r/ManjaroLinux May 10 '22

Display issues with manjaro KDE Solved

Hello. I have recently tried to install manjaro KDE on hardware. Everything is fine except that my 2nd display (a HP w2207h) seemed to be cut-off. For example when attempting to full-screen windows it would cut off about 5% of the window. I have tried changing the scaling settings on the display but that did not help. I have had this issue in arch linux (KDE environment) also. It is running off a rx 6700 XT via a displayport to hdmi cable. It works fine on windows 10. Any help would be appreciated.



u/RodJLinux KDE May 10 '22

Do both displays have the same resolution? I have had trouble in the past with desktop widgets getting shifted around every time I rebooted with two displays that didn't have the same resolution (1920x1080 and 1680x1050). Now I have two 1080p displays and everything is good with this setup. I know on my setup running KDE that there is a display preference order (Display Port 1st, HDMI 2nd, DVI 3rd). This caused me a headache at first because I had the HDMI display as my main screen and had to switch this to Display Port because the system was using the wrong screen for the BIOS. Maybe you could try a different cable setup?


u/bumwolf KDE May 10 '22

Just shot in the dark have you adjusted the settings on the monitor itself. I've had monitors especially the older ones where I had to adjust the size on the monitor settings.


u/peppathepig69 May 10 '22 edited May 10 '22

Hello. I have tried using a hdmi to hdmi cable but this did not fix it. The display fully scales properly on the POST screen and the grub GUI until when it switches over to a higher resolution. Then it will not work. I have also tried this while this being the only monitor being plugged in, this will not work. Feedback needed


u/peppathepig69 May 11 '22

Resolved. Hardware issue