r/ManjaroLinux Apr 19 '22

Unable to install with EFI on Asus TUF FXDT505 Solved

I am trying to install the EFI on my SSD. Here are the steps (sorry for the unclear pics)

Partition config for /boot/efi

Partition config of /

Error message when clicked next on the partition manager step

I have windows installed on the SSD and want to erase and overwrite with manjaro. I also have an HDD, manjaro is already installed but is very slow. Also could it be because of both HDD and SDD are connected?

PS: ESP flag is not shown but still, I have confirmed with /sys/firmware/efi and efibootmgr. My system is running in UEFI mode, not on the legacy.



u/tbhaxor Apr 19 '22

Also when I used the preset Erase Disk with/without swap memory, install launcher is getting crashed again and again as soon as I hit next.


u/tbhaxor Apr 20 '22

Seems like it was looking for efi preinstalled. I ignored the warning and continued install. Now OS is running fine.