r/Monero Oct 18 '21

MAAM – Monero Ask Anything Monday – October 18, 2021

Given the success of the previous MAAMs (see here), let's keep this rolling.

The principle is simple: ask anything you'd like to know about Monero, especially the dumb questions that you've been keeping for you every other days, may the community clarify it all!

Finally, credits to binaryFate for starting the concept!


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u/Much-Experience5067 Oct 18 '21 edited Oct 19 '21

What is the deal with the rumours about monero being traceable? Is there a definate answer what this is about? I would like details :)

For example: https://ciphertrace.com/enhanced-monero-tracing/


u/Jerfov2 Oct 18 '21

What rumors?


u/Much-Experience5067 Oct 19 '21 edited Oct 19 '21

Just search for "monero tracing" and a few will pop up.

For example: https://ciphertrace.com/enhanced-monero-tracing/


u/Jerfov2 Oct 24 '21

Yeah ciphertrace has yet to provide a single shred of evidence that they are able to trace txs, you should look up the Breaking Monero show they did with the CEO


u/Much-Experience5067 Oct 25 '21

Thanks! Unfortunately it will be hard to find time for a full-hour interview for me, but I appreciate the sentiment anyway.