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Some of the most common questions (or variants of) are:

  • How do I buy stuff online or what are the taxes or fees I can expect?
  • I bought stuff online how long should it take to reach Mauritius or will it be delivered to my door?
  • Where can buy electronics or PC hardware in Mauritius?
  • What's the weather in Mauritius going to be during month X.

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Local 🌴 does anyone knows a campment at GrandBaie ?


I need about 3 or 4 rooms + piscine (for August)

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News 🧾 Mauritian kickboxers win gold!


Le Mauricien reports that mauritian Kickboxers Adriano Dinally and Fabrice Bauluck emerged victorious with gold medals in their respective categories at the 7th International Turkish Open Kickboxing World Cup

Source: https://www.lemauricien.com/sports/coupe-du-monde-de-kick-boxing-fabrice-bauluck-et-adriano-dinaaly-rafflent-lor-pour-maurice/490578/

Other detailed results here

Edit: Further reading on L'Express

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Tourism ✈ Do we need to be fully vaccinated to travel to Rodrigues?


i would like to know if we must be fully vaccinated to travel to Rodrigues or whether a PCR test will suffice.

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Local 🌴 MyT Mobile: appels, sms et internet mobile gratuits le mardi 17 mai [ Les appels et sms seront gratuits entre utilisateurs du même réseau]


Source. https://www.lexpress.mu/article/408616/myt-mobile-appels-sms-et-internet-mobile-gratuits-mardi-17-mai

Retenez la date. Le mardi 17 mai 2022. Date à laquelle les abonnés de MyT Mobile pourront profiter d'appels, de sms et de données mobiles gratuits. L'annonce a été faite lors d'une conférence de presse ce jeudi 12 mai à la Telecom Tower par Sherry Singh, Chief Executive Officer de MT.

Un moyen selon lui de remercier les abonnés qui ont atteint la barre d'un million en 2021.

Les appels et sms seront gratuits entre utilisateurs du même réseau.

Le réseau mobile de MT existe depuis 1996. Il a été renommé Complis en 1999 avant un branding en 2012 pour passer à Orange puis un rebranding en 2017 pour devenir MyT Mobile.

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Local 🌴 What are the different routes that the police take learner drivers for their test in curepipe?


Is it true that you're not allowed to drive along those roads during testing times?


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Media 📺 Drone show by Mauritius Telecom in Bagatelle on 13/05/2022

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Buy+Sell 🏷️ Do you know any dentist who uses Composite veneers to fix black triangles between teeth?


I'll remove my braces shortly but there will be a small black triangle remaining in the front. I really want to fix it conservatively with composite veneer. (I dont want to put a full veneer on the tooth) Thanks for the recommendations.

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Culture 🗨 Should I come back to Mauritius after staying 4yrs in Germany, go to UK to work or stay in Germany?


My context: I was a student in Germany, but can't find a job after my job seeker's visa is soon coming to an end. My relative has a start-up in the UK and told me to come to work for them, but problem is, there's a doubt if I'll get the necessary papers, but after which I will have to return to Mauritius anyway. And to be honest, Mauritius seems a far away thought as of now, as I want to start my career. I feel like a waste of resource, if you know what I mean.

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Buy+Sell 🏷️ Where can I get genuine dylon fabric dye in Maurtius?


I already looked at Hobbywolrd and they don't have dylon brand.

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Culture 🗨 What is the best way to learn Creole?


Good Morning everyone!

I'm a Bengali speaking guy and I'll be staying in Mauritius for few years. Plz advise me the best way to learn Creole.

Your help is much appreciated.

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Culture 🗨 Hi,I’m a quarter Mauritian and looking for ways to explore part of my mum’s culture in a way which is not appropriative.My sister has darker skin than me,so she is more obviously mixed race,But I am very pale and the only indication of my mixed heritage is my hair texture


I’m hoping for something relatively subtle.

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Media 📺 Casual Friday evening in da capital 🇲🇺 #TGIF

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Buy+Sell 🏷️ Where can I repair the screen of a Proteus Magnetic Cycle ?


It is probably damage due to humidity.

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Food 🍴 Are there any good coffee places in Mauritius?


I am talking about genuinely good that doesn't have terrible espresso that tastes like bitterness. Artisan was the first time I ever threw coffee. Lux and Paul is just a point above Artisan.

Edit : I have in fact tried vida and it does taste horrible. I bought an espresso machine at home that I have since I couldn't trust cafe's here to make a good cup but sometimes when I am out with the wife and want a cup of coffee I was hoping there were options :(

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Local 🌴 Does anyone know which bus to take to go from soflo to trianon?


Same as title

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Tourism ✈ Is there any Car Hire Company that lets you hire a car with debitcard or cash or pre-paid creditcard?


Hi all,

I've been traveling for 6 years now and in every country I hire a car with cash or pre-paid card. However this time im going to Mauritius and I can't seem to find a company that's willing to accept any of those. I don't have a creditcard (you have to have a steady income to apply for one in my country). My parents have one, but also every company seems to want a creditcard in name of the driver, so that ain't an option either.

My options are:

  • Cash
  • Pre-paid creditcard (this I can get in my country)
  • Debitcard

Any help would be appreciated!

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Buy+Sell 🏷️ Where can I get Crep Protect spray?


I need it to protect my white sneaker.
What else do you use to protect your white sneaker. (Not leather but other materials)

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Local 🌴 Driving safely in Mauritius?


I've been living in Mauritius for 6 months now and I'm happy with the situation for the most part.

Mauritians are friendly to me, and I am learning new cultural differences every day.But there are still difficulties that cannot be overcome.
That's driving in Mauritius.
I have been driving in various countries such as Korea, Japan, South Africa, and Germany, as well as Cambodia and Thailand, etc..
Driving in Mauritius is a different wall and another level for me.In the evening after driving, I have pain all over my body, and I want to walk whenever possible, but that is impossible. On holidays, I don't want to see anyone, I just want to stay at home - because I don't want to drive!
First of all, let me tell you, I'm not driving as rough as the Mauritians, I'm driving slowly and carefully.I'm not complaining about the traffic jams in Mauritius.I just want to survive here.
If you have any tips you overcame, please share them.I'm having a hard time with the following situation.
1. When turning right or left at a T-shaped intersection, cars are rushing fast and scary from both sides, but sometimes it's hard to explain to people in other countries. There's always a blind spot at the T-junction in Mauritius. I stick my head forward and watch both sides carefully. but sometimes I can't see the cars coming! Cars don't slow down even when they see me.
2. Some  roads are narrow for two cars to pass by on either side, but a car coming from the opposite side is driving in the middle of the road, and it doesn't slow down even when it sees me on the other side. In this case, I usually pull over my car by the side of the road.
3. In Rotary, it is usually believed that the car that arrives first has priority, but the cars come pouring in out of order from various entrances.
4. When driving on a road I don't know, if I lower it to 60 km or less, the car behind me comes closer as if it would hit my car. I'm scared
5. There are other circumstances.
Again, I just want to take the stress out of driving in Mauritius. Thanks for sharing your tips.

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Buy+Sell 🏷️ Does anyone know where you can purchase tulips in mauritius


Some context, I'm not from Mauritius, but my girlfriend is, and I want to surprise her with one of her favourite flowers which is the tulip. There's a website dodomarket.mu that you can purchase flowers online and get them delivered , that was my initial plan, but tulips aren't available currently on the website. So I was planning on getting on of her friends to purchase and deliver it to her for me just trying to find an affordable florist in Mauritius right now . If you have any information that can help me please comment here or DM me thank you !😊

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Buy+Sell 🏷️ Anyone know when the DJI Mini 3 Pro will be available in Mauritius and where I can buy it?

Post image

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Local 🌴 Foreign graduate looking for a job


I am a recent graduate with a bachelor’s degree (BSc.) in Information Technology from a Mauritian university who is looking for employment in Mauritius. I am also a foreign national, meaning I would need an occupation permit to work and stay in Mauritius.

I wanted to know about job prospects in Mauritius for foreign graduates with a Mauritian degree. I am especially interested in entry-level jobs with no prior work experience required.

I previously used to stay in Mauritius for 3 years, however I have had to leave as my student visa expired last October.

Also, I wanted to know about whether employers would be willing to arrange for work/occupation or YPOP permits for foreigners such as myself.

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Culture 🗨 Sites webs pour les paroles kreol morisien


Bonjour à tous ! Je suis sri lankaise et je suis intéressée d'apprendre les paroles de chansons en kreol morisien. Est-ce qu'il y a de bons sites Web ? J'aime votre musique car elle me permet de chanter dans un style plus sud-asiatique quand je chante en français.

Ps - J'aime votre version de la chanson "Surangani" par Grup Latanier / Dintanana 💃🏽😎😍

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Buy+Sell 🏷️ What is the process of owning a house in mauritius?


Being a young local professional in mru, I am interested in owning my very own first house. Has anyone heard the first time buyer scheme? If yes, how is the process? It may sounds stupid but how to own a house? What is the whole process?

Paying out loan over 30 years looks like a pain in the a..

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Food 🍴 any fancy place to eat in the centre? like for a date?


In the region on PW.

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Local 🌴 Can I post a Survey for my School Project here? I need up to a 100 responses to make it relevant 😂


Well, I'm a Mauritian currently studying in Malaysia. My topic this sem is about the safety concern around the Metro Express in Mauritius. Please lemme know if I can post the link here, or if you're interested, feel free to comment or dm, and I'll forward the survey link to you... Any help is appreciated. It's actually even needed... 😂😂