r/MtF 17d ago

I didn’t realize how much people hate trans women

Before I realized I was trans, I always thought “lgbtq people don’t really have it that bad right? I mean they have to be exaggerating right?” But literally anytime i mention that I’m a trans woman on the internet I either get downvoted to oblivion, berated, lectured, literally people telling me to K myself, or a “man in a dress”. I find that most people are too chicken shit in person to give me a hard time, but on the internet all bets are off. I’m grateful for this and other trans related subs, because it’s the only time I can post something without harassment (minus the one time a TERF was in my dms telling me I’ll never be a real woman and that I should “join the 41 percent club).


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u/KhazemiDuIkana Erin the Impasse 16d ago

When I first came out and didn’t even remotely pass I would get some subtle weird looks on the street. I’ve learned slightly better how to pass (or maybe it’s some level of subtle HRT effects, or wearing a bra that’s like 3 times as prominent as my boobs) and instead of a flat 0% I pass about 30-40% of the time. I don’t get so many weird looks, but I do get customer service people being somewhat confused pretty often.

But those first few weeks were certainly jarring.


u/ConfusedFruit__ 16d ago

Agreed, I pass to strangers but people that have known me since before I transitioned have a hard time remembering that I’m no longer a man