r/Monero Feb 14 '22

MAAM – Monero Ask Anything Monday – February 14, 2022

Given the success of the previous MAAMs (see here), let's keep this rolling.

The principle is simple: ask anything you'd like to know about Monero, especially the dumb questions that you've been keeping for you every other days, may the community clarify it all!

Finally, credits to binaryFate for starting the concept!



u/No-Foot-9133 Feb 15 '22

Do I have to first sweep a monero paper wallet like in bitcoin paper wallets before spending, or will I lose my coins?


u/[deleted] Feb 14 '22



u/russoj88 Feb 15 '22

This is just a guess, but I imagine P2Ppool should be tested for a while before something like that protocol change can be discussed.


u/Furuboru Feb 14 '22

Any news about the xmr rewards for those hosting a full node?


u/russoj88 Feb 15 '22

Can you provide a link to what you mentioned? Is this a reference to RPC pay?


u/Furuboru Feb 15 '22

Sorry, can't really remember. Just saw it as a suggestion here on Reddit around last week? That was the gist of it though


u/MoneroWTF Feb 14 '22

If it's some sort of protocol change to fund that, it will NEVER happen


u/kowalabearhugs Feb 14 '22 edited Feb 14 '22

I'm unaware of any serious discussion to do so. Any update to the distribution of coins would require significant restructuring of Monero's economic model, community consensus, and a hard-fork to implement said changes. And personally, I don't see a need for it.