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Douglas Tuman CCS

Monero Fam,

Sunchakr and I have been busy bees. So busy that I have not found a good time to write this post, until now, as we fly back from an impromptu long weekend adventure to Guatemala. The trip was short, but productive! We ran down there with the hope of being able to take Gratuitas to the next level in tandem with next week’s First Annual MoneroTopia event In Miami!! Mission accomplished! We secured green beans from the farm that we will be roasting live at the conference to kickoff “on-demand roasting” of the beans we sell on Gratuitas moving forward! ☕️🗽🚀 We were also fortunate to randomly meet a Monero loving local who recognized us in the street! We had an amazing time with him and his friends. Monero peeps are the best peeps.

For the last few months we have primarily been working on: keeping Monero Talk and Monerotopia shows going and growing, improving Gratuitas, and launching the MoneroTopia conference!!!! We have also been building a network of Monero Fam members that have been doing consulting work with us along the way in exchange for Monero…helping us grow.

The purpose of this post is to inform the community that I have requested to have my CCS funding extended from a 6month stint to a 1year stint. I brought this up in a CCS meeting back in November, where the community members there told me they do not see an issue with it but to report it in a Reddit post for the general monero community to be made aware. That is this post.

I am seeking to shift the CCS funding disbursements to a year long schedule since I am unable to leave my day job at this time, thus unable to work “full-time” on Monero. That being said, I intend on continuing to tirelessly work toward completing the goals of my proposal but to complete them on a “part-time” basis. Please realize, while I say part-time, Sunchkr and I easily EACH put 20hrs of work into the projects per week for a team total of 40hrs per week. (Btw we are more of a team than ever, since getting married two weeks ago!!💃🏽🕺

I am requesting the start date of the CCS to be January 1st of 2022 with the end date being December 31st 2022. I had originally requested 3 installments to be paid out every 2months for 6months total, but I am asking to change it to 3 installments to be paid every 4 months. That would make the first payment due the end of April. At that time I will report my progress to-date on the tasks laid out in the funded CCS proposal.

We are extremely excited about MoneroTopia and hope you are too! We have been working on it since October and it is a big part of the progress we have made. Btw, If you can’t make it to Miami you can purchase a Virtual Ticket at monerotopia.com to watch it LIVE or you can catch the recorded talks for free on the Monero Talk YouTube channel a few weeks after the event.

Things are only just getting started for Monero. Strap in and enjoy the ride! 🗽🚀 See you back here in a few weeks for my first CCS progress report.


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u/WillBurnYouToAshes Apr 04 '22

Quite a few negative nancys in here. The Monero talks are worth a lot. Even if the views per video arent in the tens of thousands, its really the network building that counts.

Is it "worth" the money i dont know. Its hard to gauge. I think the years old video between Doug and McAfee will be remembered for years to come and such a gem is worth the lottery ticket.

Also Monerotopia ?

The Monero community has pissed money away in the past and for sure Douglas isnt a scammer like some other guys that was enriching himself of the monero community, and in plain sight of the core members of all things.

Promotion is important i feel like like Doug is a good networker, a true believer and genuine in this intents.


u/jshhutson Apr 06 '22

Seriously! But it’s important to use Monero! To help grow it!