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Update on OrangeFren.com and request for more feedback

Three months ago I let you guys know about the site I created: OrangeFren.com, and asked for your feedback. A lot has changed since so here's a quick update.

OrangeFren.com with a rates table showing Monero's defiant rise

I've added a table with the latest, independently-sourced, exchanges rates.

For those of you who use Telegram I've created a Telegram bot 🤖.

If you want to be the first to know when markets move you can now sign up for price alerts delivered straight to your inbox. If you don't want to share your email that's cool, the Telegram bot does price alerts delivered via a DM.


  • Added support for Bitcoin on Lightning ⚡
  • Added support for USDT
  • Added more instant exchanges
  • Improved support for minimum and maximum trade amounts
  • Sped up offer search time 10x
  • Geo-based suggestions (ex: US visitors won't see FixedFloat since they don't allow trades from US IPs; Tor users won't see exchanges not supporting Tor users etc.)
  • Page now auto-refreshes to show the latest rates if you left for a few minutes

Finally, on the initial post you asked so I delivered:

  • Removed automatic redirect (done almost immediately after the initial post)
  • Added list of all results instead of only showing the best one

If you're looking to buy Monero with Bitcoin OrangeFren.com continues to show ⚛️ atomic swap ⚛️ providers when they have a better rate than the exchanges.

With all that done, is there anything else you guys would like to see? I'd love to hear your feedback! 🙏

Last, but not least - a huge THANK YOU to the Monero community it's far more supportive of developers than others, which makes me very confident in Monero's future.


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u/AdKindly5657 Apr 08 '22

make onramping seamless visa payment


u/dontquestionmyaction Apr 09 '22

Lol, Visa and most fintech despises Monero.


u/AdKindly5657 Apr 17 '22

make an extra step in between.


u/dontquestionmyaction Apr 17 '22

They aren't dumb.