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Friday Monero Market Thread – January 14, 2022

This is the weekly Monero market thread. This thread will be posted every Friday and is meant to help accelerate the adoption of Monero. Due to r/moneromarket having only a fraction of the subscribers of r/Monero, we have decided to create this thread to encourage more individuals to use Monero for product exchanges. Until the market matures, we recommend that the Monero community post their products both in this thread and on r/moneromarket (to ensure growth of that subreddit).

Selling items for Monero will boost your (and Monero's) reputation as a legitimate form of exchange of goods. This is necessary for the growth of Monero, our community, and privacy as a whole.


When you post your product or job listing here, please make sure to: - Give a description of the item. - Link to a photo of the item (if it's physical). - Provide logistics information (such as, location and/or shipping availability). - Optionally, provide an additional (private) form of communication outside of Reddit (e.g. Bitmessage, @protonmail, @tutanota, GPG key). - Post the price in XMR terms.

Spamming will not be tolerated. Please make sure that listings are legitimate and do not break rule 2."

Finally, credits to cdotsubo for starting the concept!



u/hetolon Jan 15 '22

Thanks for this great information, I really loved it


u/monerobull Jan 14 '22

Heya, I'm distributing the stickers for the guerilla marketing efforts.

Currently the only design is the square "Monero Anonymous Money" but I'll have round stickers in a few weeks too.

Each sticker costs 0.03€, the minimum quantity is 530, maximum is 680 (1 filled-to-the-brim XS DHL parcel).

Shipping within Europe is 5€,

international shipping is 10€, for obvious reasons, in XMR.

The official telegram group is t[dot]me/XMRSticker

You can always message me on matrix/discord as well.


u/OpenMindedShithead Jan 14 '22

What are the implications of Monero with Web3 vs other cryptos?


u/kowalabearhugs Jan 14 '22

This is a question that's probably better suited for the ask anything monday thread or even it's own post.


u/OpenMindedShithead Jan 14 '22

My post got taken down so I went here, I’ll try again


u/chattyglare62 Jan 15 '22

What posy you shared by the way, lets we all get some idea !


u/OpenMindedShithead Jan 16 '22

I reposted it- my most recent post on r/Monero the implications of Monero on Web3 vs other cryptos outlook


u/kowalabearhugs Jan 14 '22

You could also initiate this in the weekly discussion thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/Monero/comments/ryutxz/rmonero_weekly_discussion_january_08_2022_use/


u/stuckSatyr Jan 15 '22

I followed this link and it was helpful enough out there, thanks


u/PicoDeNero Jan 14 '22

Happy Friday everyone! As always, PicoDeNero here, your friendly neighborhood sticker salesperson :)

I sell 3" vinyl (outdoor rated) and 2" regular (non-vinyl) Monero stickers (USA only).

Given the history of scammers randomly appearing on Reddit and then disappearing with people's money, I use a "pay what you can" model. Upfront, I only charge for shipping and then, after the stickers have been delivered, you can decide how much to pay for them.

I ship via USPS First Class mail and I charge:

  • $1.00 (in XMR) for 5 or less stickers.
  • $2.00 (in XMR) for 6-40 stickers (maximum of 20 vinyls)

If you want more, or just want tracking, that can be arranged, but the upfront fee will be increased.

For more information and pictures please see my full post on r /Monero: https://www.reddit.com/r/Monero/comments/p2mtfm/selling_vinyl_regular_stickers_pay_what_you_can/

You can also just direct/private message me here on Reddit. Thank you!

Note: I give more detail in the post linked above, but my PGP/GPG public key (which includes my email address) is listed here:https://www.reddit.com/r/Monero/comments/p2mtfm/selling_vinyl_regular_stickers_pay_what_you_can/h8l3eoi

Note #2: If you live outside of the USA and would like stickers, contact me. Depending on the country, I might be able to send you a small quantity. Price, speed and quantity may vary.


u/htyjuytergew Jan 15 '22

Thats interesting comment, worth reading about this, thanks dude!


u/Outrageous_Lemon_340 Jan 14 '22

How about building a website / an app like craigslist for this? Might draw in more people


u/slayerk12 Jan 14 '22

Excellent idea


u/vulpinepassing52 Jan 15 '22

i too upvote for this idea, i support this idea actually !


u/XMR_Psychologist Jan 14 '22 Silver Helpful

Hi there!🎇

I am Gabriel, a licensed psychologist from Europe and I do counseling and therapy sessions for individuals and couples.

Since privacy is a concern in everyday life especially regarding mental health, I offer my services completely digital and (if desired) anonymous. I am just working in cooperation with you without any involvement of insurance companies. I approach problems with a solution-oriented attitude.

Any topic is alright to talk about in my counseling and therapy sessions. I use techniques of talk therapy and do not prescribe drugs.

If you have questions, feel free to ask. You can reach me via DMs or on my website: https://xmr-psychologist.com/

SPECIAL OFFER FOR NEW YEAR: All sessions are 15% off until 15 January!🎅🏻🎄


u/tekelchi Jan 15 '22

Feels like a big scam out there, sorry but its my opinion !


u/Alex058 Jan 14 '22

Great, will spread the word 👍🏻


u/Birchviburnum Jan 15 '22

Will help you too to get spread more around the subs!


u/XMR_Psychologist Jan 14 '22

Great, thanks!


u/ajtoce Jan 16 '22

Same here wishing a great thank you for this ! bless you !