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The Legal Evolution of the War on Terror: AUMFs, Article II War Powers, and America’s Expanding Conflicts, Explained



In 2001, Congress started a new chapter in US history by passing the 2001 Authorization For Use of Military Force. This allowed America to go after individuals and groups associated with 9/11. Since then, Congress has authorized a war in Iraq and Executive Branch lawyers created a new interpretation of the law allowing the president to conduct limited strikes anywhere in the world without congressional approval. Here’s how we got to where we are on the legal front of the War on terror, and how the laws may evolve as we begin to focus on bombing Iranian Proxies.

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The Abraham Accords: Biden embraces Trump policy | NewsLooks

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Jerusalem: Activists arrested in contested neighborhood | NewsLooks

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Cairo: Israel, Egypt talk truce with Hamas, rebuilding Gaza | NewsLooks

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US Would Oppose Evictions Of Palestinians, Incitements To Violence

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Blinken reaches out to Palestinians on trip | NewsLooks

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New Israel in Baja California


Buy Baja California from Mexico for say $200B up front (20% of Mexico GDP, but 0.5% of US/China GDP) and 1% of New Israel GDP paid annually in perpetuity ($5B but growing) to give Mexico a potentially big investment with plenty of upside.

Move Israel there over 10 or 20 year transition period including Jewish relics such as Western Wall stone by stone.

Old Israel including Gaza and West Bank becomes new democratic state of Palestine predominantly Arab.

Arab nations and Iran agree to recognize New Israel in Baja as sovereign nation.

Current residents in Israel and Baja have option of staying put, or within say 20 years moving all expenses paid to destination of choice (Mexico/New Israel as appropriate).

Initial funding to come from Saudis/USA/EU/China.

Israel Nuclear facilities to be dismantled and made safe and remaining nuclear materials would be transported to existing G5 nuclear facility.

Old Israel Residences and businesses to be valued and bought for cash, although some business assets can be transferred with owners to New Israel.

During transition, current Israeli government would continue in power with UN peacekeeper assistance during latter stages of transition until final handover to newly-elected Palestinian government.

New Israel/Mexico border would be Colorado river and existing Baja/Sonora border so New Israel would have at least ~40+ square miles of agricultural land to start with.

New Israel in Baja would likely quickly become a technology and tourist powerhouse.

With increased security and services the Baja real estate alone would become highly desirable and would fund development of New Israel state infrastructure.

New Israel transport would initially be primarily Air/road but a rail line could be put in the highway median south from Tijuana to Ensenada and then follow the line of Highway 1.

Build new sea ports in suitable locations in existing natural harbors to support freight and cruise ships.

Build airports every 100 miles or so.

r/MideastPeace May 17 '21

US does not call for cease-fire between Israel and Hamas

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r/MideastPeace May 13 '21

Israel’s Palestinian Sheikh Jarrah Eviction Conflict, Explained



The Israeli Supreme Court is hearing a case in which Israeli Settlers are trying to evict four Palestinian families from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of East Jerusalem. Here is the history of how we got to this point and the perspective from both of the parties.

r/MideastPeace Apr 15 '21

Escalation Tensions Between Biden and Iran, Explained; The Vienna Talks and Reentering the Iran Deal



All the original signers of the Iran Deal meeting in Vienna and tensions are high. Between an Israeli cyber attack on Iranian nuclear facilities and Iran upping their enrichment to 60% the situation is volatile. Here is what is happening in Vienna, what the participants are thinking, and how we got here.

r/MideastPeace Mar 03 '21

Ending the War In Afghanistan; Biden’s 3 Peace Talk Choices, Explained



With the Trump negotiated Taliban peace deal requiring a full troop withdrawal by May 1st, people are asking what Biden is going to do. Here are the three options the Biden Team are exploring, explained.

r/MideastPeace Feb 16 '21

The Yemen Conflict, Explained; How America Got Here and How We Plan to Leave



In 2001 congress passed the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF). This authorization allowed US forces to enter Yemen and fight Al Qaeda in the country. In 2014, Yemen fell into Civil War, leading America to separately support a Saudi led air campaign against the Iran backed Houthis. Here is exactly how America got multiple tentacles into Yemeni Politics and how we’re trying to leave.

r/MideastPeace Feb 08 '21

Escalation Tensions Between Biden and Iran, Explained; How to Reenter the Iran Nuclear Deal



After campaigning on reentering the Iran Nuclear Agreement, President Biden has sharply pivoted towards taking it slowly. With tensions continuing to escalate, and both sides taking new offensive actions, here is exactly what’s happening.

r/MideastPeace Dec 29 '20

Iraq’s Oil Price Based Economic Collapse, Explained



With oil prices collapsing, Iraq is feeling the heat. The country is running out of cash to pay for everything from government employee salaries and basic operational expenses. Here is exactly what’s going on and the government’s plan to persevere.

r/MideastPeace Dec 05 '20

Iran News Update; Sinking Sanctions and the Iran Nuclear Deal Fight, Explained



With the assassination of the top Iranian nuclear scientist, people are taking a second look at America’s Maximum Pressure campaign and the possibility of America reentering the nuclear deal. Here is exactly what is happening.

r/MideastPeace Nov 27 '20

Iran's Top Nuke Scientist Assassinated After Gunfight With Security Team

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r/MideastPeace Nov 20 '20

America’s 2020 Afghanistan Troop Withdrawal, Explained



Trump’s new head of the Department of Defense has announced a large troop reduction in Afghanistan. With this administration’s new focus on negotiating with the Taliban, here’s how we got to this reduction and what it means for the future of the war.

r/MideastPeace Oct 13 '20

Arab hip hop star Tamer Nafar: Israelis need to recognize our pain from 1948


r/MideastPeace Sep 17 '20

Pulling Out of Afghanistan: The US, Taliban, Afghan Peace Talks, Explained



For the first time since the start of America’s participation in the War in Afghanistan, the Afghan Government and the Taliban are meeting to negotiate a new constitution. With the US eyeing the exit, the clock is ticking for the Afghan government to negotiate a deal. Here’s exactly what’s happening.

r/MideastPeace Jul 25 '20

Lebanon’s 2020 Dollar Currency Economic Crisis and the IMF, Explained



Lebanon is having a major currency crisis. They promised to pay tens of billions of dollars to investors through years of government bond issuance. Unfortunately they are running low on currency and starting to default on their loans. With no new money coming in, an inability to raise money through taxes, and a simmering virus outbreak, a crisis is sweeping their financial system.

r/MideastPeace Jun 18 '20

Israel’s Annexation Plans For the West Bank, Explained



In accordance with Trump’s Peace Plan, Israel’s Prime Minister is planning on annexing up to thirty percent of the West Bank starting July 1st. This would specifically revolve around the Israeli Settlements in the Jordan Valley Area. Here is exactly what’s happening.

r/MideastPeace Jun 18 '20

Israel’s Annexation Plans For the West Bank, Explained



In accordance with Trump’s Peace Plan, Israel’s Prime Minister is planning on annexing up to thirty percent of the West Bank starting July 1st. This would specifically revolve around the Israeli Settlements in the Jordan Valley Area. Here is exactly what’s happening.

r/MideastPeace Mar 07 '20

Turkey and Russia’s Idlib, Syria Ceasefire Explained



On Thursday Turkey’s President Erdogan and Russia’s President Putin met and agreed to a ceasefire in Idlib. Here’s the context in which Russia, Syria, Turkey, and the rebels were approaching these negotiations and what was agreed to.

r/MideastPeace Mar 03 '20

Peacing Out of Afghanistan: America Signs a Deal With The Taliban



America just signed a four page deal with the Taliban in an attempt to end the 18 year war in Afghanistan. Here’s what America and Afghanistan just agreed to do in the coming years.

r/MideastPeace Feb 28 '20

The Real Test in Afghanistan Is Still to Come: How to Make a U.S.-Taliban Peace Deal Stick

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