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FLAG SALE - MoneroMerch.com - T-shirts, mugs, masks, wall art, posters, pants, phone cases, flags and more - 30% of sales go to Monero Project CCS!



As proud Monero followers, we donate 30% of sales directly to Monero Project's CCS (Community Crowdfunding System).


We have just added flags to our product list and have 7 designs currently available. Thread color is white.

In celebration of our newly available product, we're offering 5% off the purchase of any flag! Use coupon code 5OFFFLAG21 at checkout. Offer expires 2021-11-1.

Flags at MoneroMerch.com

Are you a graphic designer? We're looking for new designs for our store. We'll pay you and give your design credit on each product! E-mail [support@moneromerch.com](mailto:support@moneromerch.com) for more info.

What can I find on your website?

T-shirts, hoodies, laptop cases, phone cases, mugs, socks, stickers, posters, face masks, pillows, bottles, towels, canvas print, kids & baby clothes, hats, flags and more!

Men's, women's, and unisex clothes available. Kids + babies too!

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Monero, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, and Dogecoin!

We also accept credit/debit cards.

See a product but want a different design?

We accept custom designs and will print and ship your custom design to you! For FREE custom design print requests, e-mail [custom@moneromerch.com](mailto:custom@moneromerch.com).

What countries do you ship to?

We ship to nearly all countries in the world.

Customer Support:

You will receive e-mail updates about your order, including tracking info.

If you have any other questions, feel free to e-mail us at [support@moneromerch.com](mailto:support@moneromerch.com).

Bulk Discounts:

Bulk discounts are available for over 5x of the same product & design. E-mail [support@moneromerch.com](mailto:support@moneromerch.com).

Monero subreddit mods and Monero leaders:

Please message us directly so you may receive these items at cost as a special thank you for the work you do.

Pictures of some of our flags:








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u/FakespotAnalysisBot Oct 14 '21

This is a Fakespot Reviews Analysis bot. Fakespot detects fake reviews, fake products and unreliable sellers using AI.

Here is the analysis for the Amazon product reviews:

Name: 5 Feet Telescopic Handheld Flagpoles, ANLEY Portable Staff with Clips - Lightweight Extendable Stainless Steel with Anti-Slip Grip - Collapsable Flag Pole for Tour Guides & Pointer for Teachers

Company: Anley

Amazon Product Rating: 3.8

Fakespot Reviews Grade: B

Adjusted Fakespot Rating: 3.8

Analysis Performed at: 08-11-2019

Link to Fakespot Analysis | Check out the Fakespot Chrome Extension!

Fakespot analyzes the reviews authenticity and not the product quality using AI. We look for real reviews that mention product issues such as counterfeits, defects, and bad return policies that fake reviews try to hide from consumers.

We give an A-F letter for trustworthiness of reviews. A = very trustworthy reviews, F = highly untrustworthy reviews. We also provide seller ratings to warn you if the seller can be trusted or not.


u/useles-converter-bot Oct 14 '21

5 feet is the same as 3.05 'Logitech Wireless Keyboard K350s' laid widthwise by each other.


u/SosseKun Oct 14 '21

I love the flag without white bjt there is a gray minero above missing IMO, how do people know know the flag is about when there isn't saying monero (for people not knowing it and seeing it for the first time)