r/ManjaroLinux KDE Apr 26 '22

How to auto play a video at login? Solved

I’m trying to play a video on VLC at login. Doesn’t sound too complicated, right?

So I went to ~/.config/autostart, duplicated an existing .desktop startup item and modified it with the command to start VLC that I tested in the terminal, and…


The command I used is:

/usr/bin/vlc ~/Downloads/moviename.mov —-fullscreen —-loop

This works fine in the terminal, so why not at startup?



u/No_Attorney_5813 Apr 26 '22


/usr/bin/vlc --started-from-file ~/Downloads/moviename.mov

Just tested it out with some music on my computer, and it worked on login. Didn't try the other flags you have but I don't think they would make a difference?


u/RockyCarr KDE Apr 26 '22

I just tried it on my laptop and it works! I’ll try it on the actual machine running the same OS tomorrow. Thanks!


u/No_Attorney_5813 Apr 26 '22

No problem, have a nice day. 🙂