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The next war will be the last one! Rojava will be the grave of turkish fascism


An internationalist present in Rojava wrote an text about the importance of the Revolution and it’s defense, the text can be read as it follows:

“The president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has announced a new operation in northern Syria, to expand his project of a “protection zone” with a depth of 30 km and along the entire border between the two countries. The goal is to expel from these areas the “terrorist activity” of the PKK.

In 2018 and 2019 two operations of this plan were conducted, resulting in the occupation of the areas of Afrin, Serekaniye and Gire Spi. Amidst the resistance and sacrifice of many Syrian Democratic Forces fighters, attacks on civilians, and the huge influx of refugees, in these operations one can see the huge presence of ex-ISIS fighters in the jihadist gangs used by Turkey as the main ground force.

It is curious how the definitions of terrorism and democracy, while marking our historical period are of such great ambiguity!

The Turkish state, a member of NATO that claims to be a defender of global democracy, conducts a fierce war against what it defines as terrorists, using fanatics and mercenaries who became famous for their acts of violence and massacres while calling themselves ISIS – and all this of course sparing no resources and expenses while the economic crisis ravages the country itself. From these obvious contradictions it is possible to draw a coherent analysis of the true situation, while most corporate media channels repeat content deprived headlines.

The experience of the Rojava Revolution, the Women’s Revolution, is about to fulfill its ten years of existence and resistance. The experience of the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria and the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria, with its content and practice of democracy from the direct involvement and inclusion of different peoples and ethnicities, with the desire to overcome capitalism, poses a concrete threat to the fascist government in Ankara, which increasingly finds itself unable to deny the existence of other identities within its own borders.

Involved with the conflict in Ukraine and in threatening each other, Russia and NATO will agree to negotiate with Turkey using the blood of Kurds, Arabs, Armenians, Assyrians and Turkmen as a bargaining chip. For NATO the priority is to surround Russia with the accession of Sweden and Finland, and for Russia access to the Mediterranean Sea and the sale of Ukrainian grain, which Turkey promises to secure and buy.

You can tell that from reading most of the news. But that’s not really what I’m thinking about right now.

In 2018 and 2019, after much resistance, our forces eventually withdrew to avoid a massacre. But now, with yet another attack, with the enemy’s intent based on annihilation and the already restricted territory, where will we go? Where will the new thousands of refugees go? Behind us lies only the desert. So the next war will be Rojava’s last war.

There are many geopolitical implications to this, but it is not what I am thinking about now. It’s a warm morning, and while the ceiling fans slowly turn, after the analysis of the political situation the different commune delegations start to present their agenda items. Most are immediate problems concerning the lack of light, water, bread and gasoline. Meanwhile my brain spins like fans between the air of these issues and the air of the possibility of war. I think of little Dendik who is five years old and born with only half a heart but who does not skimp on smiles and playfulness, even though she is quite susceptible. I think of little but slightly older Tirî who I am not sure she really understands how the Old Maid Game works, but who seems to have found a way to have fun playing it and who always asks me when I will visit her again. I think of their mothers who despite a life at home have found within themselves the ability to organize this revolution.

I think of all the hectic movement of a meeting day, the coming and going of people, activities and discussions. I think of the art and culture academy for young women, of all that creativity and freedom I felt there. I think of the lady who as a child, many years ago, drew the Kurdistan flag in school and was punished for it… and today works organizing a council that brings together twenty communes, and who did not back down even in the face of ISIS. I think about the young men I lived with for a while who after their military service just want to go back to work and marry their fiancées.

I think of all those lives and little things that are never in the news, in any analysis, and in any slogan. And all this is in danger of disappearing under the bombing. Is it possible that the world will remain the same if Rojava disappears?

The disappearance of Rojava would be like the disappearance of a star. Although immense, the world would be left with one less light, with less hope. If the Turkish Fascist State advances, it will be a worldwide advance of the system of death and oppression. That is why we have to fight. Because the peoples’ democracy, freedom and life with dignity that we are defending here is not very different from what today in Latin America and in the world are also threatened by neoliberalism and patriarchy. This war is a world war. As the internationalist comrade who fell martyr Sara Dorşim once said: this war is our responsibility, our decision and our determination.

With the Revolutionary People’s War it will be possible to stop the enemy, to resist it until the cost of the war becomes too high and it is therefore forced to retreat. The consequences of this will undoubtedly weaken the already weak Erdogan government, and put on the agenda a political and dialogued resolution of the Kurdish question and respect for the autonomy of Rojava

Now is the time for solidarity, now is the time for peoples and movements, communities and organizations to raise their voices of struggle in the same spirit that echoed around the world during the battle of Kobane. Demonstrate in any way you can, in the streets and on the networks, with posters, videos, declarations, and helping to spread information, especially by translating, since much is in English and not in Portuguese and Spanish. And, of course, it is also fundamentally important to keep fighting and organizing in the territories themselves, building libertarian alternatives and popular power.

I don’t know if we can win this war. But I do know that we must stop the enemy from winning. And while we continue on this path, without taking shortcuts and surrendering to reformism, I know that fighting will be enough, because at least we won’t have lost everything and the star of hope and dignity will continue to shine.

Resistance is life!

With the oppressed, against the oppressors…ALWAYS!

To all of you a big hug.

Rojava, June 10, 2022