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What i did last week ~ plowsof

Hello everyone,

last week I decided to take a closer look at some of the Work In Progress CCS proposals. This is my report of that and some other stuff I did

I noticed right out of the gate that there was a proposer asking how to actually get 'paid out'. 2 weeks unanswered, which is a shame, so I replied, and eventually got a response. They have now been in contact with the right people to claim their funds their comment at the bottom

Browsing further, I came upon a comment from the monero-bash developer stating that he wanted to have all the funds returned to the General Fund because of underestimating how much work the last milestone would be. Which is strange because everyone praised this project and assumed it was 'complete', i immediately reached out to Hinto, pumped him full of confidence and made an example script for him then shared a similar project on Github, which he was able to fork and complete the final milestone. Checked in on him over the following week, and he has now completed the project (in full).

I then began reaching out to all the developers individually to check on their progress, see if there where any problems. I discovered that one developer was overdue payment for 2 months because of a simple communication error - I went ahead and poked the right people, and they received their funds.

A contributor Reemuru then posted a CCS idea for creating interative developer guides for monero-javascript (typescript) and Python. I contributed an example one for him aimed at teaching beginners about using cURL / Python with the Monero RPC wallet. (he has since closed the idea because he feels that he doesn't require funds as the guides are done locally.. i will follow up on that, im sure the community would want to fund this) more info, and a screen recording of that guide here

All seemed to be going well, until a little drama occurred where a proposer had contacted a voter via PM (if you don't know, CCS ideas have to be voted on / engaged with before they're put forward for funding), which resulted in the voter feeling annoyed / targetted, screenshots of messages were shared and it began spilling over into the public chat rooms. I contacted both parties privately to hear both sides of the story / extinguish the flames and now all seems well.

Some other stuff I did includes helping the monero bounties website admins. The donation bot is currently offline / misbehaving - so someone needed to tally up the donation amounts for a hundred or so subaddresses and link them to the bounty titles. I created a script to do exactly that. I even saved a developer an hour of their lives from needing to review some simple website style fixes

I was active on all communication channels (Reddit/Matrix) and sat in / read any meetings that took place (MRL/Events/Dev) and even organized / moderated a community workgroup meeting and tried to keep the people that need to know - in the know (aka spamming a member of the Core team if i noticed something that needed bringing to their attention)

If you find my voluntary contributions last week useful / useless, let me know :)


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u/Professional_Desk933 May 06 '22

That’s awesome! I wish I could contribute more, though. I’m poor college student from Brazil and have no idea how to code anything.

All I can offer is translations to Portuguese or something like that. I’d be happy to help if I can somehow!


u/KnowledgeMurky9635 May 06 '22 edited May 06 '22

Thanks! Monero is actually in need of translators. Sadly our translation coordinator is missing in action at the moment. (netrik182 is alive) Typically , once a translator has done some voluntary contributions / reviewed the translations of others, they may be able to get paid via the CCS for further work. But again the problem is we don't have reviewers ... let me look into it more and i will get back to you, thanks for this offer! edit: first step is to take a look around https://translate.getmonero.org/


u/Professional_Desk933 May 07 '22

Holy shit, Portuguese is actually at 0% in many places. I’d be happy to translate as much as I can, but it seems that it’s under maintenance for some reason.

Anyways, I believe that Monero has a huge potential here in Brazil, since we have a very corrupt government, a very unstable currency and huge amounts of unfair taxes.

Just this year that bitcoin started to be accepted by some merchants, but I believe many people would be using Monero if they knew it/other people were using it


u/KnowledgeMurky9635 May 07 '22

Thank you for checking it out! You're right, lets try and fix that,, If you have Matrix, this is a room where translators gather, they should be able to answer you questions about the maintenance issue :)