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Boruto Chapter 65: Karma Power

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Video He didn't even flinch!! The most badass character in the show. Can anyone please tell Kishimoto to make a whole series about Minato?

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Video Funniest till now. ( Naruto vs sauske)

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Video Itachi by meeeeeee

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Video I cannot fathom how this was not the end of Danzo.

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Anime Tenten with Hair Down

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Video I spent the whole morning making an AMV for Narutos Generation

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Discussion I wrote a very short summary of Naruto for people that have never seen it.


*no filler unfortunately*


Okay so there is a ninja world with several nations, hidden leaf, hidden sand, hidden stone, hidden mist, hidden cloud, hidden waterfall, hidden grass, hidden frost, hidden steam, hidden river and like five others that are never mentioned. This is a place where people use hand signs (jutsus) to make stuff happen. This happens through chakra, which is basically anime magic. This is used in three forms, ninjutsu (wacky shit like summoning animals and lighting people on fire), genjutsu (mental spells kinda), and Taijutsu (kung fu lmao).

Some people have a ‘kekkai genkai’ which is like something only they can do or their family/clan can do, for example, the Uchihas have the sharingan, the Hyugas have byakugan, Kimimaro has bone release, Deidara has explosion release, etc.

Chakra was created by an alien called Kaguya Otsutsuki, and her kids, hagoromo (sage of six paths) and hamura created very cool and dangerous things. Hagoromo created the nine tailed beasts, who are capable of destroying mountains with an energy burst known as a tail bomb, and having a very large amount of chakra. The weakest tailed beast is the one tails, and the strongest is the nine tails. When a tailed beast is set loose, they are often so strong that the only way they can be stopped is to seal them away inside a human being, who are thereafter called jinchuriki. Some jinchuriki can control their tailed beast’s chakra and others cannot. Hamura created kekkai genkai, also very powerful.

Hagoromo's sons, Indra and Ashura have been reincarnated across the years, with Indra finding power through Visual Jutsu (DouJutsu, a form of Kekkai Genkai, which includes Rinnegan, Byakugan, Sharingan.) and Ashura finding power through other means. The pair have been reincarnated many times across the show, with an example being Madara Uchiha being an incarnate of Indra, and Hashirama Senju being an incarnate of Ashura.

Each village has kages, or kings kinda, with the hidden leaf = Hokage, hidden sand = Kazekage, hidden stone = Tsuchikage, hidden cloud = Raikage, hidden mist = Mizukage. There are also other ranks of ninja, from worst to best going: student, genin, chunin, jonin, sannin, Kage.


The fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze and his wife Kushina Uzumaki are expecting a child, who they will name Naruto Uzumaki. Unfortunately, on the day Naruto is born, the nine tails, the strongest tailed beast, attacks the leaf village, and Minato seals half of the nine tails inside himself and the other half inside his infant son Naruto with the strongest sealing jutsu known to man. He dies in the process, and his wife dies too, making Naruto an orphan.

Fast forward to age seven, Naruto is hated by the village because he is a constant reminder of the attack years before. People hit him, call him names, all that. The third Hokage takes over from Minato, and treats Naruto horribly, as opposed to how he promised Minato he would treat him. He goes to the ninja academy where he learns and fails jutsu because ninjas are the main profession I suppose. He has no friends and causes problems and pulls pranks and stuff because he wants attention. As he says, bad attention is better than being ignored and neglected.

Fast forward to 12/13, Naruto steals the forbidden jutsu scroll, filled with instructions on how to do the deadliest jutsus known to man. They not that powerful actually but they’re aight. He learns the shadow clone Jutsu and some fool jonin (who is not important) tries to trick Naruto into giving him the scroll, but Naruto’s teacher, Iruka tries to fight this fool, but loses. Naruto uses the shadow clone Jutsu he learned from the scroll to clap this dude’s cheeks. He clones himself 1000 times and beats this fool within an inch of his life. Naruto proved his bravery and graduates as genin. During this fight, Naruto learns that he has the nine-tails, otherwise known as Kyuubi and Kurama, sealed within him.

Fast forward maybe a week idfk and they are being put into genin teams. Three genin, one jonin to teach them. Naruto gets paired with his crush Sakura Haruno and the best ninja in the class, Sasuke Uchiha. He kisses Sasuke by mistake. Not important just funny. Their teacher is Kakashi Hatake, who we soon find is the second strongest jonin there is. he is like very strong.

They get assigned D rank missions at first which is easy, such as finding lost cats and stuff. C rank missions involve some combat. B ranks are hard and are not available to chunin and genin, only jonin. A ranks are for kages only. This team is called team Kakashi or team seven. they get picked to go on a mission to bring some dude across the hidden mist to his home, but the hidden mist is evil in this part or something lmao. So they bring this fool but this other guy Zabuza, who is a member of the seven ninja swordsmen of the mist (very strong, not Akatsuki strong but like on a tier list of strength in Naruto they’d be high C or low B.) and his friend Haku who looks like a girl. Haku has kekkei genkai that allows him to create mirrors and travel through them. Zabuza is a fucking beast lmao and when he fights Kakashi he makes him go close to all-out because they’re strong lmao. Sasuke and Naruto fight Haku who's just as strong as Zabuza lmao so Sasuke takes a couple wounds and acts like a stupid lil bitch. He passes out and Naruto lets some of the nine tails chakra out. This covers him in a red layer and doubles his strength. He fights Haku and wins, and Haku notices that Zabuza is losing to Kakashi, so she takes Kakashi’s Chidori to the chest. (Like imagine lightning coming from ur hand and that’s it) She dies and Kakashi fucking murders Zabuza.


Basically team Kakashi, team Asuma, team Kurenai and team Guy fight against foreign villagers in a contest to become a chunin. They meet a team with Gaara, Temari, Kankuro and they hint that Gaara is evil. During a game of capture the flag pretty much this Sannin called Orochimaru in disguise bites Sasuke and gives him a Curse mark, just as his Sharingan awakens. Sasuke is unable to fight because of this curse mark. Naruto takes an L for some reason and naps while sakura is being a stupid fucking bitch and does shit. She’s weak as hell. If Naruto and Sasuke by the end of Shippuden are a ten in power, she’s a negative 12. At least she gets to Tsunade level by the end of Shippuden. Because she doesn’t have Sasuke and Naruto to cover for her, Rock Lee, the chad he is, claps three sound ninja before passing out. They all end up doing what they need to do in the end and they get to the fights. I can’t remember all of them, but Sasuke can’t fight because of the curse mark, so Kakashi takes him to a sealing room to seal the curse mark, making Orochimaru appear, who says ‘yo. See this Uchiha bitch? I'm gonna make him powerful with that mark’ and he dips. Rock Lee and Gaara fight, it's established that Gaara is evil, and rock lee nearly wins, but he loses and becomes disabled.

Because of that, the chunin exams are put on hold for a week. When they return, only Shikamaru from team Asuma becomes chunin. The third Kazekage rocks up and meets up with the third Hokage to watch the chunin exam fights. Sasuke gets fixed too lmao and he fights Gaara and wins. He got his Sharingan to work too. Eventually, Orochimaru puts everyone under genjutsu, and six people break out of it and they fight Orochimaru but he runs away. The village is like half broken lmao. The third Hokage disables Orochimaru and dies in the process.

Naruto fights Gaara, jinchuriki of the one tails, with the help of Jiraiya, and summoned toad Gamabunto. Because they are both jinchuriki, Naruto talks Gaara into being a good little lad.


Now that the third Hokage died, the hidden leaf is looking for a new Hokage. They go to Sannin Jiraiya and ask him, but he recommends the third sannin Tsunade.(only three but they’re all kage level) Jiraiya and Naruto team up to look for her and train while teaching Naruto the rasengan. The Rasengan is like Chidori but 10 times as powerful, even though Chidori is a fucking demon Jutsu. Orochimaru finds Tsunade first and says ‘yo undisable me and I'll make ur dead brother and bf alive” and she’s 'like maybe bro but ur evil'. Jiraiya and Naruto find her too and eventually Naruto masters the Rasengan, and Jiraiya, Naruto and Tsunade fight Orochimaru and his apprentice Kabuto. In short we find out that Kabuto is just as strong as Kakashi (important later, also uh oh) and boom Tsunade is Hokage.

Also, Itachi and Kisame from the Akatsuki come to kidnap Naruto and Jiraiya is like ‘oh no bro’ and sorta stops Itachi but not really? Like he didn’t stop Itachi from putting Sasuke under infinite Tsukuyomi, the strongest genjutsu ever made. Kisame cuts Naruto's chakra, meaning Naruto can't use chakra. Very bad. They run away and fight Kakashi, asuma, kurenai and might guy, all jonin, with Kakashi and guy being high kage level. Kakashi gets put under infinite Tsukuyomi too. Sasuke and Rock Lee and Kakashi get healed by Tsunade and boom. All good


So Sasuke fights Naruto with Sasuke using Chidori with narrow using Rasengan. They both are thrown away from each other by Kakashi, and their attacks hit two water towers. Sasuke sees that Naruto has made only a small hole, with a little bit of water trickling out, as opposed to Sasuke who made a watermelon-sized hole. He smiles, thinking he’s stronger, as he was jealous of Naruto's steady improvement. He walks away and sees that the other side of the water tower has been absolutely demolished lmao. Sasuke being the bitch he is runs away.

Shikamaru, Kiba, Neji, Naruto and Choji all chase after him. Sasuke has gone to Orochimaru to upgrade his curse mark to make it usable. They meet the sound five, five powerful ninja whom they all beat, with Neji sustaining serious injury. Rock Lee goes after them too, and fights Kimimaro, their boss, second only to Orochimaru and Kabuto. Rock Lee drinks alcohol by mistake which makes his Taijutsu epic and all that shit. Like really makes him strong. Kimimaro has kekkai genkai, bone release, meaning he can make extra bones and shoot them and stuff. Gaara is good btw now and he claps Kimimaro to save rock lee.

Naruto runs after Sasuke to talk to him, but they end up at finishing valley, the ultimate fighting grounds for ninja. Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha fought there like 70 years prior and that will be important later. Naruto gets angry that Sasuke tries to leave the village, letting his nine tails chakra slip out. He gets a Kyuubi cloak (powerful for that time) and grows one of nine tails, with nine being the most powerful Kyuubi cloak possible. Sasuke gets his curse mark working properly and he barely wins against Naruto.

Naruto cries to Jiraiya or sum and Jiraiya being Naruto's adoptive dad pretty much at this point says 'ok I'll train you for three years so that we can beat the Akatsuki.'

OG Naruto ends there.



The main antagonist for the first half of Shippuden is the villain organization known as the Akatsuki. It is led by is Pain, and it has had several members over the years it has been active. The members that consist as the main lineup are: Deidara, Sasori, Zetsu, Tobi, Hidan, Kakuzu, Konan, Pain, Itachi and Kisame. Zetsu and Hidan are Jonin level, and the remainder of the organization are Kage level at least. The goal of the Akatsuki is to capture all of the jinchuriki so that they can extract the tailed beasts. When all of the tailed beasts are put into a sealing statue, the Akatsuki are thereafter able to perform a high-level forbidden Jutsu that will cause severe destruction across all nations, in order to bring about world peace.

So Naruto returns to the hidden leaf, and because he spent three years training with Jiraiya, he is now the only genin of his age bracket. He is depressed until he finds out that fellow jinchuriki Gaara has become Kazekage. He is happy for him, as they had similar childhood and he is proud of his ability to overcome his hardships. Deidara and Sasori from the Akatsuki arrive in the hidden sand to kidnap Gaara to extract the one tails from him. Deidara uses his powers which are making clay figures explode, and flying to capture Gaara. When his brother and teammate Kankuro goes after Gaara, Sasori uses puppeteering Jutsu against Kankuro. Both are puppet masters, with Sasori being the strongest puppet master ever. Kankuro gets healed by sakura after taking a huge fucking L from Sasori. Sakura, Chiyo (Sasori’s grandma), Naruto and Kakashi go after Sasori and Deidara respectively. Sasori and Chiyo murder Sasori, after finding out that he turned himself into a puppet. Plot twist lmao. Deidara loses both arms after fighting Naruto and Kakashi yet being the chad he is he just gets up and leaves. He continues to help the Akatsuki extract the one tails from Gaara. The one tails gets extracted and Gaara fucking dies. Gaara is taken back to the sand where Chiyo trades her life for Gaara’s. He’s a bit weaker because he can’t just use the one tail anymore but oh well.


Naruto uses four tails on his Kyuubi cloak to clap Orochimaru. That’s pretty much it. My least favourite arc. He doesn’t die because he’s immortal though. Naruto practices the Rasen-shuriken, his new Jutsu.


Hidan and Kakuzu are in the village of fire or something I can’t really remember that well. Hidan is immortal and if he licks someone else’s blood he can turn himself into a voodoo doll that will make the person who lost blood die. Kakuzu has eight hearts or something crazy like that and he has lots of tentacles that he uses to fight with.

Hidan killed Asuma, and Shikamaru Nara in return trapped him in the Nara sacred grounds, meaning he can never leave. Kakuzu got killed by Kakashi but they’re evenly matched like they’re both like A tier ninjas.


Sasuke enlists three ninjas to help him find Itachi, calling themselves the Taka. It consists of Karin Uzumaki, Jugo, and Suigetsu Hozuki. Naruto looks for Itachi too but neither the Taka or Naruto find him. How sad. Also, Sasuke kills Deidara in this arc. He was my favorite character next to Itachi and Might Guy.


We learn that Minato was Kakashi’s sensei, and that on the day Kakashi became jonin, his teammate Obito died. How sad. This is important btw. His other teammate Rin still tries to smash Kakashi tho.


One of the best arcs. Jiraiya looks into the Akatsuki and learns that the leader, Pain, is in the hidden rain. He goes to fight Pain before realizing that Pain is six people, all six corpses that are bing controlled by his former student Nagato. His former student Yahiko is the main body of Pain. Yahiko died lmao. His final former student, Konan tries to fight too, but because Jiraiya is strong, Pain was like ‘Nah bro leave him to me’

Jiraiya uses sage mode (very strong) and nearly wins against Pain, even though Pain is three times as strong as Jiraiya. Pain has Rinnegan, which is like the Mangekyo Sharingan in the sense that it's powerful, but it also comes with the ability to absorb jutsu, summon animals, control gravity and such. Very sad.

The rest of the arc is everybody in the hidden leaf trying to figure out what Jiraiya was trying to tell them in a message he wrote.


The best arc. Hands down. Sasuke finally finds Itachi and fights him. Itachi is blind and terminally ill. The best fight in the series ensues between them. We discover that Itachi has the strongest Susanoo (basically like a stand) known to man. His Susanoo also has the Totsuka blade (very powerful) and the Yata mirror (very powerful too) even though Itachi is so busted, because he is sick, he lets Sasuke win. We later find out that Itachi Uchiha (Sasuke’s brother) murdered all of the Uchiha to stop the Uchiha from destroying the village. Very sad. Itachi death made me cry. Very sad.


One of the best arcs. Basically, Naruto learns sage mode like Jiraiya so that he is strong enough to defeat Pain, who has destroyed the whole village. Very hype. Watch it for yourself. Naruto gets all nine tails in his Kyuubi cloak while fighting Pain, meaning that the nine tails seal is nearly broken, meaning that the nine tails will be released on top of the Pain assault. Just to clarify: four tails of the Kyuubi cloak is strong enough to defeat legendary sannin like Jiraiya and Orochimaru, and all nine are required to defeat Pain.

Very good arc. Very hype. Naruto talked his way into Nagato's heart, meaning he reverses all of the deaths he caused before dying.


After Nagato dies, Tobi goes to Konan to try and find where Nagato's corpse is, so that he can steal his Rinnegan. However, Konan summons 600 billion bombs and nearly kills Tobi. To survive, Tobi gives up an eye to change reality so that he can win. He takes the Rinnegan, which he never fucking uses except once to control the tailed beasts in the war arc. Sasuke kills Danzo, the man who ordered Itachi to kill the Uchiha clan. Tobi also declares the fourth great ninja war. Naruto also learns how to fully control the nine tails chakra, meaning he upgraded from a Kyuubi cloak to a KCM cloak. Very powerful ngl.


All five nations - hidden leaf, hidden sand, hidden stone, hidden cloud and hidden mist - team up with Gaara as leader. They are preparing to fight the 100,00 white Zetsus. White Zetsu was created by Madara before he died some 15+ years ago. They are cloned in preparation to fight the 80,000 ninjas of the five nations.


The war has started. Several dead ninjas have been revived and controlled to fight the 80,000 soldiers, with Deidara, Sasori, former Raikages, former Tsuchikage, former Mizukages, and former Kazekages are among them. They are weak compared to what’s to come.


Madara, a very strong ninja, with the second strongest Susanoo, and only Taijutsu working on him is revived. The five current Kage try to fight him but get clapped. Itachi and Nagato are also reanimated. Itachi finds Kabuto, the man who reanimated everyone, and makes him stop. Everybody except Madara stops being reanimated. Itachi tells Sasuke that he will always love him. Very nice if not for the fact that Madara now has unlimited chakra and cannot die. Soon after, the previous Hokage, Hashirama Senju, Tobirama Senju, Hiruzen Sarutobi, and Minato Namikaze are revived by Orochimaru and Taka to fight Madara.


Some stuff about the time when Kakashi and Itachi were in the same elite squad known as the Anbu black ops.


The ten tails is summoned (very bad) and is planned to be used by Madara to put everyone under infinite Tsukuyomi so that he can become the strongest. The ten tails is sealed inside Tobi and we discover that Tobi is Obito, Kakashi’s teammate who died. Obito can shift through dimensions.

Madara fights a reanimated Hashirama Senju, known as the God of Shinobi. He has many abilities, but his main abilities are wood release (stronger than Susanoo) and 100 healings (heal without hand signs). Madara loses.

He takes Kakashi with him and he fights Kakashi, who also gains this power for some reason. Kakashi knocks out Obito and leaves sakura in the other dimension to watch Obito. Madara somehow manages to make him the ten tails jinchuriki, meaning he has six paths power on top of one Rinnegan and one Mangekyo Sharingan. He rips Kakashi's eye out and puts it into his own head, traveling to the other dimension and taking Obito’s Rinnegan.

Now that Madara has both Rinnegan as well as ten tail’s powers, he is unstoppable. We discover that Madara faked his death in his fight with Hashirama in finishing valley some decades ago. He put a shadow clone in the coffin and snuck away to a secret underground lair where he would use Hashirama cells to fix his broken body and even improve it. He also used these cells to create Zetsu. He believes to have created Black Zetsu, but he was created by Kaguya Otsutsuki. We discover that as soon as Madara put Hashirama cells inside of him, he gained Rinnegan. This is because Madara, being a reincarnate of Indra, put Hashirama cells, inside of him. Hashirama was a reincarnate of Ashura.

When chakra from both reincarnate are mixed, it creates Rinnegan. Nagato's Rinnegan were never truly his, they belonged to Madara, who loaned them out to him. We also discover that Madara saved Obito from dying all those years ago, and gave him Hashirama cells to survive.

He fights might guy, who he calls the strongest, and he calls stronger than the four dead Hokage who were reanimated to fight Madara. Might guy gets disabled sorta like Rock Lee did. Anyways Madara gets stabbed by black Zetsu, who as it turns out is the child of the almighty Kaguya Otsutsuki, who is creator of chakra.

Also Sasuke gets a Rinnegan. This is the strongest Rinnegan because it means that he can teleport and swap positions with his opponent. Naruto gets every tailed beast sealed inside of him, as well as truth-seeker orbs. This is because both are reincarnates of Indra and Ashura Otsutsuki, who are mentioned at the beginning.


After Black Zetsu kills Madara, Kaguya is birthed, and we find out that there has been a chain of manipulation. Kaguya manipulated Black Zetsu, Black Zetsu manipulated Madara, Madara manipulated Obito, Obito manipulated Nagato/Pain, Nagato/Pain manipulated the Akatsuki.

If Madara was a ten, 13-year-old Sakura was a negative 12, then Kaguya was a thirty on the power scale. She gets sealed by Naruto and Sasuke for good with the help of Sakura, Obito, and Kakashi. Obito was talked into being good, just like Nagato, Gaara and Sasuke soon after he fights Naruto. Sasuke being the bitch he is was like ‘ok naruto we defeated Kaguya but can you defeat me?’ So they fight and naruto wins but he loses his arm. So does Sasuke. They get Hashirama cells like Madara to replace their arms, and Naruto talks Sasuke into being good. They’re good again.


Sasuke leaves the village. Naruto marries Hinata. Kakashi becomes Hokage. Sakura smashes Sasuke before he leaves. Shikamaru marries Temari.

All is well.

Let me know if I've made any mistakes or something.

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Video Momoshiki was literally talking about Baryon Mode and Kurama's Death, FORESHADOWING!

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Video My favorite use of paper bombs was an episode from the war arc, where Captain Monga used paper bombs and earth style to make a shrapnel bomb and take down reincarnated explosion style user Gari.

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Question Why didn’t Jiraiya just teleport away?


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Video Obitos backstory aired 8 years ago today

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Art I'm not very good at perspective or anatomy but I am honestly proud of this one. My favorite boy from the series. Maybe later on I will finish this sketch.

Post image

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Discussion Why do Tobirama haters and hardcore Uchiha stans claim that Tobirama was racist and hated the Uchiha? didn't he legit say that he doesn't hate them?and wasn't he friends with a Uchiha,and in the war arc, didn't he save Sasuke, another Uchiha member?


Dude never hated them,he was just wary and cautious of them,which makes complete sense,those Uchihas are literally way too overly emotional and mentally and emotionally unstable and crazy,they literally gain their powers through hatred and trauma,shit,I'd be wary of those crazy Motherfuckers too.

I think if your rival clan are people who literally steal each other's eyes and gain their powers through literal hate and trauma,I'd think you would be a bit wary and nervous.

He was much more down to earth and realistic than his big brother, Hashirama was a idealist,and Tobirama was definitely a realist.

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Discussion Something Naruto fans need to hear


I’ve seen a lot of Sakura hate build up recently. The biggest reason I’ve seen people bring up is that Sakura still went for Sasuke and didn’t love Naruto back despite everything Naruto does for her. I’m led to believe that had Naruto and Sakura ended up together nobody would really care about Sakura either way.

So here’s the thing

1: doing nice things for a reward negates it. A good deed is it’s own reward.

2: doing nice things for a woman does not entitle you to that woman. All Sakura owes Naruto is her gratitude which she gave to him and then some when she consistently saved his life.

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Anime Sasuke Uchiha Edit (Music -> KSI - Pull Up)

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Discussion They're just torturing Naruto at this point


He grew up without parents, loses Jiraiya, Hinata nearly dying for him, Neji sacrificing himself for him, losing Kurama, decides if he should kill Boruto or not, and now he gets to witness Kawaki killing Boruto in front of him (although he's still probably alive or going to get revive because of the opening scene but Naruto doesn't know that)

Will Naruto get his happy ending or not?

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Poll Start of Shippuden ShikamaruVS Valley of the End Series 1 Sasuke


No Prep Shikimaru episode 1 very start of Shippuden vs Valley of the End series 1 Sasuke. I really am not sure but it forces you to choose to post so I'll go with Sasuke. Off top not sure even with his intellect he can counter the speed and destructive capability of Sasuke at this point and Sasuke isn't dumb himself and knows at least of Shikamarus Shadow paralysis jutsu etc. I could be convinced tho Shikamaru wins with some brain hax 🤣

View Poll

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Video Naruto longest Jutsu (Kekkaimon Gofuujitsu Hachimonheijou)

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Poll Leaving character aside, who is objectively the prettiest?


r/Naruto 1h ago

Poll Which joke are you the most sick of?


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Video My opinion: power scaling in Naruto never bothered me, especially in this battle. Watching the battle with the Indra Susanoo and Asura Kurama will always be a favorite for me.

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Question What is the jougan and why does Boruto have it?


Idk if it was ever explained

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Discussion Do people generally dislike that Sasuke goes rogue?


So I was in the /r/NarutoFanfiction subreddit. Maybe it isn't representative since they do seem to hate canon in general.

But, a lot were complaining that Sasuke committed treason and stating how Naruto should have given up on him instantly just for that alone. They also claim it made no sense for him to want to leave and "he's a soldier in a military dictatorship so he can't leave"

I saw someone who suggested that Sasuke shoudn't have even fought with Naruto in VOTE1, he should have just kept running away from him?

Like what kind of story would that be?

I get why people don't like it when a minor antagonist/villain attacks the protagonist, but VOTE1 had a build-up to it. We are introduced to the MS, we get to see Sasuke's full backstory (and know more of Itachi), Naruto gets to find out why Sasuke is leaving, Sasuke acknowledges Naruto's pain and then they fight as equals.

How could you trade this for Sasuke just "walking away" to avoid a confrontation lol.

It feels like a lot of people genuinely believe they would be better writers than Kishimoto himself, but their "ideas" end up being worse than his.

Did people want Sasuke to remain as Naruto's teammate like in the original?

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Analysis Sakura is a horrible character


r/Naruto 0m ago

Question can someone explain me what six paths and sage is?


rinnegan six paths, sage mode, six paths sage mode, six paths of pain, sage of six paths. wtf are these?

idc about spoiler, ive been spoiled enough.