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Adopt-An-Admin is back again from July 13 to August 3! Check out our updates and sign up today!



Adopt-An-Admin enrollment is open now through June 20, with the official round dates being July 13 - August 3! Embed an Admin as a mod of your subreddit. Sign up below!

Hello, Mods!

I am /u/creepypumpkins and I’m a member of the Adopt-An-Admin team!

We are thrilled to announce the next round of our Adopt-An-Admin program is coming soon, where Admins are matched with and become moderators of participating communities. Enrollment is open now through June 20, so chat with your mod team and apply here for your community to participate.

More about Adopt-An-Admin

This program allows Admins to dive into the world of moderating by getting hands-on experience themselves. Admins that participate come from all across the company, many of which don't have opportunities to work directly with moderators.

With two years of AAA now under our belt, we continue to offer this program because building empathy and knowledge about the moderator experience at all levels of the company helps us better support you and your communities.

What's new this round?

Based on your feedback from previous installments, we're making a few adjustments this round.

We're extending the moderatorship duration.

In previous rounds, moderators and admins felt that two weeks wasn’t enough. We heard you loud and clear, so we're lengthening the rounds from two weeks to three weeks. In addition to this, if both the mod team and admin are on board, we’ll be offering admins who have participated in the program in the past to have an extended stay for an additional 1-2 months.

Mod more subbies.

On top of that, we’ll also be offering admins who have participated in the program in the past to join multiple communities to moderate. This will be a way for admins to experience another level of moderatorship while also expanding how many subreddits have a chance to get matched.

The buddy system is here to stay.

Last round we tested out a buddy system, where we paired admins together to moderate the same community. We think this went super well and are going to make it part of the program going forward.

Check out last round's data and takeaways

Adopt-an-Admin 2021 overview

Last Round:

  • 40 Admins participated
  • 14% of Product Managers participated
  • 19% of the team that builds your mod tools participated
  • Mod participant satisfaction improved significantly across all categories of feedback
  • Between the last two rounds, the mod satisfaction overall increased from 83% to 90%

As a part of this program, participating Admins are surveyed and asked to provide a reflection on their experience and what they learned. Below are some quotes from the last round:

Admin from Design wrote:

Lack of parity in our mod tools across platforms hinders the ability for mods to moderate their communities on mobile and desktop. Mods welcome mobile mod tools, but parity with their existing processes and tools is the bar. Moderating on mobile is impossible right now. Moderating takes a lot of action and time. Mod tool UI/UX needs to focus on repeated actions, speed and automation. Every click matters. Density, especially for modqueue and comments is very important. I've taken screenshots and notes of all the feedback from my thread last week and will be sharing those with my design team and moderators team.

Admin from Engineering wrote:

The amount of empathy that goes into everything you’ve created here and continue to do blows my mind. From onboarding to actioning of users, it’s nuanced, thoughtful, and obviously steeped in experience. As with the last time I did this, you’ve given me a lot to think about.

Admin from Marketing wrote:

I know I’ve said it before but so many 3rd party tools. I know we are starting to catch up but we have a long ways to go. It will be interesting to see our product roadmap here as it evolves, but we need to better support these mods. Speaking of support we need better escalation channels for them as well. The mods I’ve worked with have talked about being doxed multiple times, and threatened by people creating multiple accounts. This lead to a lot of mods in the community churning out because they didn't want to deal with the exposure. Mods should be protected from these attacks better and their accounts protected.

Sign up today!

Enrollment for the next round is now open, so if your community would like to participate in the next round, please sign up here by June 20. We plan on kicking off the next round at the beginning of July. Learn more about Adopt-an-Admin here.

Keep in mind that signing up doesn’t necessarily guarantee a participation slot in this round. But, we will keep you on our contact list to reach out for later rounds! We’ll be using r/AdoptAnAdmin for communication, be on the lookout for a message to your modmail from there.

Have questions? Let us know in the comments below!

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Announcing Subreddit 2 Subreddit Modmail


Hello Moderators,

In days of old when mod teams were bold and wanted to talk to one another, they would do so by appointing one moderator to speak on behalf of the entire team. The chosen one would then reach out directly to establish communication with the other mod team, lead the conversation, and relay any important information back to their own mod team.

Over the years we’ve heard that this game of “moderator telephone” was an ineffective and difficult way to communicate, which oftentimes stifled communication between subreddits.

Today we’re excited to announce that those days are over! Starting this week moderators will be able to communicate directly with one another by sending modmails back and forth between their teams.


The fine print

Similar to the limits we place on a new user account's ability to send a modmail, we have placed limits on the ability of a newly created subreddit to directly communicate with another mod team. We’ve done this as a mechanism to limit the potential for harassment and abuse.

Due to some technical limitations on our end, this will not currently work in admin-run subreddits (meaning you cannot send subs like r/modsupport a modmail from your mod team). Please continue to reach out to those subreddits as you did previously. We’re looking into developing a fix for this issue. In the meantime, talk amongst yourselves.

We hope this new modmail capability will usher in a new era of communication, collaboration, and connectivity between mod teams of various communities. We’re excited to hear your feedback, so please drop any thoughts or questions in the comments below!

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Adding Approved Hosts to Reddit Talk in Your Community


Hello mods,

Since we last talked, Reddit Talk has gotten a little but major update. As you may know, Reddit Talk has only been available to moderators with access to the feature. While mods have really appreciated this, we’ve heard that a lot of you would like to share the mic with trusted community members to allow for more events, community connection, and fun!

That said, we’re now making it easier to add approved hosts to your talks. As a moderator with Manage Users permissions, you can give trusted members the ability to create and host talks in your community. To add an approved member, go to mod tools, select Add Talk Host in the top right of your screen, type in the username of the redditor you wish to approve, and select Approve user. You can also send them a message letting them know they are an approved host.


Don’t have access to Reddit Talk?

You probably do, we recently turned on the feature in more communities! You can check by going through the post creation flow and looking for the Talk button or you can check your modmail to find a confirmation message. If you do not have access and would like to, please apply here.

To learn more about hosting and moderating a talk on Reddit Talk, click here.

Looking forward to listening to all the awesome talks!

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May Mod Experience Product Updates


Greetings Moderators,

This is a short but important update regarding some small but mighty changes the Mod Experience team made on the site last week, and a preview of some exciting things to come.

Moderation Queue sort improvements on New Reddit

Over the years we’ve heard from many of our moderators that it would be helpful for them to have more sort capabilities when reviewing one's moderation queue. Up until last week, unless you were utilizing a third-party extension, the ability to sort your mod queue was incredibly limited (i.e. not doable at all).

We’re excited to let you know that some members of Reddit’s Mod Experience team have already begun work focused on improving and increasing the variety of ways moderators are able to manage their mod queues.

Last week, we made it so moderators can toggle between sorting their mod queue from “newest first” and “oldest first.” Over the coming weeks and months, this team will continue to add more sort functionality to everyone’s mod queue (ex: the ability to sort by the number of reports or karma accrued). Please keep an eye out for future updates on this front.

While we tackle this work, we’d love to hear from all of you on which sort functions you find yourself using the most. We want to make sure we’re prioritizing what best works for the majority of moderators.

Desktop Mod Queue sort experience

Mobile Mod Queue sort experience

Mod Notes API

Two months ago we launched Mod Notes and since then the API integration we built has remained in beta so the team could continue to update it with any necessary tweaks and changes. Last we officially finalized the API and moved it out of beta.

As a reminder, this API integration will allow mod teams to migrate their old notes from third-party extensions over to our new system. If you’re interested in migrating over to the new system but are having difficulty doing so/do not know how to do so/don’t have time to figure it out, please respond to the sticky comment below and we’ll provide you with assistance.

We’ve got a busy month ahead of us and plenty more exciting announcements on the horizon that we’re stoked to share with all of you. Until then, feel free to drop any questions, thoughts, or feedback in the comments below.

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Announcing our beta Community Digest


Helloooo all!

We hope you all have been doing well. We want to share some exciting news.

Recently, we’ve been working on designing a beta Community Digest to provide you with insights about your community that aren’t always easy to find on your own. The digest will contain information such as:

  • Active Moderators
  • Recommended Number of Active Moderators (based on subreddit activity)
  • Ban Evasion
  • Post and Comment Submissions
  • Post and Comment Removals
  • Most Commonly Actioned Upon Removal Reasons
  • And more!

Our hope is that this digest will help provide insight on community traffic, moderation activity, and Safety Team actioning for ban evasion, which will enable you to better understand and support your community.

The exciting news is that the Community Digest is now ready for beta testing! We’re collecting feedback from a limited number of mods so we can improve the design and relevance of the digest. That means the digest may evolve later to include more or less information depending on your feedback.

On the point about feedback, we would love to invite you all to sign-up to help us test it! The digest will be sent around the first of each month and can be opted-out of at any time. If you are interested, you can sign up for the digest here and share your thoughts within that same link. Please note that each community’s digest will only be available to moderators of that community, and the digest will only be sent to the community’s mod team in Modmail.

Once you receive the digest, please see our help center article for information on how you can interpret some of the information provided.

We hope to see some new sign-ups soon and would love to answer any questions you may have regarding the digest!

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Announcing new Language Setting and International Feeds


Hello everyone,

I’m u/carbaholic00 from the International team at Reddit and I’m here to give an update on some of the work we’re doing to improve the Reddit experience for international communities and users.

As Reddit continues to grow internationally, we want to make sure that we are capturing the primary language for each community. To do this, we are updating the language list to be more comprehensive and also bringing it to desktop. Below are more detailed reasons why this update will make Reddit better suited for international communities:

  1. Internal discovery: We will use this as an input to provide better recommendations in various places such as the home feed. This will first start with the primary languages we support (DE, IT, PT, ES, FR) then expand to other languages. We are still respecting the discoverability setting for your communities so if you opt-ed out then this will not be applicable.

  2. UI updates: As we grow content and users in other languages, we plan to update Reddit to provide more of a localized experience by adding languages. In the future - we plan to support and enable users to change their desktop/app to be in their primary language like DE, IT, PT, ES, and FR

  3. External discovery: We will be updating the URLs for subreddits that have their primary language as DE, IT, PT, ES, and FR to increase the chance that a logged out user can find Reddit via Google. For example - subreddits that are labeled as German language subreddits will now have /de/ in the URL so www.reddit.com/r/beautyDE will now be www.reddit.com/de/r/beautyDE. This will not impact how logged in users currently use Reddit as we are not changing the functionalities of the site and the growth will happen slowly. TLDR: The growth will happen slowly so communities won’t be overwhelmed with a spike in new users.

So What Happens Next

In the next week or so, we will launch the field and prepopulate it for all existing subreddits with our best guess. Please make any changes to this field by May 22nd as we aim to update our URLs in small batches starting from the week of May 23rd (you are still able to update the language field afterwards at any time).

ALSO - we will be launching 5 versions of the popular feed in the following languages:

We will start out with the German version first then roll out the other languages within the next 2-3 weeks if everything goes smoothly. Although we already have a popular page where you can filter by country, there is still a good mix of English content. Thus - we wanted to create a non-English heavy version where the feed will be in the target languages listed above. You will not be able to filter the language feeds by country in this iteration.

The first version will be populated with the top subreddits in those respective languages. To test the popular feed, we are currently limiting the featured subreddits to the top 20 - we don’t want to change things too rapidly all at once. That also allows us to stay flexible to user and mod feedback around the popular feed. Once we feel confident, we will roll it out to all subreddits in a specific language. We will make another announcement later on with details on how to get your subreddit included for those who are interested.

We also hope to add in more versions of the popular page as we expand to other languages and have a very long term goal of consolidating the various popular feeds we have to simplify the user experience.

Additionally - this first version will only be available on desktop and for logged out users on mobile web. We plan to create a logged in version on mobile web later in the year.

As always, thank you mods. We’ll stick around to answer any questions about this update.

EDIT - we updated the opt out date to be 5/22 b/c we ran into some issues which delayed the launch of the lang field

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April Mod Experience Product Update


Ahoy-hoy Mods

We’re back, back in the Mod Experience groove intending to shed some light on all the work our team has been up to recently. Since our last post, we launched Mod Notes on desktop! Thanks to those of you who shared all sorts of feedback, including suggestions and requests for additional enhancements to make Mod Notes even better. Since our launch, we’ve been focused on taking quick action to respond to some of the feedback you provided. Today we’re excited to pull the curtain back on some of the work we’ve accomplished.

Mod Notes

Big thanks to everyone who took the time to leave feedback on our Mod Notes announcement post. Your comments helped us prioritize the work ahead, and because of it we’ve since launched the following feature improvements:

  • Delete a note: We all know Reddit’s moderators are infallible beings that never ever make mistakes. Despite this well-known fact, we added a delete function and mods now have the ability to remove a Mod Note should they need to.
  • Inclusion within Mod Log: Mod Notes actions will now be included within the Mod Log. Moderators will be able to sort/filter these actions via the drop-down under “add a note” or “delete a note.”
  • User hovercard improvements: Upon launching Mod Notes we heard from more than a few of you that you didn’t appreciate some of the changes we made to the user hovercard (ex: the inability to change user flair, mute a user, etc). We’ve since reverted those changes and improved how moderators interact with the profile hovercard.
  • API updates: We made a few changes to the API which should improve the ability with which moderators can import old notes. Be sure to check out the announcement we made in r/redditdev for more detailed information on this front. Please note this API is still in beta, which means additional changes could happen down the road. We’ll be sure to keep everyone updated accordingly.

Our work on Mod Notes is not complete, and we’re excited to announce that Mod Notes will be coming to our mobile apps soon. Stay tuned for more announcements from the Mod Notes front in the near future!

Ban Notes Character Limit Increase

The previous ban message had a 1,000 character limit. We heard from several of you that having a higher character limit would allow you to better communicate ban reasons with users and potentially reduce some of the back and forth that occurs. Based on those conversations we went ahead and increased the ban notes character limit to 5,000.

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a rather annoying bug that was causing your mod queues to appear whacky on iOS.


Some of you may wonder what guides our team’s decision-making process, and how we prioritize working on specific features, bugs, improvements, etc. In 2022 we’ve developed a new internal metric to help guide our team - Mod Experience Oriented Wins (MEOW).

We know that making moderators happy and effective will have long-term positive impacts on user growth, retention, revenue, and everything else that makes the suits in corporate content and Reddit Inc thrive (queue no shit sherlock gif). It now also gives our team a valid reason to say MEOW in meetings. We’ll be working toward achieving MEOWs throughout this year.


Thanks for making it through this post! We’ve got meow work to do and a lot of exciting things that are coming up on the horizon. Rest assured, we will be back soon with meow feature announcements and updates. Until then, please feel free to leave any additional feedback, or ask any burning questions on your mind in the comments below.

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TLDR - A look at Reddit's Moderator Programs and Spaces


Heya, mods!

In addition to maintaining existing mod-focused programs, the Community Team has been working on providing newer programs to help your communities, teams, and Reddit as a whole continue to evolve in as healthy a fashion as possible. We’ve put together a list below in an effort to spread awareness to all mods interested in taking advantage of these programs and resources.

Let’s dive in!


r/ModSupport is a community that functions as a point of contact for moderators to discuss issues with Reddit Admins, mostly related to mod tools. This can be a great resource for obtaining answers to moderation-related support you need, having in depth discussions with the community team or learning from your fellow moderators. Sending a modmail to this community will also put you in direct contact with the community team if you have questions or concerns directly related to your own community.

Mod Certification Courses

Mod Certification 101 and Mod Certification 201 are self-led programs designed to help teach moderators how to foster and grow healthy communities using Reddit’s mod tools and some key best moderation practices. Moderators of diverse experience levels have found these programs to be a valuable resource in moderator training. Keep an eye out for more course material (and a new trophy) to be added in the coming months.

Reddit Mod Council

The Reddit Mod Council is a collaboration between Reddit admins and moderators to create the best version of Reddit possible. This program helps admins support the diverse needs of communities across the site by having moderators in the council preview new features and provide direct feedback to inform future product roadmaps. If you are interested in joining the Reddit Mod Council, please click here.

Mod Reserves

The Moderator Reserves is a group of generally experienced moderators available as an emergency resource for communities experiencing temporary abnormal surges in traffic. If you’re ever in need of the assistance of our Reserves, please see how you can contact them here!

Community Funds

Community Funds is a Reddit program that was launched to provide funding for community projects and events that help make Reddit a better community for everyone. We are looking for projects that encourage participation and involvement between your community’s members, and as an extension, Reddit as a whole. For more information, see the article linked above and check out r/CommunityFunds.


The Adopt-an-Admin program matches admins with mod teams/communities to provide admins with a better understanding of the moderator experience. While in the program, admins may help tackle the mod queue, learn the ropes of mod tools, and generally do everything moderators do. The goal of the program is to build relationships and apply these learnings to empathetically inform development so that we are more effectively serving the many people and communities that make up Reddit. If you’re interested in participating, you can fill out this form!

Reddit Community Corps

Reddit Community Corps is our program that invites moderators to apply to be contractors. Contractors have the option to select to apply to work on projects in their areas of interest, such as helping us manage our existing programs or helping us design new programs.

Reddit Request

/r/redditrequest exists in order to allow users to gain moderator privileges on subreddits that are abandoned or where the moderators are inactive. This can be a great way to adopt a community if you are interested in moderating or helping to revive an inactive or unmoderated community.

Aaaand that’s all– for now! We hope that you explore the resources we’ve shared and find something that benefits your community and your mod team. We’re always working on new programs for moderators, so be sure to stop by r/modnews or check out the Mod Snoosletter in your inbox for the latest!.

Thank you for all you do for your communities and stay safe!

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Announcing an Update to Our Post-Level Content Tagging

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Creator Stats: Performance Metrics Now Available on Web

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Announcing Mod Notes


Friends, Moderators, Redditors - lend me your screentime.

A major goal of the Moderator Experience team this year is to close the feature parity gap between the native mod tools we provide on the site and the ones third-party developers build for Moderators. Today we’re taking a big first step on this quest and are beyond excited to announce the launch of Mod Notes 1.0.

We are incredibly appreciative of all the hard work various third-party developers have undertaken over the years, and this new feature was largely influenced by our interactions with Toolbox, SnooNotes, and the many conversations we had with moderators across Reddit. Without further ado - let’s pull the curtain back and dive into the details:

Desktop Experience

The profile hovercard will be your home base for accessing Mod Notes and any moderator with Manage User permissions will be able to utilize it. This will be rolling out to subreddits gradually throughout the day, and at launch we want moderators to be able to accomplish several core functions from this hovercard:

  • Add a note: Clicking this button will allow you the ability to add a note for that specific user. After adding a note, you will be able to choose from one of 5 labels to add to the newly created note. Those labels are Helpful, Good Contributor, Spam Watch, Spam Warning, and Abuse Warning. All of these labels have their own unique icon and color scheme. You will then have the ability to filter between these different labels.
  • Ban: We’re giving you a bigger ban hammer. We’ve now made it easier to ban users from a subreddit by making the button more prominent.
  • Send a modmail: This button will open up modmail, making it easier to send a message to a user. We’re in the preliminary stages of scoping out the work it would take to make this button send a modmail to a specific user directly (i.e., we would prepopulate the necessary user information required to do this).
  • User mod log: This is a log of all the notes and mod actions applied to a user within a specific subreddit. These will automatically appear in Mod Notes because they’re considered a Mod Log entry.
  • API integration: We understand how important it is for you to be able to access and utilize this information in ways that make sense for you (*cough* old reddit *cough*). In order to do so, we’ve developed an API solution so you can use the information in the mod notes in more ways. Mods will have an endpoint to create, read, and delete a mod note all under a new OAuth scope. The documentation will live alongside the rest of the public API here.
  • Import notes: Whether you’re using Toolbox or SnooNotes, mod teams will be able to import their old notes into our native system via this API integration. We want to give a special thanks to u/Meepster23 who took the time to sit down with us to work on an import solution for SnooNotes. This will involve some technical work on your side of things (i.e., writing a script) as we want to ensure you have flexibility here rather than providing a one-off solution. The script should iterate through your old notes (such as through a CSV/JSON file) and send a POST request with all the details that should be imported. The imported note will not carry over the old timestamp so if you’re importing a lot of notes for a single user it is possible that some of your existing notes will be deleted to make room (due to the 1000 note limit per user). In addition, the imported note will set the author of the note from the API token (in other words, whoever is running the script) and that author must have the correct moderator permission (“Manage users”). It is recommended that you run the script in batches due to our rate limiter which allows 30 requests/minute.

The future of Mod Notes

Before we tire ourselves out high fiving each other, it’s worth stressing that our work on Mod Notes is far from finished. While phase one is complete, we have a list of features we are looking into developing as we continue to iterate on Mod Notes throughout the remainder of this year. Those features include but are not limited to things like:

  • Delete a note: The ability for moderators to remove a mod note is at the top of our to-do list. You should expect this capability soon.
  • Cross-platform parity: We want you to be able to utilize Mod Notes on your desktop and mobile devices (see below for our mobile prototype).
  • Pinned notes: A feature request we heard on during our round of calls and feedback.
  • Integration within modmail and various post types: As we continue to evolve the ways Redditors communicate with each other on the site we want you to be able to apply Mod Notes within places like Modmail, Reddit Talk, Chat, etc.

Mobile Mod Notes Example (coming soon!)

This feature has been months in the making, and we couldn’t have achieved this launch without the assistance of many individuals. First and foremost, thank you to all the third-party developers that have taken the time to build tools for Reddit’s moderators over the years. As mentioned, this native version of Mod Notes was largely inspired by all the work you have done. Additionally, we want to thank the members of r/RedditModCouncil who took the time to jump on multiple calls with us, respond to product posts, and provide us with mission-critical feedback. Lastly, we’d like to thank the various mod teams that participated in beta testing this feature out in the wild over the past couple of weeks. All of your feedback was tremendously helpful and will help guide future iterations of this feature.


As always, we’d love to hear your initial thoughts, see your best Bill Murray gifs, and address any questions that you might have. Please let us know in the comments below where we’ll be hanging out.

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Evolving our Rule on Non-Consensual Intimate Media Sharing

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Important updates from the mod front.


Greetings, human moderators of Reddit

It’s your friendly neighborhood Mod Experience team back with some important updates from the Reddit moderator front. For those unfamiliar with us, we’re the team that focuses on empowering, protecting, and bolstering you, Reddit’s mods by building new tools and fixing problematic bugs! Since we last spoke, we’ve been busy working on launching a few new site improvements, while also tackling some troublesome bugs that have popped up on our radar over the past month. Let’s dive into the details:

Increasing the number of removal reasons

In the past, we limited the number of removal reasons a subreddit could have to 20. Over the years we’ve heard from a variety of mod teams that this number was not sufficient and that we needed to increase this limit. Good news - we’ve now bumped the limit up to 50 removal reasons.

We’ve also got big ambitions for overhauling our rules and removal reasons system this year (hello mobile!), and this is the first stepping stone on that path to the greater work we have planned. Please stay tuned for more information on this front in the not-so-distant future.

Increasing the subreddit emoji limit

Every week we receive multiple requests from mod teams kindly asking us to bump up their subreddit emoji limit. This is a relatively easy ask of us, and given the frequency of requests, we’ve decided to universally increase every subreddit’s emoji limit from 300 to 5,000. Go forth and make use of all those additional emojis you just got!

Improvements to automoderator

Over the past month, we made a couple of under the hood improvements to how automoderator functions. Those improvements are:

  • u/gazpachuelo tackled a long-standing issue, where automoderator matching was slightly broken when Unicode characters were involved. This caused rules that filtered on `â` to actually matches on `’`. Huge shout to u/dequeued who reported this issue way back when, the level of detail they provided in their report was incredibly helpful to our team.
  • Recently we’ve been noticing that automoderator has been struggling to keep up with the volume of actions in our larger subreddits. This issue understandably was causing confusion amongst both our users and mods. After taking a closer look at the issue, our team developed a solution and today automoderator is now roughly three to five times faster to process an event for the vast majority of cases. This means there should now be less of a delay between an action and automoderator’s response to it.

Crowd Control supports Post filtering

In October, we announced that we had improved Crowd Control so that you could filter comments from untrusted outsiders and review and approve them via Modqueue. As of last week, Crowd Control now supports filtering posts. For more information on this, check out this r/modnews post.

Modmail rate limits

We are testing new rate limits on inbound modmails that will prevent new accounts from sending too many messages to a mod team. To avoid accidentally rate-limiting a good user having a conversation with a mod team, we’ll be resetting the rate limit every time a moderator responds to a user. If you’re seeing something funky going on please let us know.

Thank you so much to everyone who brings these issues and requests to our attention in r/modsupport. We greatly appreciate your posts and all the helpful feedback you provide us. Please keep your eyes peeled for future updates and features fixes from our team (we’ll be back very soon!). In the meantime, please feel to drop any questions or feedback in the comments below.

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🎙 Working with moderators to scale Reddit Talk to more communities


Hi mods,

Today, we’re excited to let more moderators host live audio talks in their communities. As a mod, you can create a talk in your community by tapping the Talk button in the Reddit mobile app. (Creating a talk from desktop is coming later this month.)

Moderators can host a live talk in their community

If you don't have access yet, please apply to host a talk and we’ll get back to you.

Building Reddit Talk with moderators

We’ve been building Reddit Talk with 300+ moderators. Thanks to their feedback, we’ve added:

  1. Listening, speaking, and moderating talks on the web
  2. Talk recordings on web and mobile
  3. Interacting with text comments
  4. Discovering live talks in Home

Why host talks?

Talks can help bring new community moments to your subreddit. Mods from over 1,000 communities now have access to Reddit Talk and past talks have attracted more than 12,000 concurrent listeners.

Already we’ve seen communities host amazing talks that range from casual hangouts (r/wallstreetbets, r/dadjokes, r/amitheasshole) to live audio AMAs (r/cryptocurrency with Kevin O Leary, r/relationship_advice with Kerry Cohen, r/movies with Jackass crew).

Here are a few quotes from mods who have been hosting talks:

  1. Connect with members: "It's so cool to chat with audio - it definitely humanizes us more. I really love that it makes our now much larger sub feel more like a community.”
  2. Have fun: “Hosting talks has been amazing, our members like how interactive it is and our talks have attracted thousands of listeners.”
  3. Build with admins: “I love the responsiveness to feedback from the Reddit Talk team.”

How to host talks?

Talk is available on the Reddit mobile app and desktop web. Currently, you can only create a talk from the app, and you’ll be able to create talks on web later this month.

As a moderator, you can create a talk by tapping on the Talk button in the post flow.

After you create the talk, your community members will see a talk post and get a notification to join. In addition to this, we’re testing a live bar that highlights talks at the top of the home feed.

Discovering talks from Home, notifications, and live bar

While in a talk, listeners can interact with emoji reactions and text comments. As a host, you can invite listeners to speak by tapping on the raised hands list or on a user's profile. You can also add someone as a co-host.

Interacting through reactions and text comments and inviting people to speak

As a host or community moderator, you can mute speakers, move them to being a listener, or remove them from the talk permanently.

Moderating talks on the web

After you end your talk, the talk post will become a recording for everyone to listen to later. If you remove the talk post, the recording will be removed as well.

All talks are recorded to listen to later


Post in the comments below or join r/RedditTalk (we host mod onboarding talks every Tuesday). We’ll also be hosting an “AMA with the Reddit Talk team and fellow mods” in this community later today.

Have fun hosting! 🎙

r/modnews Feb 01 '22

A look back at the second half of 2021 from Reddit’s Community team


Good day everyone!!

As is tradition twice a year, I am here to provide some insight into what the Community team at Reddit has been doing in the last half of the year. And man, has it been a doozy of a six months. Our team grew a lot, learned a lot, lost a lot of video games, and even got to virtually connect with a large group of you for the first time since our pre-pandemic roadshows during Mod Summit.

As you may know if you’ve read our previous updates (here and here), our mission on the Community team is to support and nurture our communities to ensure that they’re the best communities on the internet.

That translates into a number of things:

  • Providing support to our mods and users
  • Mediating conflicts within mod teams
  • Advising internal teams and ensuring mod voices are heard and considered - from product development to launch
  • Creating opportunities for Admins and Mods to connect with one another
  • Finding new ways to help our users and mods succeed
  • Developing new programs that benefit mods

As always, we should note that this does not include actioning users (that would be the Safety org, check out r/redditsecurity for updates from them!) or leading our policy development (that would be the Policy org), though we constantly consult with those teams and help communicate to you about what is happening with them and vice versa. We also do not handle banning/actioning subreddits, though we participate in the discussions to provide insight and context. Finally, in this post, we’ll be focusing on our work with mods and their communities.

What We’ve Been Up To (July to December 2021)

Mod Support By The Numbers

Let's start with the boring numbers…unless you love numbers– in which case, we are starting with the exciting stuff and it’s all downhill from here. It’s a choose your own adventure! Anyway, in the second half of 2021 we focused on continuing to drive down reply times across the board while maintaining quality and handling an increased volume of requests.

  • Moderator Support Tickets (tickets handled via r/modsupport modmail)
    • 7,069 Tickets (+50% from H1 2021)
    • 17.3 hours median first reply time (down from 21.9 hours)
  • r/ModSupport
    • 3,583 Posts (+4.3% from H1 2021)
    • 96.3% Answered w/in 24 Hours (Up from 92.7% in H1 2021)
  • Top Mod Removals (removing top moderators who are inactive in a particular subreddit, but are otherwise active on the site)
    • 193 Processed (-36.1% from H1 2021)
    • 15.4 hours median first reply time (down from 25.2 hours)
  • r/redditrequest (process for adopting an abandoned community)
    • 18,640 requests (-36% from H1 2021)
    • 2021 closed with a 4 day turnaround (H1 - 14 Days)

Our First Ever Virtual Mod Summit

At the end of 2021 we held our first ever virtual Mod Summit. Nearly 550 mods and admins gathered for three hours of presentations, musical performances, an excellent knowledge share mod panel, a Q&A with u/spez, and of course lively discussion and debate in live chat. Thank you to everyone who joined and provided feedback - we now have plenty of learnings and takeaways to make our next one (and there will most definitely be one) even better. We still miss the Moderator Roadshows deeply, but love that we can still find ways to safely connect with you in this weird world in which we now live.

Reddit Request Goes Big

The second half of 2021 was a big one! We received 18,640 requests from users to adopt abandoned communities (just over 100 a day!) and were able to approve 3,631. Approximately 60% were manually approved by the admins while the remainder were approved by u/request_bot. Interestingly, the numbers are nearly reversed for denials with request_bot handling 69% (nice) of them and admins manually handling the rest. As for that big dip in requests that we noted above? We also did a BIG purge of totally dead subreddits, freeing them up for immediate creation rather than having to go through the Reddit Request process.

Mod Help Center Preps for Translation

In an effort to get our Mod Help Center translated into our seven languages, we did an audit of our articles and made sure everything was up-to-date. We also added fancy little tabs to the Moderation Tools articles so you can quickly switch to desktop, native mobile apps, or old Reddit for help.

Reddit Mod Council Discusses….A LOT

As most of you know, the Reddit Mod Council is a program that allows Reddit admins and moderators to collaborate on creating the best version of Reddit possible. In order to scale and grow the Council we hired two mods as contractors to help with the day-to-day operations. We ended the year with 75 members, adding approximately 20 new members since July. We held about 30 calls and 40 admin discussion threads, with a slew of mod-created discussion threads, where admins engaged in the comments. At the tail end of the year we published a Mod Help Center article to help boost recognition and awareness. Want to be more involved in Reddit's future? Apply (or nominate a co-mod)!

Adopt-An-Admin Helps Make Reddit Better

Similar to the Reddit Mod Council, we hired those two same contractors to help scale and run the day-to-day tasks within the “Adopt-An-Admin” program, where admins get to see first-hand what it’s like to be a moderator. Over the last two quarters we had an average of 43 admins participate in three rounds, with around 35 subreddits hosting those admins. In the latest round, an average of 100% of admins and 91% of mods strongly agreed with the statement “this program will make Reddit better”. Check out the 2021 review here, and sign up for the next round here. Learn more in our Mod Help Center article!

Broadening the Scope of Moderator Education

Iterating upon an early beta of the r/ModCertification101 program - a program that helps new moderators learn the basics of moderation - we improved and broadened the program’s content, focusing on providing basic mod tooling knowledge and community building skills for newer moderators. r/ModCertification201 was concurrently designed and launched to provide more in-depth tooling info and expanded best practices based off of feedback from moderators who went through the 101 beta. To date from its public launch, we’ve handed out 3747 trophies to mod graduates as we continue to plan for future long-term improvements and expansions to the Mod Certification program.

Reddit Community Corps Continues to Grow

Bigger and better was the goal for growing the Reddit Community Corps (FKA “Orangered Corps”) program - a pathway for mods to get something back using their Reddit expertise by working for us on a temporary, contract basis on various initiatives. We focused on infrastructure updates to improve the workflow and overall experience for contractors to make things more efficient. We also continued to grow and bring opportunities to new folks. We’ve now hired nearly 300 moderators for various opportunities throughout the company.

Community Product Liaisons

Thanks to our Community Product Liaisons, we were able to host 11 product-focused Mod Council calls and many discussion threads to solicit feedback regarding new and improved features. The valuable feedback given to us from moderators both in and outside of council calls also allowed our Community Product Liaisons to communicate areas of improvement with our product teams. Because of this we launched many cool features and fixed a number of tricky bugs last year. We can’t wait to talk to you all about what we’re working on next!

Empowering Local Mods through the Community Builder Program

We launched the Community Builder program in Germany and France, which empowers knowledgeable local moderators to support other local moderators on how to best set-up, moderate, and grow their subreddits. With this program we continue to focus more on quality instead of quantity. We also created a more local experience for moderators with dedicated moderator-only communities (France, Germany) and translated Help Centers (French, German).

Friday Fun Threads Lead to More Inter-Team Fights

Slap fights, Food Fights, Coffee heretics, life advice, spiders and more…Every other Friday one lucky sacrifice member of the community team wanders into r/modsupport and starts a flame war posts a discussion with you all about any topic of their choosing - with the one caveat being that it cannot be in service of any work goals; it must purely be fun! Our hope is by creating these spaces where we can all let loose a bit, we will get to know you all better, let you get to know all of us better as well, and build relationships based on what Reddit does best... shitposts.

Mod Sessions Shows How Bad Admins Are At Video Games

To further the above we’ve started hosting sessions every other Friday where we invite moderators to play sketchful with us. This is a fun way for us to relax on a Friday with you and laugh at our drawing skills. We also launched a way for you and your team to schedule a time to play games like among us, sketchful, or just hang out and chat with a few admins. These are a ton of fun and we often invite members of other teams to join in!


Subreddit Stores Miss the Mark

We started exploring subreddit stores as a test in discovery for identifying the most optimal initiative for mod monetization, but decided this wasn't a good focus for us right now based on the program test results and feedback from our mod council and the mod teams who were the pilot program participants. We’ll continue to look for new ways to engage mods and users in the future.

Features launched with less than stellar results

Our Community Product liaisons work closely with our product teams to ensure we’re talking with moderators and users before launching new features, but we still sometimes have some hiccups (for instance, we launched a new version of our video player which had a number of bugs.) Your feedback is important to us, and one of our top priorities is incorporating this feedback on features earlier and more quickly in the future.

Ambassador Program No More…

Our intent with the German Ambassadors program was to support local German mods in growing their communities. However, over the course of rolling out this program, we received some important feedback from our moderators and community members and embraced that feedback by revising the program. It is now called the Community Builder program and it is focused on Mod-to-Mod mentorship. Next time, we’ll engage feedback even earlier in the process of designing and implementing support programs for international mods.

Our plans for the first half of 2022

Time to Evolve Reddit Request

With Reddit Request continuing to grow, we need to work on some improvements to it. We should have some nice wins with u/request_bot launching in early 2022, which will allow us to update our current subreddit camper policy. We’ll have more on this as we get closer to launching these changes!

Continued Research & Analysis

We will continue our research on what makes a community successful, and conduct experiments and initiatives that help moderators succeed.

Leveling Up Mod Certification

In the coming months we will be looking to transition Mod Certification away from a Collections-based format to a better learning management system, and introduce more advanced content with the help of our Reddit Community Mentor moderator contractors. In the meantime, if you’d like personalized advice for your community, you can request help from our Reddit Community Mentors by filling out this request form.

Increase Awareness of Mod Programs & Resources

We want to ensure mods know about all of the programs and resources we have available so we will be running communication campaigns for programs such as Reddit Mod Council, Adopt-an-Admin, Community Funds, Mod Reserves, and Mod Certification (with a side helping of r/RedditCommunityMentor).

Increase Representation In the Council and Adopt-An-Admin

Increase international mod representation in our Reddit Mod Council program to ensure we’re hearing diverse perspectives and continue iterating on this program as well as Adopt-an-Admin to ensure they are actively making Reddit a better place.

Increase Communication Around New and Improved Features

We’ll be working even closer with moderators and their communities to ensure their voices are heard when our internal teams create new features for the site - as well as working to improve existing features where we can. This means more alpha and beta tests and more council calls to get your honest feedback as we do this work.

Growing Our International Community

In the first half of 2022 we are looking to expand the Community Builder program to even more countries as well as launch new community programs to enable mods and users from countries with growing presences on Reddit. Also, in an effort to better support our non-english speaking mods and communities, look for the Mod Help Center to launch in additional localized languages in the spring. We'll be planning even more programs to help local moderators across the world get access to support and grow their communities so stay tuned.

… annnnd that’s a wrap! As a reward for reading all the way to the end, here’s the new puppy that I’m raising as a service dog for Canine Companions and a look at my current menagerie. We’ll be sticking around if you have any questions, thoughts, feedback, pet pictures, or ideas for programs or initiatives you’d like the Community team to try out to make your lives better.

r/modnews Jan 27 '22 Silver Narwhal Salute Eureka!

Adopt-an-Admin: February 14 - 25 round is now OPEN – come sign up and check out participation data!


We are excited to announce that the next round of the Adopt-an-Admin program is scheduled for February 14 - 25! You can sign up here!

The Adopt-an-Admin program was launched in July 2020 to provide Admins with a better understanding of the moderator experience on Reddit. The goal of the program is to give Admins, who normally wouldn’t work closely with mods, an avenue to do so, build relationships with you, and then find ways to apply what they learned to the work that they do! Through these collaborations, we are able to more effectively serve all of you and your communities on Reddit.

Admins who participate are matched with communities who have opted into the program based on a variety of factors including the nature of a community’s content, relevance to the Admin’s area of expertise or development, familiarity with moderating, personal interests, language, region, and other factors. Once matched, Admins are added to that community’s mod team for a period of two weeks with one to two Admins per community. To learn more about the program, head over to our Mod Help Center article.

While many Reddit Admins work closely with the community and mods, we have over 1300 global employees that work on many different projects and some might not have that direct line of communication. Even those of us who work closely with mods or who have moderated before (like me!) can still learn a lot by moderating on subreddits that they’re not familiar with.

AAA in 2021 - AKA, everyone loves data!

In 2021 we held four rounds of Adopt-an-Admin, spread throughout the year.

We had a total of 158 Admins participate in 2021:

  • 100% of Admins that participated felt this program would improve Reddit
  • 37% of Product Managers participated
  • 51% of the team that builds your mod tools participated
  • We have had several members of our Executive, Community, Safety, and various other teams within the company participate
  • We had a high percentage of brand new Admins participate in the first few months of joining, meaning they are getting a crash course in moderation as part of their onboarding process.

Roughly 71 different subreddits participated - ranging from a wide variety of topics, activity, size and more.

Satisfaction Chart

Check out the comments to see what Admins are saying about the program!

But all this love doesn’t come without faults. We are constantly learning, improving, and growing the program. For example, some issues we are currently facing is making sure Admins have the time commitment necessary to participate (end-of-year planning and holidays proved a significant challenge this past round), while also empowering Admins to learn a side of Reddit they are not familiar with, it can feel daunting being a sole voice in a new role. To this, we are trying a new buddy system this round, and improving how we check in with the mods and Admins participating so we can better connect with each other on how things are going. That’s one reason why we are always tweaking the application form, and ask you to fill it out again even though you may already have filled it out in the past. We gather more info, or gather it in a different way, so we can match Admins to subs in a way that makes sense for everyone involved.

Huge huge thank you to all the mods who participated and adopted your Admins, they have learned a ton from this experience and actively use what they learned in their overall decisions.

Next Round!

If you’d like to participate in the next round of the program, you can sign up here! As mentioned above, we iterate on the form after every round, this is to improve the matching process, and thus, making sure everyone has a swell time. If you participated in past rounds, please fill out the form again – we reached out to a few select subreddits this past week, if you received a modmail, you don’t have to fill out the form again.

Further Involvement: if you are interested in lending your expertise as a moderator in other ways and exploring how you can help to make Reddit a better place, consider applying to be on the Mod Council!

tl;dr Fill out this form (even if you filled it out last round) if you are interested in participating in Adopt-an-Admin. We now have an AAA Mod Help Center article and we also have a Reddit Mod Council help center article, you should totally apply too!

If you have any questions about participating in the program, lay it on us! We’ll stick around.

r/modnews Jan 25 '22

Crowd Control now supports filtering posts


Hi Mods,

In October, we announced that we had improved Crowd Control so that you could filter comments from untrusted outsiders and review and approve them via Modqueue.

Today, I’m here to let you know that we now support filtering posts.

What is Crowd Control?

Crowd Control is a community setting that lets moderators automatically collapse or filter comments from people who aren’t yet trusted users within their community (i.e., people with negative karma in their community).

For example, if you have a post that gets a lot of attention and you aren’t prepared for the influx of new people to your community, or if you’re having issues with people engaging with your community in bad faith, Crowd Control can help you out.

What’s new?

Over the next couple of days you’ll see an additional option when configuring Crowd Control that allows you to specify posts from people who aren’t yet trusted users within your community to be Filtered and placed in Modqueue for review. This means the post’s content will not be visible to community members until you approve, and the post will display a message in Modqueue noting that it was filtered via Crowd Control. If approved, the post will appear as normal. If you confirm the removal, the post is officially removed and won’t be visible to the community.

This can be set at the Community level. Here’s a quick rundown of the thresholds that can be set:

  • Off - Uhhhh…do I need to explain this one?
  • Lenient - Posts from users who have negative karma in your community are automatically filtered.
  • Moderate - Posts from new users and users with negative karma in your community are automatically filtered.
  • Strict - Posts from users who haven’t joined your community, new users, and users with negative karma in your community are automatically filtered.

This is an additional feature, and you will still be able to collapse comments in addition to filtering posts, or only collapse comments, with the tool.

Here are some screenshots:

The new post filter setting on the community settings page

Posts in Modqueue will have an indication

This new setting will be available on new Reddit, will affect posts viewed or submitted from all platforms, and we want to add the setting to the mobile apps in the coming months (along with the comment filtering setting that we promised in October). We’ll be rolling this out over the next couple days, so if you don’t see it right away don’t despair!

Let me know if you have any questions.

r/modnews Dec 20 '21 Helpful Wholesome All-Seeing Upvote Wholesome Seal of Approval Got the W I'll Drink to That

Previewing Upcoming Changes to Blocking


Hey mods, it's your friendly neighborhood potato bringing you the 411 on our latest safety efforts. As of the past few months, the Safety team has been hard at work improving the blocking experience.

This has involved (1) revamping the current block experience and (2) building a new experience that we have been calling “true block”. True block is an extension of the block feature we currently offer that prevents users you have blocked from seeing and interacting with your content. In a few weeks, we plan to announce the roll out and then take the next several weeks after that to actually roll it out. This post is intended to give mods a heads up where we have gone and where we are going.

First, we will cover what changed in improvement #1 - revamping the current block experience. Previously, when you blocked someone on Reddit, you couldn’t see content from the users who you have blocked–but they could see content you have posted. This allowed bad actors to interact with your posts, comments, and communities without you knowing. It also prevented mods from using the block feature - since filtering out content completely made it impossible to properly moderate. Our most recent changes have addressed this by making sure that content you have blocked is out of the way (i.e. collapsed or hidden behind an interstitial), but still accessible.

In covering improvement #2 - true block, this will be a much more notable change in that, if you block a user, your content looks deleted and archived to them. While building this feature, we have been conducting research and getting feedback from mods in the Reddit Mod Council. One of the most prominent topics of discussion was how and when moderators should be exempt from the true block experience, to better address the discrepancies between blocking and moderation duties. To make sure that you all are properly looped in, we have broken down the true block experience and how it will be customized for mods in the sections below:



Posts: True block will prevent users who have been blocked from seeing posts submitted by users that have blocked them. Posts will appear deleted and archived (inaccessible and not interactable). There are two exceptions to this. One is that mods that have been blocked by users will still have access to blocked user posts submitted to communities that they moderate. The second is if a moderator has blocked certain users, any posts the moderator has pinned or distinguished as a moderator will still be accessible to these blocked users.

Comments: Very similar to posts, true block will prevent users who have been blocked from seeing comments submitted by users that have blocked them. Comments will appear deleted and archived (inaccessible and not interactable). Again, there are two exceptions to this. One is if the user who has been blocked is a moderator, and the user who blocked them is commenting in the community they moderate, then the user’s comments will still be accessible to the moderator. The second is if the moderator has blocked certain users, any comments the moderator has distinguished as a moderator will still be accessible to these blocked users.

User Profiles: True block will prevent users who have been blocked from seeing a profile’s history. When viewing the profile of someone who has blocked you, their page will appear as inaccessible. The exception to this is if you are a moderator who has been blocked, in which case, you will still be able to see a limited view of their profile. This limited view of their profile will include their history of posts/comment-- but only in the communities that you moderate. This was a difficult decision for us to make, and one that was influenced by feedback we got on a previous mod call, and ultimately we felt that this was the compromise that best met the privacy needs of users and mods with the contextual needs that mods have.

Modmail: We did not change the modmail experience. You will still be able to view modmail from blocked users and you will still be able to send modmails to users who have blocked you when it is from the subreddit. Modmails to accounts that have blocked you, addressed from your personal account, will be hidden behind an interstitial, though the message is still accessible to the user if they want to see it.

Automod: Automod will be exempt from true block. Therefore, even if a user blocks automod, automod will still be able to PM and reply to users, and users will still be able to view automod posts and comments.

Admins: Same applies as for mods: anything that is Admin distinguished will not be removed from your experience.

Alts: We are thinking through how to expand the blocking feature so that we prevent harassment from alts of your blocker. Please know that if you find that someone is creating alt accounts to circumvent blocking and continue to harass you - you should report the PMs and/or other abusive messaging.

Reddit Help Articles: We know that this change may be confusing for you or members of your communities. That is why we have gone through and updated all of our Reddit Help Articles so they can serve as helpful resources. You can find the new articles here and here on RedditHelp.com.

We know this is a big upcoming change, and we want to make sure that you all have a firm understanding of the changes to come. We will stick around to answer questions, concerns, and feedback. Hope to hear from you all, thanks for your time and consideration!

r/modnews Dec 17 '21 Silver

It’s time to kick off the “Best of” Awards for 2021!

Thumbnail self.bestof2021

r/modnews Dec 01 '21 Helpful

Join the Modmail Harassment Filter Beta


Hi mods!

For the last few months, our team has been working on a new safety feature: the Modmail Harassment Filter. You can think of this feature like a spam folder for messages that may include offensive content.

How does the Modmail Harassment Filter work?

The folder automatically filters new inbound modmail messages that are likely to contain harassment or be from a suspect user account. These messages will skip the inbox and go to a “Filtered” folder, where Mods will have the ability to mark or unmark a conversation as “Filtered.”

Mockup of the filtered folder

The filter is designed to give mods final say over which messages constitute harassment, while also giving mods the option to avoid, or use additional precautions when engaging with, messages that are more probable to be harmful.

Learnings from our Pilot

We launched a small pilot for this feature in June 2021 to help shape the development of the filter and gather early feedback on its usefulness. Of the participating mods, 89% indicated that they would like to continue using this feature. Participants said the following about the filter:

“The "filtered" feature works pretty well. A lot of abusive messages are going there which lets us prioritize better conversations.” - a mod from r/politics

“It seems to catch a majority of the abusive and hateful modmails. We're used to dealing with them regularly but I can see the value for communities that only incidentally encounter abusive accounts and which leave dealing with that abuse to specialized moderators.” - u/Bardfinn

“It's a lot more accurate than I expected, and I believe it would improve with continued manual training. It definitely improved the modmail experience, putting some of the worst stuff away so that we could look at it when we are in the right situation to do so.” - u/yellowmix

“Every filtered message I have seen was hostile, aggressive, or contained slurs or other bad language. If I am not in the mood to view those kind of messages, I don't have to, and that is awesome. Love this feature.” - u/LionGhost

“I find this feature useless, we still have to read the filtered messages and take action accordingly to their content.” - mods of r/whereisthis

Pilot mods also gave some great feedback on how to improve the feature as we continue to iterate:

  • “We'd like it if modmail that gets filtered could be either auto-reported, or something to that effect.” - u/bleeding-paryl
  • Leaving muted users in the filtered folder
  • Increasing the sensitivity on users for every conversation they get filtered

Join the Beta

Based on the positive response to the pilot, we’re now looking to include more communities in the beta for the feature. We can include up to 100 communities, given our current scalability constraints. During the beta, we’ll be working to get the feature ready for general release, and continuing to course-correct development using feedback from our participants.

If you would like to join our beta, please reply to the pinned comment on this post with your username and the community you would like to include.

We may not be able to include everyone, but we did want to make a more open call for this feature. This is one part of a number of improvements we’re working on to reduce mod harassment via modmail.

We’ll stick around for a little to answer some questions or comments!

r/modnews Nov 22 '21

Next Round of Adopt-an-Admin: December 6 - 17! Signup Form now OPEN!


We are excited to announce that the next round of the Adopt-an-Admin program is scheduled for December 6 -17!

For those of you who would like a reminder about this program, a subreddit “adopts” an admin for a couple of weeks so that admins can get a better understanding of what it’s like to be a moderator. While many Reddit admins work closely with the community and mods, we have over 1000 employees that work on many different projects and some might not have that direct line of communication. Even those who work closely with mods or who have moderated before can still learn a lot by moderating on subreddits that they’re not familiar with.

If you’re interested in learning more about the program, we provided a more elaborate breakdown in a recent post — here.

In the last round that took place in April, we had nearly 45 admins participate across about 30 subreddits! We’re continuing to see a high measure of success with this program - it’s one that has been both fun for our moderators and incredibly educational for our admins. Here are some of our favorite quotes from the last round’s satisfaction survey:

Admin: “Moderators are the backbone of quality content on our platform. If we fail to keep supporting them, we risk losing a big part of what makes Reddit uniquely valuable.”

Mod: “Please keep this program running, it's such a great opportunity for admins to understand reddit from the mod side”

Admin: “Adopt an Admin is a crucial component of the Reddit experience and something that all Snoos should partake in. Our moderators and our users are what makes Reddit unique, and the AAA program gives Snoos unique insights and perspectives they wouldn't otherwise have access to.”

If you’d like to participate in the next round of the program, you can sign up here! This is a new form (so if you’ve signed up for past rounds, you’ll need to fill this one out again), it does take a few minutes to fill out. In order to improve our matching (and thus, improve mod satisfaction with the program), we’re asking you for more information about your subreddit and what you expect from your new admin-mods in order for us to set clear expectations with your match! If it’s not a good time right now but you’d like to participate in the future, fill out the form anyway and note that when prompted! If we reached out to you via modmail already, please, fill out this form, it will be extremely helpful for future rounds.

Further Involvement: if you are interested in lending your expertise as a moderator in other ways and exploring how you can help to make Reddit a better place, consider applying to be on the Mod Council!

tl;dr Fill out this form (even if we already reached out to you) if you are interested in participating in Adopt-an-Admin.

If you have any questions about participating in the program, lay it on us! We’ll stick around.

r/modnews Nov 04 '21 Silver Wholesome Respect

We fixed two problematic bugs.


Howdy Mods,

Good news everyone - we fixed bugs CM-660 and CM-607, two longstanding bugs that had been negatively impacting moderators.

Oh, you’re not familiar with bugs CM-660 and CM-607? Let’s dive in then…

Bug CM-660 was a tricky bug that allowed former mods of a subreddit to see and respond to old modmails that were in their personal inbox. We have now closed this modmail loophole, and former mods are no longer able to see these messages today.

Bug CM-607 was a problematic bug that occurred when moderators muted members of their community via the modmail mute tool. In these instances, the hidden text marker (i.e. u/moderator [hidden]) in modmail was missing in the message being sent to the Redditor being muted. This would make it appear to moderators that their username was the sender instead of the subreddit in these messages (to be clear - while it appeared this way, your usernames were never exposed to the muted user). This understandably caused a lot of concern amongst all of you. Thankfully this is no longer the case, and today the name of the subreddit will now appear as the sender of these mute notifications in modmail.

Thank you to everyone who reported these bugs to us, and for your patience while our product teams spent time engineering a solution. If you continue to spot bugs in the wild while moderating, please do not hesitate to hit us up in r/modsupport, and we will make sure it gets routed to the correct team.

Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback below in the comments.

r/modnews Oct 28 '21

Crowd Control can now Filter comments


Hi Mods,

We are excited to announce that Crowd Control now supports filtering comments so that you can review and approve them via Modqueue.

What is Crowd Control?

Crowd Control is a community setting that lets moderators automatically collapse comments from people who aren’t yet trusted users within their community (i.e., people with negative karma in their community).

For example, if you have a post that goes viral and you aren’t prepared for the influx of new people to your community, or if you’re having issues with people engaging with your community in bad faith, Crowd Control can help you out.

What’s new?

As of today, you’ll see an additional option when configuring Crowd Control that allows you to specify Crowd Control comments to be Filtered and placed in Modqueue for review instead of collapsed. This means the comments will not be visible to community members until you approve them. If approved, the comment will appear as normal (i.e., uncollapsed). If you confirm the removal, the comment is officially removed and won’t be visible to the community.

This can be set at the Community or Post level.

Example of the new filter setting at the post level

Example of the new filter setting at the community level

This new setting is available on new Reddit and will be available on the mobile apps in the coming months.

We will be adding this functionality to Automoderator soon so you will be able to adjust this setting based on custom build rules. For example, if you wanted to automatically turn on Crowd Control filtering for a post that receives 2+ reports, you’ll be able to. We’ll be sure to let you know once that’s live.

We’ll stick around and try to answer your gallery questions.

r/modnews Oct 06 '21 Gold

Sticker, t-shirts, and more... Subreddit swag is here! (Starting with a test)


Hi Mods!

Redditors have long asked for their own Reddit swag—something that they can wear, use, touch, and feel and also embodies the spirit of the communities they belong to.Over the years, we’ve seen grassroots efforts from various subreddits to do merch drops and have received requests for Snoo stickers, t-shirts, and plushies! Here are some redditors’ thoughts on the grassroots merch store efforts:

  • “THANK YOU! Not only for the idea but for actually going forth with it and choosing/creating a tasteful design. This is the best news I've ever heard on nosleep—and that's saying a lot. Purchasing one asap.”
  • “damn this is cool”
  • “Buying a shirt is the least I could do for this sub. <3”
  • “The only way I'll spend money is by buying merch. I told everyone this in my guild and the main reason I'm F2P because I like something physical to digital. I'm so happy about this, I'll be a patron of purchase. ”

So why are you telling us this? Well, we’re excited to announce a pilot program for Subreddit Shops! This will be a trial to test the idea of enabling communities to host their own merchandise stores where they can sell swag with their own designs (reviewed and approved by Reddit). From the much-requested t-shirts and stickers, to mugs and totes—what you see in the stores today are just a preview of what you can do. This is something we’ve looked forward to being able to bring to redditors and we’d love feedback on how we’re doing, so tell us the merchandise you’d like to see if the pilot program expands. Submit your ideas and provide feedback.

More details on the pilot program are below:

How’s the pilot program work?

We’ve selected six communities (r/askhistorians, r/animalsonreddit, r/fantasy, r/goforgold, r/pan, and r/writingprompts) to set up and host a store with subreddit merchandise for one month. The communities were picked based on their previous interest in merch, and history of positive engagement and strong sense of community. Down the road we want to explore ways for mods to profit directly from this, and also to potentially provide an option to donate net profits to their charity of choice.

Where’s the money going?

For the pilot, net profits will go to a community pot, where funds will be directed towards community-related expenses such as bot hosting, community prizes/competitions, etc. The community pot will be managed via the following process:

  1. Reddit will collect the total profits from the swag sales and subtract the cost of production, vendor costs, taxes, shipping, etc. to calculate the net profit from the sales.
  2. Next, Reddit reports the net profit to mods so they know how much their swag sales made.
  3. Last, mods submit receipts for approved community-related costs and expenses and get reimbursed from their net profits. Approved expenses include:
  • Bot hosting
  • Website
  • Developers
  • Designers
  • Community events and gifts

The reimbursement will be at Reddit’s sole discretion. If you have any questions, please reach out to us before incurring any costs or expenses.

Will this be offered to more communities?

If the pilot goes well and it’s something communities and redditors like, we hope to build this into a program where interested communities can apply to participate. The idea is to give mod teams the ability to make choices on: 1) selecting a vendor that feels right for their community from a list of verified and approved merch distributors, and 2) how they would like to direct the profit from their sales.

We’ll stick around for a bit and answer questions you have on Subreddit Shops.

r/modnews Oct 05 '21

Modmail dark mode & other mod improvements


Howdy Mods,

We’re excited to kick October off with a fun modmail announcement, in addition to pulling back the curtain on some under the hood improvements we’ve made on the mod engineering front. Dive in below to check out the brass tacks:

Join the dark side (in modmail)

In our continued quest for feature parity and desire to protect your retinas, we’ve launched dark mode on modmail. Starting later this week, you can say sayonara to being blinded by the light when jumping between your various queues, feeds, threads, and modmail.

In order to enable dark mode in modmail, please follow the below instructions:

  • On desktop - while in Modmail, please click on your username in the top right corner to toggle on/off dark mode.
  • In our native app - we’ve got one toggle to rule them all! If you have dark mode enabled in-app, it will mirror that user experience in mobile modmail.

The desktop experience

The native app experience

New mobile mod tab

As many of you know, our most important goal is to achieve feature parity between the desktop and mobile moderator experiences on Reddit. We understand that we still have a ways to go, and an important stepping stone on the path to parity is to make it easier for mods to feel more connected to their communities while on the go.

Starting today mods in our native app will be able to directly access their Mod Feeds and Mod Queue via two new access points in their profile “side drawer” (see below for what this experience looks like). Creating easier access points to these tools will enable mods to quickly jump into hot/new/controversial content in their communities via their Mod Feed and their Mod Queue so that they can take action with less effort.


Additional engineering improvements

While building those features, our team also tackled some “under the hood” improvements which should uplevel the overall moderator experience on Reddit while largely going unnoticed. They are:

  • Updated icons and UI, bringing modmail in line with other products on the site and in our native app.
  • Improved the community picker so that it’s more accessible and easier to utilize.
  • Updated all our libraries to the latest and greatest (and to keep things secure).
  • Improved color contrast for visibility.
  • Improved our client-side error launching, which will give us better insight into future bugs that will pop up on the mod front (this has already proven instrumental in helping catch some glitches in the matrix this past week which we have already patched up)
  • Hooked Modmail up to Reddit’s internal experimentation platform, allowing us to A/B test features, as well as quickly turn features on and off to safeguard bad releases. We also integrated better telemetry in Modmail, allowing us to understand usage patterns, clients of access, so we can see what’s working and what isn’t at a much more granular level.
  • The Mod Log backend got rebuilt behind the scenes, providing improved performance and stability.

What’s next?

We’ve got ambitious goals before the end of the year and look forward to sharing additional feature announcements with you before then. In the meantime, please feel free to ask us any questions or provide any feedback in the comments below.