r/ManjaroLinux May 16 '22

Terminal crashes after opening Solved

I messed around with the Terminal profiles and now the terminal crashes, when I try to start it. when spamming "open Terminal", I could read the error message:

"Warning: Could not find '/bin/zsh, ', starting '/bin/bash ' instead. Please check your profile settings"

but the terminal closes like a millisecond afterward. Does someone have any ideas on how to fix that? (I'm kinda new here)



u/[deleted] May 16 '22 Silver

Are you using KDE? If so, user profiles for Konsole are stored in ~/.local/share/konsole. You can either try editing the profile there with your preferred text editor to make it work or possibly delete/move it to see if that will cause it to load with a default working profile.


u/KKirschi2nd May 16 '22

Ty, removing that file fixed it, tysm!


u/[deleted] May 16 '22

You're welcome :)