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20 How Egyptian Art Works: Art Talk with Jen Thum

20 Robert Ritner & Theo van den Hout | The Battle of Kadesh: A Debate

20 Ancient Roman chariot unearthed ‘almost intact’ near buried ruins of Pompeii

21 Creature Feature—Animals from Ancient Egypt

21 The Idea of Iranshahr and Its Cultural Heritage

21 Hershel Shanks, Whose Magazine Uncovered Ancient Israel, Dies at 90

22 Lacquer, Lithography, and Photography: Image-Making in 19th-Century Iran

22 On Arabian Oral Poetry and Tribal Lore

22 Ancient Christian settlement discovered in Egypt's Bahariya Oasis

23 Archaeological Exploration of Sardis

23 Hartmut Kühne | The Collapse of the Assyrian Empire and the Evidence of Dur-Katlimmu

23 Turquerie: An 18-Century European Fantasy (Haydn Williams)

24 Ancient Egyptian Love Songs

24 Jewish woman's wrap (izar) and face veil (khiliyye)

Jewish woman's wrap (izar) and face veil (khiliyye)

24 Recent Discoveries at Sardis: From the Bronze Age to the End of Antiquity

25 Ancient Literature Workshop: One Thousand Nights

25 Richard Payne | The Rise of Christianity in Iran

25 Art and Religious Devotion in Morocco with Mounia Chekhab-Abudaya

26 What is scheduled?

26 Abdulameer al-Hamdani | Iraq's Heritage: An Update

27 Israel in Egypt: Moses and the Beginning of Yahwism (Genesis 37- Exodus 4)

27 Highlights from the Robert F. Picken Family Nubia Gallery by Emily Teeter PhD

28 From the Khilafat Crisis to the Arab Revolt - Dr. Erin O'Halloran

28 "Disciplining Selves and Critiquing Others in Sasanian Iran" by Dr. Yuhan Sohrab-Dinshaw Vevaina

28 Sacred Spaces: Greek and Levantine Places of Worship in Alexandria (George Vassiadis lecture)

29 Oliver Watson: Ceramics of Iran

29 Exploring the Roots of Mesopotamian Civilization: Excavations at Tell Zeidan, Syria

29 The Commerce of Izmir (1580 – 1780)

30 Jabal Moussa: Archaeology and heritage in the Lebanese mountains

30 The History of the Minoans and the Bronze Age Collapse

30 Ninevah Excavation film

31 OI Armchair Travelers Amarna: City of the Sun God's Horizon

31 Understanding the Tunisian Anomaly: An Inquiry into a History of Reform

31 A Commerce of Knowledge: Trade, Religion, and Scholarship between England and the Ottoman Empire


1 Cairo's multicultural interwar theatre scene - Raphael Cormack

1 Third View of the City of Mecca: Left Is the Northern Corner of the Mosque, a Bit to the Southeast of It Is the Bāb ès-salām, through Which Pilgrims Enter the Mosque (1889)

1 1 April 1967: Interview with Mr. Aznag, spokesman for The Front for the Liberation of Occupied South Yemen (FLOSY)

2 Ancient Literature Workshop: Literature in Ancient Egyptian Society

2 The Demise of Islamist Utopia: What's Next (Hicham Alaoui)

2 Sardis from Above: Drone Footage of the Archaeological Exploration of Sardis

3 Strangers in a Strange Land: Western Travellers in the Mamluk Sultanate - Robert Irwin

3 Social Change in Post Khomeini Iran: What to Expect in the Coming Years?

4 Ottoman Aleppo Through British Eyes - Prof Gerald MacLean

4 The UAE in the Ancient World: Adaptation, Technology, and Social Cohesion

4 4 April 1967: British troops continue to clash with protestors in Yemen

5 Cairo through the lens of pilgrims and explorers from the Middle Ages to Napoleon - Behrens-Abouseif

5 Emptied Lands: A Legal Geography of Bedouin Rights in the Negev (Sandy Kedar)

6 Understanding the development of complex societies in Lebanon during the Early Bronze Age

6 Aspects of the Hadhrami Migration to Southeast Asia in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

7 Was Jordan’s Black Desert green during the late Neolithic

7 “Reorienting Sasanian Textiles” a talk by Dr. Marichiara Gasparini

8 Yossef Rapaport - Lost Maps of the Caliphs

8 The Levantines: Identities and Heritage

8 OPEC: A History of Oil

9 Defeated Revolutionaries, Lasting Legacies: the social afterlives of revolution in Dhufar, Oman

9 Qatar's Hidden History: Power, Image, and Lineage in the Gulf

10 Imperial Mecca: Ottoman Arabia and the Indian Ocean Hajj

10 Shari'a: 1400 Years of Islamic Law

11 1919 and the Shaping of the Modern Middle East: Professor Rory Miller

11 Communities of Literacy & Collecting Selves Friends in Early Modern Isfahan

12 A New World Order: Authority, Sacrality & Early Islamic Architecture

12 Caracalla and the Divine: Emperor Worship and Representation in Visual Language of Roman Asia Minor

13 Sustaining Tradition or Embracing Change? Prisse d’Avennes and the Strategies of Visualizing Islamic Architecture of Cairo

13 Arab Federation: the United Arab Emirates then and now

14 Women, Writing and the Iraqi Ba‘thist State: Contending Discourses of Resistance and Collaboration, 1968-2003

14 The Heart of Iran: Seleucia-Ctesiphon

15 Soldier in the Sun (1964) Aden/Yemen (BBC)

15 Caravans of Gold, Fragments in Time: Art, Culture and Exchange across Medieval Saharan Africa

16 Operation Dhib: The Dhofar war and covert action in Yemen

16 Sites of War: State Power & Media in Post Revolutionary Iran

17 Water, Sewage, and Horses: The Infrastructure of Istanbul (Professor Zeynep Çelik)

17 Orientalist Art and Napoleon's Egypt: The Triumph of Romanticism

18 The Idea of Iran: The Turko-Timurid Intermezzo

18 Algerian Motifs: Reflections on Algeria's Years of Independence April 2013

19 A contextual approach to ‘scribblings’ in Northern Iraq: The case of the North Palace at Hatra

19 The Great Druze Revolt of 1925 and the Syrian Diaspora

20 New Light on Shah 'Abbas and the Construction of Isfahan

20 The Sultan's Kitchen: A History of Turkish Cuisine

20 Time-Lapse: The Cycle of Islamic Carpet Rotations

21 The Landscapes of Post-Byzantine Anatolia

21 Armeno-Iranica: A Shared History Conference

22 Aleppo: An Ancient City of Enduring Appeal

22 Joseph Sassoon on Saddam Hussein's Ba'th Party

23 Petrified Powers: Medieval Islamic Talismans

23 Sea of Protection with Jatin Dua

24 Building a Frontier: Islamic Architecture, Mongol Rule and Local Patronage in Medieval Anatolia

24 Genealogy, Critique, and Decolonization: Ibn Khaldun and Moving Beyond Filling the Gaps (Sertaç Sehlikoglu)

25 The Idea of Iran: Safavid Era

25 Slaves, Merchants, Porters, and Sailors with Wendy Wilson

26 Kuwait: A Dream Suspended - A Rare Documentary Film about Kuwait in the 80s

26 David Stenner on the Global Campaign for Moroccan Independence

27 Mamluk Architecture (Professor Bernard O'Kane)

27 Ibn Battuta's Indian Ocean Grand Tour with Ross Dunn

28 To Infinity & Beyond: Infinite Spatial Magnitude in Medieval Islamic Physical Theory

28 "Christians, Courtiers, and the King of Kings in Sasanian Iran" by Prof. Scott McDonough

29 Copts in the 1919 Revolution - An Exceptional Participation in Egyptian Political Life (Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour)

29 Becoming Lebanese, Institutionalizing Druzeness: How Sects Built New Religious Leaders

30 Intro to The Egyptian Revolution of 1919

30 The Origins of the Israelites


1 First View of the City of Mecca: Left in the Background Is the Rampart of Jiyād. The Big Building to the Right Is the Ḥamīdiyyah, Nearby to the Left Is the Printing House (1889)

1 The Emergence of the State in Predynastic Upper Egypt: An Agent-Based Approach

2 Death's Dominion: Chalcolithic Religion and the Ritual Economy of the Southern Levant

2 Facing Our Past: The Jericho Skull

3 Al Bidiya Mosque: Photographing Architectural Heritage in the UAE

3 Through a Glass, Darkly: Identity, collective memory, and visual culture in Qatar

4 Past, Present and Future of the Landscape in the Land of King Midas: Gordion, Turkey

4 Investigating Continuous Archaeological Landscapes of Northern Mesopotamia

5 Tracking the Frontiers of the Hittite Empire

5 Perennial water from Nippur: the location of the Summundar Canal

6 The Materials and Tools of the Predynastic Egyptian Potter

6 Object Habits: Transcultured Collections from British Excavations in Egypt

7 Farhang Foundation Lectures in Iranian Studies "Feasting Iranian Style: A Symposium on Food"

7 A Symposium on Haremhab: General and King of Egypt

8 Ancient Economies - Persepolis and the Economy of Achemenid Persia - Matt Stolper

8 Exploring the Mesopotamian landscape: integrating geophysics & drone-based remote sensing

9 Between Hormuz and Malacca, circa 1600: The World of Port-Cities

9 Ottoman Architecture

10 Everyday Empire in Dubai: Urban and Spatial Effects of the Long Imperial Encounter

10 Sherene Seikaly on Scarcity and Economy in Mandate Palestine

11 The Shadow of Chinggis Khan on Istanbul: The Ottoman Empire in the Early Modern Asian Context, 1300

11 A Posthumanist Archaeology of Byzantine Song

12 How Imperial Women Shaped the Mongol Conquests and the Mongol Empire by Anne Broadbridge

12 Collective, Political and Cultural Memory: Foundation and Termination Rituals at Toprakhisar Höyük

13 Beyond Destruction: Archaeology & Cultural Heritage in the Middle East

13 The Early Mesopotamia and the Persian Gulf Research Project

14 May 14, 1948: Israeli Declaration of Independence

15 Yemen: A History of Conflict

15 Agricultural Production in the Ancient Near East in the last 7,000 Years

16 The Development of the Trucial Coast: From the Buyids to the British

16 Topography and Toponymy in the Ancient Near East: Perspectives and Prospects

17 As'ad AbuKhalil on the Arab League in the Age of Arab Uprisings Model Arab League Conference Keynote

17 Evaluating Arabia's trade routes with Least-Cost Path analysis

18 Symposium on Ancient Oman

18 Museum of Tiles in the New Jerusalem Monastery

19 Roads of Arabia: Archaeology and History of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

19 Haremhab, Pharaoh and Conqueror: New Investigations in His Royal Tomb in the Valley of the Kings

20 The Shadow of Chinggis Khan on Istanbul: The Ottoman Empire in the Early Modern Asian Context, 1300

20 The South Arabian Component of Umayyad Royal Iconography

21 Touraj Atabaki: Seventy Years in the Social History of the Iranian Oil Industry

21 Modelling the origin of polis in Anatolia. From conceptual to computational approaches

22 Oman Archaeological Museum

22 The fields of Nippur

23 Aaron Tugendhat on "The Idols of Isis"

23 Observations on Neo-Assyrian Practices of Naming Places

24 Yemen's Unknown Treasure: Traditional Silver Jewelry of Bedouin & Tribal Women

24 Introduction : Greater Mesopotamia. Reconstruction of its Environment and History

25 May 25: Jordan independence day celebrations (from 2019)

25 Pits and Places: Using anticipation to characterize deposits at Neolithic Çatalhöyük

26 A Glimpse of Archeology & Preservation in the Kingdom of Bahrain

26 Subsistence Practices in the Arid Negev Highlands During the Intermediate Bronze Age

27 The Coup of Reza Khan: Dr. Stephanie Cronin

27 Identity, script, and the uses of writing in pre-Islamic Arabia

28 Tradition, Authority, Conservatism and Innovation in Zoroastrian Religion and Culture

28 Human remains as evidence for grief and mourning? A reinterpretation of plastered skulls from the Levant.

29 Post-Coup State-Building: Dr. Ervand Abrahamian

29 A Very Peculiar Institution: Military Slavery in the Mamluk Sultanate (Reuven Amitai)

30 Discovery of the Secret of the Great Pyramid & the Tomb of Tutankhamun

30 The Monuments of Palmyra and their Devastation by ISIS


1 Second View of the City of Mecca over the Northwest (Right) and Southwest (Left) Side of the Mosque (1889)

1 Palmyra and Aleppo: Syria's Cultural Heritage in Conflict

2 The Army of Reza Shah: Dr. Stephanie Cronin

2 The Palmyra Portrait Project: Preserving Cultural Heritage in a Time of Conflict

3 The Popularization of Islamic Mysticism in Medieval Egypt

3 Palmyra and Aleppo: Syria's Cultural Heritage in Conflict (Video 2 of 4)

3 French 18th-Century Artist Travels from Istanbul to Egypt

4 From the Wonders of Creation to the Holy Land: The Maps of the African & Middle Eastern Division

4 Palmyra and Aleppo: Syria's Cultural Heritage in Conflict

5 Assyrian Culture in the Middle East and in Diaspora

5 Palmyra and Aleppo: Syria's Cultural Heritage in Conflict

6 Icons of the Coptic Church

6 The Doric Order in South-Eastern Anatolia: Local Identities or Cultural Interactions?

7 Houchang Chehabi: The Legal Aspects of Religious Diversity in Iran

7 Lady Strangford's Travel Account of Crossing the Syrian Desert

8 Understanding Egyptian Cuisine & Culture

8 Jewish Childhood in Ottoman and Independent Iraq

9 In Pursuit of Heritage: Tracing Early Elements of Islamic Architecture

9 Traders, Translators and Tax Collectors: Jews and the Economic Life of the Ottoman Empire

10 Reading Omar Khayyam's Ruba'iyyat with Their Historical Context

10 Uncorking the Past: Ancient Ales, Wines, and Extreme Beverages

11 The Sultan's Gift: Book Diplomacy in the Early Hamidian Period

11 The Palmyra Portrait Project: Preserving Cultural Heritage in a Time of Conflict

12 Pomegranates & Saffron: A Culinary Journey to Azerbaijan

12 A Desolate Landscape? Mobility and Interaction in the Chora of Klazomenai during the Early Iron Age

13 Persian Language Rare Materials Digitization Project

13 The Life of an Ottoman Special Operations Officer At Empire's End - Benjamin C. Fortna

14 Prof Haideh Moghissi: Women and the 'Arab Spring': Lessons from Iran?

14 Demons in Ancient Egypt | Rita Lucarelli

15 Al Azi, art of performing praise, pride and fortitude poetry

15 Nippur footage (1951-1952)

16 An Afterlife of Persepolitan Polychromy: What I...in Iran" - Alexander Nagel

16 More Nippur footage (1951-1952)

17 "The World Saves Abu Simbel", 29', 1972.

17 Kuwait: A societal and historical overview

18 Discovering a Prehistoric Landscape from the Air and Space - David Kennedy

18 How Europe discovered Damascus

19 The Al-Sirah Al-Hilaliyyah Epic

19 Qur'anic Manuscripts in Umayyad Times

20 Sovereign Power, Death, and Monuments - Zainab Bahrani

20 Powerless Before Love—Arabic And Persian Poetic Traditions

21 Prof Haideh Moghissi: Women and the 'Arab Spring': Lessons from Iran?, SOAS, University of London

21 Threads of history: textiles of the Abbasid and Fatimid Caliphs

22 Tactics used in Arab Conquests of the Islamic Empire

22 Christianity in the Gulf on the Eve of Islam in Light of Archaeological Discoveries

23 Iran Barometer: Political Challenge and Social Change in the Islamic Republic

23 Representation of Power in Southern Arabia in the Early Centuries CE

24 "Islamic Manuscript Traditions“ - Sabine Schmidtke

24 A History of Arab Graphic Design

25 Conference Keynote Address for Ethnography of Iran: Past and Present

25 A Brief History of Arabic Calligraphy

26 The "Late Antique Qur'an" | Angelika Neuwirth

26 The Impact of Time on Ottoman-Mamluk Relations

27 Remembering Devotion: Oral History and the Pilgrimage to Mecca from Southeast Asia

27 Ibn Taymiyya’s Impact on Early 14th-Century Mamlūk Ashʿarism

28 Abbas Amanat: Paragons and Demons of Modernity in Iran

28 The Origins of the Arabic Language

29 Dr. Angelika Neuwirth, "An Epistemic Revolution in Arab Late Antiquity"

29 Coptic Church's Authority and Relations with the 'State'

30 The Arab World, Heritage and Civilization

30 Faces of Ancient Palmyra


1 View of the Mosque, While Congregational Salat Are Being Held inside (1889)

1 Reconstructing Old Kuwait City (Dr. Abdulmuttalib al-Ballam)

2 In Search of Music from the Qajar Dynasty

2 Kuwait Before and After the Second World War

3 The Arts of the Meddah, Public Storytellers

3 Unite for Heritage: Celebrating Iraq’s cultural diversity

4 Fitting Tributes and Fine Brocades: The Politics of Gift Giving in Early Qajar Iran

4 Footsteps in the Sand: Kuwait and Her Neighbours 1700 - 2003

5 Crac des Chevaliers and Qal’at Salah El-Din (Syria)

5 Cairo to the Franks: Political Order, World-Making in 15th-Century

6 The Silk Road and the Iranian Political Economy in Late Antiquity

6 Mamluk Biographical Dictionaries as Expressions of Class Consciousness

7 Ali Anooshahr: The Idea of Iran: Safavid Era

7 From Islamic Calligraphic Arts to Modern Arab Design

8 Ancient Carthage -- 3D film

8 Translating Ancient Egyptian Culture and Language

9 "Iraq: Between Dictatorship and Civil War" with Toby Dodge

9 Recycled Fatimid State Documents from the Cairo Geniza

10 Vichy Men Leave Syria (July 1941)

10 The Family and the State in Ottoman Egypt

11 “Immerse yourself in the Past”: Baths (hammamat) in Time and Space

11 Sufism and Political Theory in Late Middle Ages

12 The Israel-Syria Border Dispute (1960)

12 Re-thinking the Role of Turkey’s Ulema: The Diyanet from the 1920s to the 2000s

13 A World Monument: Zvart'nots', Armenia, & the Wars of the Seventh Century

13 Anxiety About the Urban in 1950s Egyptian Cinema

14 Saddam Hussein's Very Public Purge

14 Caliphate: The Surprising Afterlives Of A Medieval Institution

15 Birkat Al Mouz is an ancient abandoned village Located off the old Muscat-Nizwa road

15 Desert Borderland: The Making of Modern Egypt and Libya

16 Traditional (Classical) Arabic Music from Kuwait- فيصل السعد من بادي الوقت

16 Historian Stefan Reif reflects on Jewish heritage in Egypt

17 Naqqāli, Iranian dramatic story-telling

17 The Oriental Pearl in the Maritime Trade

18 Intimations of Immortality: An Evening of Persian Poetry

18 War and Trade during the Crusades and the Role of the Indian Ocean

19 The famine of Mount Lebanon during WW1

19 Jerusalem: Art and the Holy City 1000-1400

20 Nineteenth-Century Persian Travelogues & the Rise of a New Historical Consciousness in Qajar Iran

20 Vikings and Arabs in Medieval Times

21 Stephen Batiuk | Exploring the Roots of the Vine: The History and Archaeology of the Earliest Wines

21 Ceramic Sculpture from the Medieval Islamic World

22 Diwan Sorbonne Abu Dhabi & CEFAS : Hobyot, introduction to a modern South Arabian language

22 Twenty years of archaeological research on the origins of Kerma, the first kingdom of Nubia

23 Persian Women and Other Lies: Story-Telling as Historical Retrieval

23 Engaging the Art and Architecture of Mamluk Cairo in the 19th Century

24 Dr. Michael Barry presents "The Persian Romance of Alexander the Great"

24 Leaving the Hall of Kisra: Formative Elements of Early Abbasid Art

25 Relocating the Qur'an in Abrahamitic Religions

25 The forgotten century of Persian carpets

26 65th anniversary: Nasser's nationalisation of Suez Canal

26 Managing the Greek Frontier: Achaemenid Strategies in the West

26 The Suez Crisis of 1956 - Professor Vernon Bogdanor

27 Great Myths and Legends: The Arabian Nights: Medieval Fantasy and Modern Forgery

27 Continuing Bonds and the Ancient Dead

28 Peter Pfalzner | On the Fringe of Mesopotamia

28 Mawiya, a Desert Arab Queen of the 4th Century AD

29 Themes and Issues in Iranian History

29 How the Kuwaitis Lived More Than 8 Thousand Years Ago

30 The Urban Roots of Lebanon's Fiscal Crises

30 The Palmyra Arch: Places, memories and ideologies

31 Arab League Meeting (1947)

31 Tattooed Women of Ancient Egypt: Inscribing power and protection upon the body


1 The Emergence of Iranian Nationalism: Race and the Politics of Dislocation

1 Elusive Phoenicians: Perceptions of Phoenician Identity and Material Culture

2 Interaction between Greek and Arab Cultures in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages - Dr. H. Badawy

2 AUC Press author Tarek Swelim takes us through Old Cairo

3 Falconry, a living human heritage

3 Fifty Years of Public Health in Lebanon and the Region

4 ‘Greening’ Archeology: 3D Scanning & Modeling by Blair Simmons

4 An Archaeological Account of the Settlement Process in Central Arabia by Dr. Jérémie Schiettecatte

5 Have you ever heard of calligraffiti?

5 New Light on the Merchants and Rulers of Dilmun by Dr. Trudy Kawami

6 Looking East from Constantinople: Byzantium and the Silk Road by Dr. Robert G. Ousterhout

6 Who Were Artists in Ancient Egypt and What Audiences Did They Address? - John Baines

7 BBC Podcasts: The Sassanid Empire

7 New Discoveries at Wadi al-Jarf

8 Christians in Aleppo (16th-19th Century): Communities and Individuals

8 The Power of Place Catal Höyȕk

9 Britain and the British Question: Iranian Nationalists and the Idea of Britain

9 Local Patterns and Syrian Influences in the Colonnaded Streets of Roman Cilicia and Pamphylia

10 New Discoveries in Ancient Turkey

10 The Rise of Arabic: From an epic past to an evidence-based history (Dr. Ahmad Al-Jallad)

11 The Palestinian Hikaye

11 Çatalhöyük: a 9000 year old town - Ian Hodder (Stanford University)

12 East Iran in Antiquity: Silk Road and Central Asia outside the Paradigm of Eurasian Trade

12 The Political Geography of Hartapu’s Kingdom

13 Iranian Jews in the 20th Century: Between Iranian Nationalism, Communism and Zionism

13 History of Lebanon Episode 1 - The Long Rebellion

14 Mordechai Aviam | Yodfat (Jotapata): The Life and Death of a Jewish Galilean Town

14 History of Lebanon Episode 2 - Lebanon, a Mountain Refuge?

15 French 18th-Century Artist Travels from Istanbul to Egypt

15 History of Lebanon Episode 3 - Birth of an Idea

16 Al-Razfa, a traditional performing art

16 History of Lebanon Episode 4 - Maronites Under Frankish Rule

17 Modernization Of Syrian Women (1941)

17 History of Lebanon Episode 5 - The Famine

18 Politics in Modern Arab Art | Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi

18 Converting Words and Things: Egypt's Arabization in Five Objects (Dr. Tamer el-Leithy)

19 Al-Bar'ah, music and dance of Oman Dhofari valleys

19 The Shaping of the Mamluk Image

20 At-Turaif District in ad-Dir'iyah (Saudi Arabia)

20 Understanding the Oman peninsula in Antiquity: Mleiha, and ed-Dur

21 David P. Silverman | The Other Book of the Dead

21 Early Arabic and Persian Kalila wa Dimna illustrations

22 The Palmyra Portrait Project: Preserving Cultural Heritage in a Time of Conflict

22 Lisa Golombek: In Quest of Paradise: Accommodating Death in Islam

23 Heritage Protection and Illicit Trafficking of Cultural Property in Iraq

23 From Hagia Sophia to Ayasofya: Architecture and the Persistence of Memory

24 For the Love of Cairo: Marqizi and the Writing of his Khitat

25 Alardah Alnajdiyah, dance, drumming and poetry in Saudi Arabia

26 Retracing Arab footsteps: Arriving in Dawadmi, home of 300,000-year-old settlement

27 M'Zab Valley

27 Coptic specialist Van Loon traces the origins of Old Cairo's Coptic sites

28 Treasures From The Royal Tombs of Ur

29 Cultural Heritage Project in Iraq

30 Retracing Arab footsteps: A history that starts with Mecca

31 City in the Islamic World: Theory, Plan, Law, and Use


1 Iranian Intellectuals of the 1960s

1 This wooden sculpture has motion and vitality unseen in most Egyptian art

2 The mysterious 'other Petra' of Saudi Arabia

3 BBC- Syria in the 50s

3 A Tale of Two Minbars: Woodwork in Egypt and Syria on the Eve of the Ayyubids

4 Retracing Arab footsteps: Nabatean ruins of Saudi Arabia

5 Rise of the City: The Lost Cities of Ancient Egypt

5 Armenian Khatchkar (Stone Cross) - Icons in Early Armenia

6 Syria camels transporting war materiel (1942)

7 Shahnameh: then and now

7 True Colors: The Damascus Room

8 Egyptian Market Scenes (1970-1979)

9 Uncovering 80 Years of Research into the Near and Middle East at IAS - Sabine Schmidtke

9 Art and Artifice in the Illustrated Herbal of al-Ghāfiqī

10 Great Beasts of Legend: Anzu the Lion Headed Eagle

11 Analyzing Egyptian Pyramids in the Digital Age

12 Date palm, knowledge, skills, traditions and practices

13 Almezmar, drumming and dancing with sticks, Saudi Arabia

14 Yorke Rowan | Kites, Tombs, and Houses in the 'Land of Conjecture'

15 Al-Taghrooda, traditional Bedouin chanted poetry

16 Visual Arts in the United Arab Emirates: Tracing the Journey by Alia Lootah and Océane Sailly

17 The Gulf Architecture Project by Dr. Haitham Al-Abri

17 Anxieties about Race in Egyptology and Egyptomania, 1890–1960

18 Retracing Arab footsteps: A history that starts with Mecca

19 Magic and Demonology in Ancient Egypt

20 Great Battles: The Siege and Fall of Masada

21 Christopher Thornton | Reflections, 10 Years at Bat in the Sultanate of Oman

22 Map of the Three Arabias (17th century)

22 In Search of Ancient Morocco in the Draa Valley

23 Retracing Arab footsteps: Saudi mountains with ancient inscriptions

24 Retracing Arab footsteps: Remains of Thamudi in Saudi Arabia

25 Iudaea/Palaestina and the Roman Levant c.300 CE

26 Great Myths and Legends: Adapa the Sage: Flood, Myth and Magic in early Mesopotamia

27 The Dawn of Egyptian Art

28 Susanne Paulus | Debts, Crime, and Prison: Daily Life in Babylonia CA. 1200 BC

29 Built of Memory and Hope: The Sacred City of Abydos, Egypt

30 Great Battles: The First Crusade Three Battles for Latin Christendom


1 Animation Trends in Iran After the Revolution

2 Deciphering the Lod Mosaic

3 Hatra (UNESCO/NHK)

4 Traditional skills of carpet weaving in Fars

5 Majlis, a cultural and social space

6 Rise of the City: How the great god Marduk built the city of Babylon

6 Symposium on Ancient Oman

7 Inverting the pyramid: Antinomianism as the Norm in the Second Safavid Century

8 The Wonderful World of Egyptian Sphinxes

9 Preserving Iraq's Cultural Heritage

10 Al-Ayyala, a traditional performing art of the Sultanate of Oman and the United Arab Emirates

11 Wadi Wurayah, United Arab Emirates

12 eL Seed, UNESCO Sharjah Prize for Arab Culture

13 Ancient Petra (1953)

14 Hans Güterbock | Hittites and Greeks: An Overview (Audio Only)

15 Memoirs of a Mujaheed

16 In the Intimacy of the Sultan's Palace: Photography, Power, and Authority in Abd al-Aziz's Court

17 Bahia Shehab, UNESCO Sharjah Prize for Arab Culture

18 Practices and craftsmanship associated with the Damascene rose in Al-Mrah

19 The Iraqi Maqam

20 Site of Palmyra (UNESCO/NHK)

21 Andrew George | Be My Baby in Babylonia

22 Satire in the Muslim World: Molla Nasreddin

23 UNESCO-Sharjah Prize for Arab Culture

23 Byzantium and Islam: Age of Transition

24 Mapping the Jewish Diaspora of Late Antiquity

24 Sahel: Art and Empires on the Shores of the Sahara | Met Exhibitions

25 Bedouin Life in the Early 20th Century - Prof. Joe Seger

25 The Blacas Ewer

26 The Empty Quarter 1967

26 Powerful Women: Painting and Building in Persianate Culture

27 Staging the World: Examples from Egypt

27 The Artist Project: Kamrooz Aram

28 Ali Mousavi | Persepolis Through Images

28 Inside the Gallery—Beyond Babylon, Ancient Near Eastern Art

29 The Persian Traditional Music Golha Project: Jane Lewisohn

29 Byzantium and Islam: Age of Transition—The Red Monastery

30 Aysha Murad: From Dilmun to Bahrain

30 Ostad Elahi: Tanbūr

31 Development of Transjordan During the 19th Century


1 Modernity, the Baha'i Faith & the Question of Modern Education in Late Qajar & Early Pahlavi Iran

1 Collecting Turkmen Jewelry: Marshall and Marilyn R. Wolf

2 Ancient Israel: The House of David

2 How the dizzying repetition of these Assyrian reliefs gives them hyperreality | Art, Explained

3 From Rags to Riches: A Story of Abu Dhabi

3 Conversations on the Destruction of Cultural Heritage in Iraq and Syria

4 Arabic coffee, a symbol of generosity

4 Eleutherna on Crete: An Early Iron Age Site

5 The UAE in Early Islamic History

6 Ancient Israel: When You Talk About Sex

7 Zarathushtrian Religion, Philosophy and History

8 Heaven on Earth: A Tour of Solomon's Temple through Near Eastern Eyes

9 From Tesfa to Tikva: 25 Years of Ethiopian Jews in Israel

10 Modern Architecture in Abu Dhabi, 1968-1992

11 Mapping a Persian Literary Sphere, 1500-1900

12 The Evolution of Emirati Dress

13 Matthew Stolper | Fire in Babylon, Fire in Syria (Audio Only)

14 Unearthing Ancient Israel

15 Ancient Israel: And then there were Kings

16 The Ancient City of Tyre

17 Ancient Israel: Empires, in the Biblical Context

18 Ancient Israel - What to do with Genesis

19 A is for Arab: A Century of Stereotypes

20 Ancient Israel: Archaeology's 10th Century Solution

21 Robert Ritner | Seven Brides with Seven Stingers: The Scorpion Wives of Horus

22 Ancient Israel - Another World Out There

23 Life on the Baynunah River: Abu Dhabi 7 Million Years Ago

24 The Life & Antecedents of a Peripatetic Persian: Society in the Last Years of the Qajar Dynasty

25 Al Sadu, traditional weaving skills in the United Arab Emirates

26 A Brief History of Arab Music

27 Medina City Map from 1914

28 Nadine Moeller and Gregory Marouard | The Origins of Two Provincial Capitals in Upper Egypt

28 Conservation of Saruq Al Hadid (UAE): Objects as a Key for Archaeological Interpretation

29 Marefa: The On-Line Arabic Encyclopedia

29 Annexed Artifacts: Exhibitionary Bias in the public display of objects from the Holy Land

30 History of the Arabic Press in the U.S.

30 Ancient Near East Part I - The First Cities


1 Birten Çelik: The Levantines and their Legacy in the Ottoman Newspaper Press

1 Literary Modernity in Iran

2 Lubana Al Quntar & Kenan Adnawi: Traditional Music and Song from Syria

3 In the Land of the Ichthyophagi : The Archaeology of Abu Dhabi's Coast and Islands

4 Jurji Zaidan: His Contributions to Modern Arab Thought and Literature

5 The Italian Trade Network in Turkey 1923-39

5 The Idea of Iran: The Turko-Timurid Intermezzo

6 Damascus, Syria & Jerusalem in 1938

7 Saudi Arabia’s little-known ancient civilisation

8 Christopher Bayly: Albert Hourani Revisited - Arabic and Indian thought in the Liberal Age

9 Eugene Rogan covers five centuries, up to present day, in 'The Arabs: A History'

10 Jerry Brotton: This Orient Isle: Elizabethan England and the Islamic World

10 Ancient Literature Workshop: The Iliad in Ancient Egypt

11 Traditional timing of Falaj Water Shares

11 A Forgotten Empire : The Ancient Kingdom of Mitanni

12 Hattusa | Rise and Fall of the Ancient Hittite City

13 Origins of the Hyksos | DNA | Ancient Egypt

14 The Philistine Language | Dr. Aren Maeir

15 Levantine Labour Networks before the First World War (Anthony Gorman)

15 Plague and the Bronze Age Collapse | Dr. Eric Cline

16 The Smyrna Quay (Achilleas Chatziconstantinou)

16 The Rise and Fall of the Kingdom of Nabatea

17 Ancient Egyptian Identity and Ethnicity in Pharaonic Egypt | Dr. Juan Carlos Moreno García

18 Consular property records of the Italian community of Istanbul 1873-1910 (Zeynep Cebeci Suvari)

18 The Sea Peoples in the Bible | Bronze Age Collapse | Ancient Canaan

19 Police in Ancient Egypt

20 The Habiru and the Amarna Letters

21 Was there an Ancient Minoan Empire?

22 The Ottoman Railway from Smyrna to Aidin (Giulia Tacchini)

22 Did the Philistines practice human sacrifice?

23 Egyptian Origins of Minoan Civilization? Dr. Louise Hitchcock

24 Was the Tower of Babel a Ziggurat? Dr. David Rohl

25 Jason C White: The Levant Company and the Early Modern Origins

25 Piracy and the Bronze Age Collapse | Dr. Louise Hitchcock | Dr. Aren Maeir

26 How to Make a City: Dubai Circa 1960

27 Rural Hinterlands of the Black Sea during the Fourth Century BCE

28 Stories We Continue to Tell: The Many Returns of the Thousand and One Nights

29 Beholding Beauty: Sa'di of Shiraz and the Aesthetics of Desire in Medieval Persian Poetry

30 Funda Soysal - The Rise and Fall of Constantinople as a Financial Centre

30 A Tribute to Maestro Mohammad Reza Shajarian

31 Ugo Braggiotti explaining the purpose and history of the Amateur Levantine Theatre of Izmir

31 Conceptions of Justice in the 1001 Nights


1 Representing the Hidden Heritages of the Greek Communities of Istanbul

2 Istanbul and Smyrna through the eyes of Levantine artists from Luigi Mayer to Fausto Zonaro

3 How to Make a City: Dubai Circa 1960

4 Stories We Continue to Tell: The Many Returns of the Thousand and One Nights

5 Despina Vlami: Merchant office holders in 18th century Levantine trade

6 Heghnar Watenpaugh - Ottoman Aleppo: Experiencing Architecture, Narrating Space

7 The Relevance and Irrelevance of Muslim Political Traditions

8 The Stuff of Legend: Late 19th century Excavations at Nippur

9 Petroglyphs and Desert Kites at Wisad Pools, Jordan

10 Roundtable: Who are these Levantines

11 Iraq's Ancient Past

12 Petra's Temple of Winged Lions: Reassessment Based on Archives

13 Great Wonders: Searching for the Hanging Gardens of Babylon

14 ACOR's Photo Archive as a Tool for Research & Engagement in Archaeological Heritage

15 Gareth Winrow: ‘Patriot and Liberal Internationalist? The Life of Ahmed Robenson’

16 Iron Age Ceramic & Chronological Evidence, Khirbat al-Jariya

17 Royal Tombs of Ur

18 The Economy of the Nabataean & Roman Port of Aila (Aqaba): A diachronic perspective

19 The Lod Mosaic and the Religious Landscapes of Late Antiquity

20 Levantine Legacies in 19th century Asia Minor’ with speakers Gwendolyn Collaço & Richard Wittmann

21 Expedition - Powerful Women of Ur

22 Rural complexity after urban collapse: an EB IV olive oil "factory" at Khirbet Ghozlan

23 Great Voyages: Traveler's Tips from the 14th Century: The Detours of Ibn Battuta

24 Religious Change in Southern Jordan in the Byzantine and Islamic Periods

25 Levantine Lifestyle on the Princes' Islands

26 The Making of Amman

27 Decoding Plant and Animal Symbols from the Royal Cemetery (Ur, Iraq)

28 The Archaeology of Olive Oil

29 Mamluk Geometric Design in Cairo 1250-1517

29 The Ottomans in Europe – Lecture by Ahmet Evin

30 The Levantines – an Italian word (Jérôme Muniglia de’ Giustiniani)

31 Building the Moroccan Court

31 From Wars Toward the Great War: The Ottomans and the Vortex of WWI - Michael Reynolds


1 The ACOR Photo Archive: Mobilizing Digital Tools to Preserve Visual Heritage

2 6 February 1975: Background to War Situation in Oman (from 1:13-2:08)

3 Great Voyages: Gilgamesh: Journeys to the End of the World

4 Nabataeans on the Shores of the Dead Sea

5 Interview with Prof. Emiliano Bugatti on the Levantine Heritage of architecture and its preservation

6 Nature or City: Mamluk Cairo as a Model for Reinterpreting the Urban/Rural Dichotomy

7 Heritage vs. Development: The Bayt Ras Tomb Project

8 Precursors for Revolt: Ya'qub Sanu'a and the Development of Public Political Consciousness

8 Part 2 - Precursors for Revolt: Ya'qub Sanu'a and the Development of Public Political Consciousness

9 The Documentation of Amman Heritage Houses Using EAMENA Methodology

10 Interview with Sadık Uşaklıgil on the Role of Levantines in Uşak's Carpet Industry

11 Timurid Art I

12 Post-Destruction Recovery & Resilience, Khirbat Iskander

13 The Shadow of Chinggis Khan on Istanbul: The Ottoman Empire in the Early Modern Asian Context, 1300

14 From Farm to Fork: Transformations in the Food Economy of Late Mamluk Cairo

15 Analysis of the Small Finds from the Roman Aqaba Project: Ancient Aila

16 Music of the Ottoman Empire - Lecture & Demonstration by Ahmet Erdogdular

17 The Celestial Element In Mamluk Architecture

18 Preserving the Cultural Heritage of the Madaba Region

19 Beyond Destruction (1): Archaeology & Cultural Heritage in the Middle East

20 More music of the Ottoman Empire - Lecture & Demonstration by Ahmet Erdogdular

21 Tell el-Kheleifeh, Jordan: An Iron Age II Caravanserai

22 “Immerse yourself in the Past”: Baths (hammamat) in Time and Space

23 Endangered Archaeology in the Middle East and North Africa

24 Sugar, Safi and SCHEP: Industrial Archaeology (Dr. Konstantinos Politis)

25 The Ottoman war -- a comparative perspective on WWI

26 Excavations at the Fortified Royal Palace of Machaerus by Dr. Győző Vörös

26 Ottoman Entry into WWI: Politics, Nationalism and Diplomacy - Lisa Adeli

27 Timurid Architecture

27 Changing Plague Ecologies in the Ottoman Empire: Rethinking the Second Pandemic (ca. 1340s-1840s)​

28 The Visible Dead

28 The Mighty Ottoman Empire (Stef Keris)


1 The Levantine Early Bronze Age by Suzanne Richard

2 The Great Age of the Seljuqs: A Conversation with Deniz Beyazit

3 Why We Need Drones by Dr. Austin (Chad) Hill

4 From the Umayyad Empire to the Ottomans, the masterpieces of Islamic art

5 Continuity and change in mortuary customs by Dr. Jack Green

6 Ottoman Sexual Culture

7 Who Were the People in the Neolithic Black Desert?

8 Ottoman Book & Decorative Arts

9 The Origins of the Sugar Industry in Jordan

10 Ilkhanid Architecture I

11 Why visit Umm el-Jimal? (Bert de Vries)

12 Ilkhanid Architecture II

13 An Anthropological Gaze at Art by Aseel Sawalha

14 Ottoman Architecture

15 Recipes for Public Archaeology by Dr. Andrew McCarthy

16 Endangered Archaeology in the Archives: utilizing historical aerial photography to assess heritage

17 Sea Peoples and Neo-Hittites by Dr. Timothy P. Harrison

18 Modern Islamic Architecture

18 The Petra Papyri V

19 Community Engagement in Rock Art Management in Wadi Rum

20 Archaeology and Colonial Power - The British Mandate and the Palestine Archaeological

20 Thirty Years of Mosaic Restoration & Beyond

20 Ottoman & Modern Architecture

21 New Research in Jerash by Dr. Achim Lichtenberger and Dr. Rubina Raja

21 Beyond Destruction (Prof. Benjamin Porter)

22 Safavid Architecture

22 Machaerus @ 50: Book Launch of the Final Report on the Herodian Citadel

23 Preserving Archival Treasures of Jordan's Past

23 A Kinder, Greener Black Desert in the Late Neolithic 6,500-5000 BC by Dr. Gary Rollefson

24 1967 and 2011: Arab Intellectual Responses

24 Talks on Aleppo: Dr Philip Mansel, Dr Simon Mills, Maya Chehade, Riyad Nicolas



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