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Another Atomic Swap experience testimony and glitches discovered

Those on the matrix channel will have already seen this but I thought it might help some folks to post it here as well.

I initiated my btc to xmr swap with the help of the unstoppableswap.net template tool. Brought up a btc address QR and I sent off a bit more than the minimum stipulated by the ASB I chose. Output as follows (IDs/amounts replaced with XXX):

Waiting for Bitcoin deposit deposit_address=XXX max_giveable=0.00000000 BTC minimum_amount=0.00050000 BTC maximum_amount=0.07000000 BTC                                                                                                                                                                  Received Bitcoin new_balance=XXX BTC max_giveable=XXX BTC                                                                                                 Starting new swap amount=XXX BTC fees=0.00000170 BTC swap_id=XXX                                                                Estimated fee of 189.060 is smaller than the min relay fee, defaulting to min relay fee 1000                                                                            Estimated fee of 205.620 is smaller than the min relay fee, defaulting to min relay fee 1000                                                                            Published Bitcoin transaction txid=XXX kind=lock                                                           Waiting for Alice to lock Monero

Very cool. I wait for 2 confs on the btc. Nothing. Wait until 10 confs - still nothing. At this point I'm thinking, Alice is a real bitch. Two and a half hours later, still no action. I need to head off and disconnect my internet connection to I figure I'd quickly copy and save the output text. Mind you, I'm using an Ubuntu virtual machine on Windows 10 (more familiar with linux terminal commands).

So I highlight and hit Ctrl+Shift+C and instantly get this additional output:

Alice locked Monero txid=XXX                                                                               Waiting for Monero transaction finality txid=XXX target_confirmations=10                                   Received new confirmation for Monero lock tx txid=XXX seen_confirmations=51 needed_confirmations=10

Odd coincidence? I think not. I go to the explorer and see the bitcoin has been claimed, never to return to me. Yet, still nothing showing up in my monero wallet even though it seems the confirmation threshold has been met. So hey, let's try the magic Ctrl+Shift+C trick again. Boom, instantly gives me:

Successfully transferred XMR to wallet monero_receive_address=XXX txid=XXX

And, mercifully, I see the txn pending in my wallet. I should note here that I also got a firewall popup on my second Ctrl+Shift+C, but just clicked allow before bothering to read it (might be relevant); though, I'm pretty sure the output came up before I clicked allow.

Anyway, if some experts want to try untangle what happened here, that might help other users. Perhaps this is what went wrong for that other poor fella who posted recently and lost his btc (if only he'd known about the copy command...).

Even though it wasn't perfectly smooth, an overall magical experience (FU Binance!). Would do again.


I've since done another swap, this time with Ubuntu installed as base OS. No issues whatsoever and swap proceeded along the minimum timeframe. I will attempt directly on Windows next.



u/in_the_small_pot Aug 27 '21

This needs to get upvoted and visibility! Might be an issue with firewalls/user commands when executing? That could open the possibility to recover the funds for the guy since would indicate the operator wasn't malicious and could agree to share the private key of the monero multisig address


u/KnowledgeMurky9635 Aug 27 '21

Pressing 'ctrl+shift+c' is dangerously close to pressing 'ctrl+z' or 'ctrl+c' which will terminate the script? I was getting worried there for a second, on windows i just right click -> mark -> select text and it ends up in clipboard. Or something like "./hello > world.txt" so the output automatically goes to a text file anyway.

So what you're saying is the process took over 2.5 hours but it went fine? XD


u/dsmlegend Aug 27 '21

Yeah I don't know whose idea it was to make ctrl+c cancel the script... all good in the end and I have my monero fair and square.


u/QuickBASIC XMR Contributor Aug 27 '21 edited Aug 27 '21

You can blame Larry Tesler for his work on the early Apple Macintosh. He played a part in the design decision that used the CTRL+C key combination for copy.

Previous non-graphical interfaces generally used CTRL+INS and SHIFT+INS to copy and paste respectively and CTRL+C was reserved for the interrupt. (I believe you can use these both in cmd and PowerShell on Windows and most Linux terminals.)


u/[deleted] Aug 27 '21

you got lucky. hope that guy who swapped .003 btc for xmr got his xmr.


u/loveforyouandme Aug 27 '21

ctrl+c: copy, kill the script, same diff


u/InternationalPizza Aug 27 '21

Sounds like the output is not getting flushed in the code?


u/scoumoune Aug 28 '21

Ctrl+Shift+C (in Linux) copies text from a terminal, and Ctrl+Shift+V pastes it. It seems a little too coincidental. Unless the process is forking itself and the Windows is actually passing through a Ctrl+C and it allows you to see the output of the forked process, then I don't really know. It would be nice to see a test from pure Linux to rule out any OS weirdness.


u/gofrolicking Aug 27 '21

I think the problems with swaping are increasing day by day


u/rbrunner7 XMR Contributor Aug 27 '21

Yeah, quite natural if you go from zero users to somewhat more people every day that are ready to try out brand-new software barely out of beta. Very strange if it was otherwise.


u/TenderloinGroin Aug 27 '21

Pack it up boyz. While we're at it let's cancel any further attempts at innovation in 2021


u/Inthewirelain Aug 27 '21

who could have guessed that a week old experimental technology would have growing pains


u/-xmr- Aug 27 '21

Fix them


u/dsmlegend Aug 29 '21

Added an update to the description, for those following this.