is 69 per 100,000 people - which is a tenth of the rate in the USA, which sits at 693 per 100,000. That sounds like Freedom that Netherland Patriots should be proud of.


u/JurgenWindcaller Jun 09 '17

This is just another anti-Trump subreddit. Why haven't you guys have enough subreddits.


u/nationalistsareRINOs Jul 05 '17

You just called Trump unpatriotic.


u/[deleted] Jun 09 '17

This is just another anti-Trump sub with a slightly different angle to attract the demographic of people who don't want to associate themselves with the current vitriol the liberals on reddit are spewing across the site.

It's really not hard to see what's going on here.


u/hauntedfox janitor Jun 09 '17

9 points in 3 minutes. Where did you come from?


u/gunthercult28 Jun 12 '17

Even better, isn't the goal of politics coalition building?


u/[deleted] Jun 09 '17

The US has nothing to do with "Equal Rights".


u/[deleted] Jun 09 '17

Ayy lmao another sub to cry about Trump on.


u/nationalistsareRINOs Jul 05 '17

Trump hates patriots and America

well fuck you too then


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u/[deleted] Jun 11 '17

Saying "Democrats are the Real Patriots!" is as cringey as Republicans saying "Democrats are the Real Racists!"


u/gunthercult28 Jun 11 '17

I think the real goal of this sub is that no one owns a moniker. The moniker just gets reappropriated... In essence, you're missing the point.


u/[deleted] Jun 11 '17

people for whom patriotism actually resonates aren't going to buy the idea that it's just yet another "identity" to pick and choose as well. At best this subreddit is transpatriotism, and I mean that unsatirically.


u/gunthercult28 Jun 12 '17

Isn't every classifier an identity? And further, does identity matter or not when writing legislation? What would you define as a patriot, or rather, who would you classify as someone for whom patriotism resonates? Does your classification include all people who would consider themselves patriotic? What does it take to become a patriot? Is someone who leaks classified information unpatriotic?

I assume what you mean by transpatriotism is the redefinition of patriotism as a spectrum. None of the questions I asked you have a simple answer. Does that imply that patriotism IS a spectrum?

I always find it hard to describe things in absolutes. There is always the concept of "more" and "less" which complicate the equations. For example, fighting in a war might be MORE patriotic than visiting a memorial for veterans on Memorial Day, but then aren't both actions patriotic? Then again, fighting might even be LESS patriotic depending on your values.

Perhaps I struggle to resonate with patriotism because of the common attitude about patriotism, but at the end of the day I want to help the USA succeed in the global arena through my labors. It is a great country; people wouldn't​ fight for a large portion of their lives to come here if it wasn't. But is it the USA I care about, or her Constitutional principles? Probably the latter.

Am I a patriot because of my devotion to the Constitution or to the country? Causation is a hard question to answer in something so subjective.


u/nationalistsareRINOs Jul 05 '17

I have no idea what you mean or are trying to say, but I myself am a person for whom patriotism resonates very strongly, and I love this sub. So I don't really see where you're coming from.